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Bonne anniversaire!
July 15, 2009, 1:38 pm
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My second birthday!

My second birthday!

It’s official. I’m in my mid-twenties.

Today marks my 24th birthday, and it’s been an amazing year, for sure. Last night, as I stood outside Town Hall, waiting for the School Board meeting I was covering for the paper to begin, I thought to myself, “I cannot believe how different my life is from just a few years ago.” And truly it is.

And to celebrate this milestone blog-style, I’m going to do the same thing I did last year, which I stole from Jennifer at the time (and sort of did again this year), not even realizing she shared the same birthday. So if you haven’t done so yet, go wish Ms. Free and Flawed a Happy 25th!

As for me*, in 24 years I’ve…

Thrown up on someone’s car one time.
Been tattooed twice (so far).
Learned that I feel mighty good after just three drinks.
Gone from having two parents to four parents.
Watched the first five seasons of One Tree Hill repeatedly.
Had six different jobs.
Always loved the number seven.
Moved eight times.
Added blonde highlights to my hair since I was nine.
Been to Ocean City, Md. at least ten times.
Written numerous news articles, but the first was when I was eleven (I think).
Traveled to twelve states, including the two I’ve lived in.
Never believed thirteen was truly bad luck.
Waited ’til fourteen years old for my first kiss.
Certainly kissed more than fifteen boys since then.
Been blogging at “A MinD in MoTown” for sixteen months.
Lived alone (for the first time) for the last seventeen months.
Left the country for the first, and only, time at eighteen.
Had my tongue pierced since I was nineteen.
Always been exactly twenty years younger than my father.
Moved 500 miles away from home at the age of twenty-one.
Spent more than twenty-two minutes trying to complete this.
Been a paid journalist for twenty-three months.

Today, I am officially twenty-four.

And to close out this birthday post, here’s a couple photos of me over the years. Some aren’t so flattering due to the lovely haircut – mullet, if you will – my mother decided I should have. Thanks a ton, Mom. For that and the whole giving-birth-to-me thing. =)

Faded demin. Sweeeeeet.

Faded demin. Sweeeeeet.

Seventh birthday? Eighth? I'm not too sure, but I certainly looked adorable in this red dress.

Seventh birthday? Eighth? I'm not too sure, but I certainly looked adorable in this red dress.

I'm in the back, but that would be my oh-so-awesome little brother (he's now 22) in the front.

I'm in the back, but that would be my oh-so-awesome little brother (he's now 22) in the front.

* Thinking of new things for this list will not be simple.


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Thanks darlin’!!

Comment by Ben

Happy Birthday! Cancers are the best, no?

Thanks, and as long as we’re talking about the astrological sign, hell ya!

Comment by Matt

Like the numbers idea. Happy birthday!

I stole it, but it’s certainly different. And thanks!

Comment by Ronnica

Happy Birthday! =) Trust me, 24 is a GREAT year

I truly hope so! 25 being just one year away does not sound fun though… Eep.

Comment by phampants

Aweeee happy birthday lady!!!!

Thanks a bunch hun!

Comment by novelista barista

Happy Birthday! Hope you do something fun to celebrate it!

Going out for drinks! Woo! Thanks hun.

Comment by Amber


Thank you!

Comment by Akirah

Happy Birthday!! Only 24. Not bad!

Ha, only? Psh, getting old too fast!

Comment by Ashley

Happy day, lovely lady! I’m loving all these photos!

Thanks hun!

Comment by E.P.

Happy birthday, I say you’ve accomplished a lot in such young age. Love the piercings stories. Have a great celebration! 🙂

And to think I feel a bit like I haven’t accomplished enough. Thanks!

Comment by Andhari

happy birthday dearie!!! hope you have an awesome day!

and it kinda pains my heart to hear that 24 is mid-20s?!

oh, the (in)humanity.

Haha. Isn’t 24 mid-20s? 24, 25 and 26. 27 becomes “late 20s.”

Comment by thatShortChick

Once you turn 25 you start to die. Avoid it as long as possible.

Death, huh? Well, that doesn’t sound fun.

Comment by hautepocket


Many, many, many more!

Aw, thanks hun.

Comment by Felicia

aww happy belated. this was neat. wow! your first article at 11! and wait, isn’t it officially your mid twenties when you’re 25??

Yep, 11. I went with my mom to “take your daughter to work day,” and the condition for my attendance was writing an article for the business’ newsletter.

And I clump things together for ages.
20-23 = early twenties
24-26 = mid twenties
27-29 = late twenties

Comment by floreta

Happy Birthday, OMG what an adorable picture!

Ha, aww, thanks!

Comment by Jessica

Happy belated!

Thank you!!!!

Comment by Julie @ Wearing Mascara

Aw no! I missed wishing you a happy birthday! Happy belated! =)

It’s totally fine you missed it, and thank you!

Comment by Kyla Roma

Happy belated birthday!!!!

Your kid pics are sooooo cute!!

I was a fairly cute kid! Ha. Thanks darlin’!

Comment by Cee

Happy birthday!

Thank you!

Comment by miss mpls

Happy bday!!! in case u wonder how i got here, i’m from 20sb too… nice to meet new people there and you too.

it’s my birthday next week, btw. i’m turning 23. (juz in case u care) lol

Well thanks for stopping by! And happy early birthday.

Comment by johnonline

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