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Silence! I kill you!
March 26, 2009, 2:05 pm
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Because I’m an amazing girlfriend*, I bought the boyfriend and I tickets for tonight’s Jeff Dunham show in Winston-Salem (an hour away) as part of his gift for our one year anniversary last month. And my excitement is pretty damn high.

Not only will this be my first major-comedian show, but I’m hoping for a great night with the boyfriend (::insert aww here::) and, optimistically, a very sore stomach from laughing so much.

For those of you who clearly live under a rock unaware of the talented DunHAM (exaggerated on purpose) – a comedic ventriloquist – I leave you with this 10-minute clip of him and my favorite puppet, Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

*I know what you’re all thinking: “But MinD, remember that anger-filled post from January?” Oh, I do, but it was actually my not so subtle way of informing my significant other of a few minor shortfalls and providing all men in the blogosphere with helpful tips about us lovely ladies. Duh.

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He was in Myrtle Beach while we were there last summer so me, Eva, her older sisters, and her cousin spent the money for tickets. One of the best uses for $50-ish bucks EVER.

Favourite line from that night: “Oh Achmed, you could bomb me anyday.” from the girlfriend’s older sister.

Enjoy Ma’am, you’re in for a treat.

I absolutely cannot wait!!! Our tickets were about $50 each, too. Not too bad, if you ask me, especially considering how much Dane Cook’s were. Jeeeeez.

Comment by Kendall

I knew I should have become a ventriloquist. I’ll be watching The Office tonight instead.

The Office? BLAH…

Comment by rs27

You dont have to take him to a comedy show to be a great girlfriend. Just give some brains.

Anyway, Dunham is hilarious! Have fun.

Give him some brains? I’m undecided if that was an ass backwards compliment to me or not.

Comment by Matt

From the looks of things (twitter), sounds like you guys had a blast!!

Oh man, my Twitter went crazy that night, ha. It was a fabulous time!

Comment by omegaradium

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