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May 24, 2010, 10:09 am
Filed under: Bullet points provide an easy way out, Getting my RANT on

If there’s one thing I undoubtedly do best it’s complain. That’s right, I am an all-star when it comes to whining about anything and everything under the sun. And right now*, here’s a lovely bullet-point list of what I’m finding most bothersome this moment:

  • How many times do I have to mention how DISGUSTING it is to clip one’s nails IN PUBLIC before change occurs? It’s gross. And the LAST thing I want to hear in this newsroom as I’m typing away at an article is the clip, clip, clipping of each fingernail. Go to the damn bathroom or wait ’til you return home this evening. DO NOT flood my eardrums and my sanity ten times over as you make sure pinky-to-pinky is adequately smaller.
  • I hate cell phone ringers. It’s true, I do, and I’m pretty certain I’ve said this before. And when your phone rings repeatedly, I contemplate 1) killing you or 2) breaking your device into a million pieces. Perhaps you – yes, you in the otherwise-silent newsroom – should change it to silent asap. Just a thought.
  • Tipping $3 on a $57 bill may seem like a wise decision to you – who doesn’t like a nice round number in their checkbook? – but it’s not exactly courteous to your super-awesome waitress who stayed after closing-time because of you, ran after you with the cell phone you left behind and then ran after you again because you forgot your child’s sippy cup. $3 = unacceptable.
  • Whoever invented “employee training” sucks. Watching crappy videos as a first-time hire is part of the gig, but must we reiterate these same concepts annually? Office ergonomics, I get it, I do. That doesn’t mean I would like a yearly pop quiz about it.
  • I’m quite annoyed by the way 96.1 The Beat‘s Next AM Mayhem Superstar contest (that I applied for) turned out. That, however, is a posting all in itself, so stay tuned for Part 4 of that saga.
  • I loathe “weekend-update” blog posts. If you post one, it will be marked as read without a single glance from my direction. I’m sort of sorry. But hey, at least I’m honest.
  • I recently bought a new phone via Sprint and canceled my Verizon service after some major discontent with that particular provider. Weeks later, yesterday, I come to discover that Verizon charges you through the end of your service cycle regardless of when in that cycle you depart. I may have canceled my plan on April 29, but I was billed through May 7. My words to the customer service rep, “So what you’re saying is that if I join a few days before a new cycle begins, my plan is prorated and I pay for those days of usage. But if I cancel the plan, it’s not prorated and I still have to pay through the end of the month?” She replies, “Yes. It says that in your contract.” LAME SAUCE! These damn companies always find a way to get you in the end.
  • Five minutes before leaving the apartment for work this morning, my boyfriend decides it’s the opportune time to tell me his grandmother and mother will be coming by our place later in the day. I had little warning, and little opportunity to clean. Arriving late to work wasn’t an option, so they were likely thrilled when the door opened to our humble pig sty abode today. Ugh. So glad I had ample time to prepare…

Now, why did this ranting have to occur? Well, you see, I can only take so much. Isn’t that true for all of us? And sometimes I absolutely have to turn to this blog in the hopes of purging myself from everything I find incredibly irksome before I bust wide open with emotions I’d prefer my newsroom never witness. So thank you, my dear readers, for allowing me these few minutes of complaining at its finest. Time to finally take that much-needed deep breath. ::Insert breathing here:: Le sigh.

* This isn’t scheduled to post ’til Monday morning (I don’t like when others blog multiple times per day, so why would I force that upon my own readers?), but I’m writing it in the afternoon of Thursday, May 21, just so we’re all aware.