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‘Tis 23.
July 15, 2008, 1:49 pm
Filed under: The world revolves around me

And so, to mark my 23rd birthday on this blog, I have stolen the following from Free and Flawed who actually got the idea from Words Acoustic.

In 23 years I’ve…

Gotten just one tattoo (so far).
Earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees.
Flown in a plane round-trip three times.
Managed to attain four siblings, sort of, through the years.
Watched my parents get divorced when I was five.
Decided in sixth grade that I wanted to be a lawyer.
Broken my left wrist Memorial Day of seventh grade.
Changed my mind in eighth grade and set my sights on writing.
Had the chicken pox, forcing me to cancel my ninth birthday party.
Watched my mother get remarried just before my tenth birthday.
Traveled to eleven states, including the two I’ve lived in.
Worked two jobs for nearly twelve months now.
Spent thirteen years at a Catholic school that’s now closed.
Switched schools and had to make all new friends at fourteen.
Been working since I was fifteen years old.
Been a published author since I was sixteen.
Gotten my driver’s license at seventeen.
Had my first drink – and got wasted – in Toronto at eighteen.
Gotten a new baby sister at nineteen years old.
Spent twenty minutes trying to figure out something significant for this line.
Passed out on a fraternity lawn on my twenty-first birthday.
Waited until I was twenty-two to visit Disney World.

Today, I am officially twenty-three.

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Wow, happy birthday! That’s a super great meme, but I think it would be waaay too hard for me to think of things for every number!

Comment by Angela

Angela: It took a little while to figure everything out, ha, and I was at a complete loss for 20, unfortunately. Oh well.

Comment by amindinmotown

happy birthday! i’ve seen you on 20sb and i’m just checking out your blog for the first time!

Comment by the almost right word

I love this entry! It reminds me of the “Everything you’ve done once in your life” list. This is a good idea for a birthday blog!:)

Comment by amy

Amy: Thank you! I can’t quite take credit for the idea, but it was something great to do for remembering years past.

Comment by amindinmotown

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