A MinD in MoTown

Moving on up.
May 27, 2010, 4:48 pm
Filed under: Yet another girl in the blogosphere

Within a week – I hope – “A MinD in MoTown” will be no more. After more than two years here*, it’s time to call it quits and move up into the big leagues.

That’s right, my own domain.

And with that domain comes a fresh look at yours truly. Will I be staying the course, sticking to my over-opinionated blog rantings and the constant sharing of interesting news items? Of course. But I’m also hoping that the new site provides readers with a bit more insight into the person behind the words. No, that doesn’t mean I’ll be sharing the details of my day-to-day life, but at least offering little tidbits here and there.

With that said, I’d love to know what those four of you who might regularly read would like to see. Is there something I could be doing better as a blogger? What kind of postings do you wish I’d write? Do I complain more than necessary? Ha. I would love for everyone to be honest – yes, I can take constructive criticism – and tell me what changes I could/should make as I dive into this latest project. After all, this blog-relocation probably provides me with the best time to do so.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more information about my new space on the Internets. As soon as it’s ready to roll out, I’ll be sure to let you know!

* And I just realized I never even celebrated my blogoversary nearly two months ago… Oops!

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I think you should write about sports.


just sports.

Comment by Matt

I hate you.

Comment by amindinmotown


Comment by Matt

I speak the truth.

Comment by amindinmotown

Can’t believe your moving. I’m excited for you to be moving to your own domain. :]

Comment by Sarah Nicole

Thanks, me too! And yet scared ’cause now I have to pay for it… Which means I hope people read it, lol.

Comment by amindinmotown

When I saw your tweet I thought you meant you were done blogging. I nearly had a heart attack. Don’t do that.

Comment by Jenn

Sorry… =(

Comment by amindinmotown

I love everything about your blog. I wish my words could flow as yours do.

Comment by ourseventhyear

Awww. That was really sweet!

Comment by amindinmotown

Reading the first sentence made me really scared.

But then I kept reading, and I’m not scared anymore.

Comment by Akirah

yay for you scoring your own domain!! congrats! I say keep doing what you’re doing because I keep coming back šŸ™‚

Comment by thatShortChick

Woo! Congrats on the upcoming domain. That is super exciting.

Comment by Jessica

New domain name = total excitement. šŸ™‚

Comment by Lauren

WOOHOOO big league. Don’t forget to give me your new url so I can resubscribe *hug*

Comment by andhari

How exciting! I can’t wait to check out the new home.

Comment by Kim

Love your blog…can’t think of any new changes! Look forward to visiting your new home!

Comment by Ronnica

how exciting!! i know you were asking for domain name advice.. can’t wait to see it!

Comment by floreta

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