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New Moon

New Moon book cover

That’s right, another Twilight post. Er, New Moon rather. And the only reason I’m writing about it is because, damn it, I can’t get the book out of my head! Trust me, I’d avoid writing about this topic if humanly possible, but I have so many things swirling through my mind and not a single soul I *actually* know (to my knowledge) has read the series. Thus, I turn to my blog – which is typically far more serious than this post will be, so I’m extremely apologetic if this is your first visit – to get my rant on.

If you haven’t read New Moon (or Twilight, for that matter) yet, or you are waiting for the film version and prefer to avoid spoilers, stop reading immediately!

…Any lingerers still here? ‘Cause you’ve been properly notified that I might ruin the story for you.

…Last chance.

Okay. I want Bella with Jacob. That’s right, I said it.

I read Twilight and although I had numerous issues with the book – mostly coming from my English-degree standpoint – I continued the series because I truly enjoyed the tale of Bella and Edward. I had wanted to see their love flourish and grow, plus discover if/when Edward decided to make his love a vampire and how that would unfold.

And then the breakup occurred in New Moon, and like I probably would have reacted if the same event happened to a real-life friend of mine, I grew quite angry with Edward. I saw it coming, of course, thanks to a spoiler I accidentally read, but that one event changed my feelings toward a character who I previously held in high regards, concerning this storyline anyway.

So when Bella started turning to Jacob to fill the “hole in her heart,” or at least ignore its existence, I could feel the same butterflies in my stomach as that friendship blossomed into something a bit more. Jacob put his feelings on the line on multiple occasions, hoping to win over the still broken-hearted Bella, and it was difficult not to cheer him on. Perhaps somewhere in my head, he was the kind of boy that my teenage self would have wanted, saying all the words a girl that age – or hell, even older maybe – would want to hear. To me, Jake was written as the guy every girl would be lucky to call her own.

I was rooting for Jake, through and through. And then with maybe 100 pages left in the book, Edward returns and any hope for a real loving relationship between Bella and Jake becomes little more than a memory. With her Edward-relationship seemingly blissful again, poor Jacob is thrown to the side and become little more than a friend, though more like an enemy.

Once Edward made his reappearance, I was notably less interested in reading. I was perturbed that he could just apologize, offer a few hugs and kisses, and instantly be forgiven. And all the while, this other guy who genuinely cared for Bella was dismissed without another thought.

New Moon made me dislike Edward, and I wonder if that will change as I continue the series. I’ll most certainly be purchasing Eclipse later tonight and reading it as soon as possible. But I’m also remaining on Team Jacob and crossing my fingers that these books don’t turn out as I’m expecting them. For once, I’d seriously like the underdog to win the girl.

P.S. Please don’t tell me what happens. I’m assuming what will go down already, but no confirmations or denials, if you don’t mind.

P.P.S. I need to find more serious, thought-provoking topics to discuss here before my blog becomes overwhelmed and overrun with my thoughts on Twilight. I desperately tried to avoid writing about this series – for a second time – but sometimes, I need to use this blogging outlet as it was intended, for my each and every share-worthy thought, rather than just somewhat intellectual garble.

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I can’t give you my full opinion without referencing Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, but when I was reading New Moon (a year and a half ago), I was totally Team Edward having to do mostly with the fact that I was in love with Edward and not Jacob. I was still thinking of Jacob as a little kid and he was just too pushy and immature for me. I do feel for him not getting the girl he wants, but I appreciate the good fiction it makes!

I have a feeling – from what I’m hearing from others – that my opinion might change as I continue reading, but we shall see about that. It does make for good fiction. It’s nice to have a second layer, and a more realistic one (the love triangle) at that.

Comment by Ashley

Like you said, not giving you spoilers lol but I’m sure the next books have a chance to make you super angry. I really did too. There are times when I read these books that I wanna strangle stephenie meyer for being such an emo girl, and she ended up pouring that side to Bella. It makes me mad seeing her soooooo fragile and soooo whiny all the time, and kristin stewart isn’t even a good actress to play her ( I was rooting for alexis bledel but then remember how the girl might be too famous and too related to rory gilmore to even be picked ).

Shamefully, I was never a fan of jacob black until I watched taylor lautner for this second movie. I feel like a cougar but the dude’s just hooootttt.

Meyer is going to make me angry? Crap. Crap crap crap. Ha. Bella definitely has that completely emo side to her. Sometimes, it’s certainly a bit much!

And I’m also too old for Taylor Lautner, but DAMN HE’S HOT! I’m so okay picturing Jacob that way, hahaha.

Comment by Andhari

Oh man I loved New Moon. I was late on the Twilight bandwagon but for me, Jacob and New Moon was really great. It definitely changed my opinion on Edward in the long run

As I’m just moving into Eclipse now, I’m also behind on the Twilight bandwagon. I tried to avoid it for as long as possible, but now I’m stuck. My opinion of Edward is definitely changed. I can even see that as I dive into Eclipse (I’m about 125 pages in). And it’s like, I know she’s supposed to end up with Edward, or at least that’s how tales that this go, but damn it, I want her with Jacob. Part of me hopes that either happens or they make his character less likeable for me.

Comment by Jessica

He only left her because he loved her though… he thought she would be ok and get over him and when it was clear that she couldn’t, he came back for her…

I know, I know. And he didn’t exactly come back because he saw she wasn’t getting over him. Home dude tried to kill himself and she went after him, then he came back because their love was so strong…etc. I don’t know. Leaving to protect her was a “meh” excuse to me. I get it, I honestly do, but if I were Bella, I’m not so sure I could’ve ran back so easily.

Comment by secretladygarden

I’m all for the underdog as well…is that a pun? I’m not sure…

Anyway, I really hate it when females can simply toss aside a guy, like Jacob, who has been there for them through the good and bad times. : \

Wait a second… A question beckons: Have you read the series?!?!

Comment by OmegaRadium

After New Moon I was always rooting for Jacob while secretly hating myself for enjoying the Twilight books so much.

That’s EXACTLY how I feel. I mean, I’m already 1/4 of the way through Eclipse. Eep. GO JACOB!

Comment by Kimwithak

I just finished New Moon yesterday and YES! TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY! I also was reading waiting for Edward to turn Bella…but I’m not keeping my hopes high. In fact, my friends have begged me to stop reading saying the series goes downhill fast after the third book.

Oh no. Downhill? Nooooooooo. And you have no idea how happy it made me to hear from you. Yay! Totally love that you are also Team Jacob. Woohoo for that!

Comment by Megkathleen

I may be the only one on planet Earth, or heck the whole universe, but I haven’t read any of the Twilight books. Can’t get into them. Never will.

Harry Potter on the other hand…(read all the books and waiting for the next movie to come out even if that’s a year away!).

I avoided Twilight, not wanting to read it. But once I did, I was stuck. Like an itch I have to scratch. For me though, I couldn’t get into Harry Potter. I think the reason for that, though, is because I had already seen the first three movies when I tried to begin the series. It was hard reading the books after the fact. I clearly need to read first, see movie second.

Comment by Marie

Thanks for the support!!! 😉

Anytime hun!

Comment by Gen

I hated New Moon. And I hate Jacob. But I’m looking forward to the movie because dude, some of the wolf pack is kind of hot!

It seemed most people didn’t like New Moon. What the hell is wrong with me that I liked it so much? And how did I get sucked into this damn series!? The wolf pack, including Jacob (I know, he’s WAY too young), does look mighty fine. Mmhmm…

Comment by Jamie

noooo!!! edward all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boo to this comment. BOOOOOOO.

Comment by novelista barista

I bought Twilight (guiltily) at an airport a month ago, but haven’t read a word yet. I need to get on this, stat.

I kept avoiding reading it, just carrying it around. Couldn’t get into Twilight – couldn’t get into New Moon either – but once I did, I was STUCK. I had to read cover to cover.

Comment by LiLu

I almost stopped reading New Moon when Edward left. I was so mad. But I continued reading the books and enjoyed them. Just keep reading.

I’m trying to, I am. I’m more than halfway through Breaking Dawn and feeling disappointed with it. I’m kinda eh about finishing it, but I will.

Comment by Sarah Nicole

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