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Talk about hyperbolic.

If someone were to you ask what two of the most “insidious and dangerous” threats to society and the world today were, what would you answer?

Terrorism, homicide (in general), global warming (maybe not the insidious part…), AIDS (not sure about insidious here either), etc. Far from that lengthy list for so many of us would be gay marriage and abortion. However, Pope Benedict XVI seems to think otherwise*.

Reading about actions like this one from the sole person leading the faith that I grew up with make it that much more difficult to ever consider returning to my Catholic roots. As someone who very strongly believes in a woman’s right to choose and regularly advocates for same-sex marriage, how can I possibly rejoin a church that so openly dismisses both as two of the most major “threats” without consideration of every other danger that plagues our society?

Not only do I find these claims by the Pope completely ridiculous, but misplaced as well. Our world is burdened by things far worse than abortion and gay marriage. So many people regularly face hunger, poverty, sickness and immense, actual threats to life and happiness such as war, terrorism and bigotry. Yet the Catholic church, with the Pope at its helm, wastes its time on gay marriage and abortion? Perhaps this simply puts a wider rift between myself and the only faith I’ve ever truly known.

For years now Catholic officials have questioned why so many young people are turning away from the church and becoming atheist, agnostic or joining other religions. Maybe, just maybe, statements such as this one from the Pope have something to do with it.

* If you check out the article, what I continue on to say might make a bit more sense. It also helps slightly that you know I have quite an estranged relationship with Catholicism.

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This is exactly the kind of thing that makes it so hard for me to get back to my Catholic roots as well. Exactly it.

Comment by Kim

I wasn’t raised in the Catholic church, and I don’t have much of a connection with it — other than the fact that my fiance was raised in it (and has turned away from it, like you), and a LOT of my Louisiana friends regularly attend the Catholic church.

That being said, it makes me sad to read about the Pope (or any other religious official) stating that abortion and gay marriage are major threats to our society. That’s not what they should be focusing on. More than anything, I think religious figures should be focusing on spreading LOVE, acceptance and understanding instead of hatred.

Maybe it’s just me, but that is my two cents. (:

Comment by E.P.

Certainly not just you! You would assume – clearly wrongly – that love would be at the center of any religion. I remember hearing “love thy neighbor as you love yourself.” What ever happened to that principle?

Comment by amindinmotown

Yes. I don’t even know what else to say, but being completely detached from the catholic church and religion in general because of my absolute disagreement with most of their beliefs, this is right up my alley. I agree wholeheartedly with what you and E.P. said.

Comment by Lys

I’m not catholic and I don’t wanna judge any religion but I think it’s just a narrow minded thinking. There ARE bigger problems in the world, people should stop being intimidated with others who don’t live life the same way as them.

Comment by andhari

Very well said! What kind of world would we have if everyone was exactly the same? Pretty damn boring if you ask me.

Comment by amindinmotown

OOPS! That last comment is from me but under my personal blog…

Comment by Felicia

Ha, I figured as much. No worries hun.

Copying and pasting the comment here (just in case you don’t want your personal blog displayed): “All I can really do is shake my head….”

Comment by amindinmotown

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