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April 29, 2010, 2:43 pm
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Eight years… That’s about how long I’ve had Verizon Wireless as my cell phone provider and now I’m seriously considering a major change to another service.

After an aggravating Wednesday where a few Verizon staffers seemed completely unwilling to help me in any way, shape or form* – and this is after years of me praising their customer service – I’ve grown frustrated. Following years of loyalty despite the lure of iPhones and all-inclusive phone plans, my allegiance to the VZW now wavers and I’m highly considering cutting all ties.

But where do I go from here?

Although the iPhone does carry a certain appeal, AT&T is not a service that finds itself popular among my peers in NC. Perhaps it’s their coverage in this particular area, but I’ve been warned to keep my distance. The same goes with TMobile. I believe my boyfriend’s words last night were, “You better not go with TMobile,” as I mentioned my perusal of alternatives.

Sprint, however, is swiftly taking the lead among its counterparts as family members and friends mention their $70 unlimited plan and wide array of Smart phones that don’t require additional monies just to own (unlike Verizon). I feel my wallet tugging that direction as I realize the cost savings compared to my current provider, which will charge me nearly $110 per month just for a similar calling plan.

But now, as I still sit unsure of my decision, waiting for my current phone to completely die and become little more than a paperweight, I’m turning to you guys for advice. What services do you have and which would you recommend*? What are the ones to avoid? Should I just stick it out with Verizon, though my happiness with them is waning, or is it time to jump ship?

(I know this posting is somewhat lackluster, but really, after yesterday, I’m somewhat at my wit’s end with both this phone and this company. I’m ready for a change. And soon.)

* And, to make matters worse, someone at the store ripped my soft-plastic cell phone case then took no blame for it and refused to replace it. Ugh.
** No talk of iPhones, please. There’s zero chance of me buying one.

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Aww…that sucks. I don’t have much wisdom to share, I’m a Verizon customer because my mother words for Verizon because it’s convenient. If you’d like to give me more information about what’s going on, I could ask her if she has any ideas for you. She’s always helping me save money or get extra minutes last minute.

Comment by Akirah

I stuck w/ T-Mobile. Overall, I’m very satisfied. it’s not perfect, but I pay $95 a month (tax included) for unlimited voice/text/web. no phone subsidy, but i’m also not bound by a contract. i have a mytouch & paid it outright. within 10 months, I would have paid off the phone and started to save money by going w/o a contract than in a contract

Comment by phampants

Phone subsidy? Not sure what that is.

Comment by amindinmotown

Since moving to NC, I’ve switched back and forth from AT&T and Verizon several times. I’m now with Verizon and happy as they have MUCH better service than AT&T here and I finally have a phone that works well (enV Touch). That said, lower cost is a big incentive to move. I don’t know too many people on Sprint, though, so I guess I’d want to know what service is like here before I’d switch.

Comment by Ronnica

Saving nearly $30/month was a HUGE incentive. I just couldn’t see paying that much more just to keep Verizon.

Comment by amindinmotown

I have Sprint and I love it, actually. My mom & I are on a family plan and we pay about $135 a month for both phones, which includes unlimited texts/web. They have a great selection of phones and I’ve never had a problem with service.

Also, the customer service there is GREAT! About 6 months ago, my phone stopped working suddenly so I took it to them and they gave me a brand-new phone without any questions — and I didn’t have insurance on it! So, yeah, big fan of Sprint!

Comment by Stephany

I actually JUST switched last night and so far, so good. But we’re only one day in, ha.

Comment by amindinmotown

I want the iPhone so bad I can taste it but AT&T sucks in Chicago so I refuse to pay more for it. I’m at Sprint now and it’s okay, on a family plan. Being responsible. Sucks.

Comment by Jessica

Being responsible does suck. Why can we be frivolous with our dollars?

Comment by amindinmotown

Many people have expressed concern to me about AT&T, but I haven’t really had problems with them (knock on wood) and when I have, it’s been resolved.

For what that’s worth…

Comment by Kim

I did already get a new phone, but people down here have had horrible things to say about AT&T. Actually, I don’t even know where a nearby store is, so maybe it’s just not a good area for that service.

Comment by amindinmotown

How’s your new phone? AT&T does not have very good service in the south, that’s what all my friends say. haha.

Comment by Sarah Nicole

I am LOVING the new phone! And Sprint service seems fine here so far ::knock on wood::

Comment by amindinmotown

I hear ya. I mean, I use AT&T now for the iPhone, but before that, I had Verizon FOREVER. It was really hard and sad to lose the # I’d had for YEARS and YEARS. :/ Good luck finding something that works for you!

Comment by suki

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