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Video Killed the Radio Star: Part 2

And so, it’s done. (Before reading this post, check out Part 1.)

I arrived home just before 7 p.m. last night and with the exception of eating my dinner and a one-hour break for Vampire Diaries – do not judge me! – I worked ’til 11 p.m. to make sure I had this video in the bag.

Six full takes later, and a handful of ridiculous bloopers, here’s the final product*. I look like a damn fool, but I promised my readers the video – it’s public on 96.1 The Beat‘s Web site anyway – so check it out:

We’ll find out on Monday – I think? – who the ten finalists are. Those ten will seek votes from the public ’til five people each receive one day on air for the real test. I suppose stay tuned for Part 3.

* What a ridiculously horrible freeze-frame. Thanks a ton, YouTube. Sheesh.

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YT thumbnails FTW!

Comment by phampants


Comment by thatShortChick

Good luck lady!

Comment by Jenn

This video is great! I love it. Is there a way for us to vote for you?!

Comment by Akirah

If I get selected in the top 10, then yes, and I’ll most certainly let you know if so. I’m not terribly optimistic, but hopeful anyway!

Comment by amindinmotown

Loved it. You’re adorable and it’s hilarious. Good luck! I seriously admire you for doing this.

Comment by Ashley

Aw thanks! It was a complete whim, too, which made it exciting. I’m not one to always do things at the last moment this way.

Comment by amindinmotown

So you’re applying for a job where people listen to your voice all morning, yet you opt out of speaking. You can’t get more unique than that! I love it.

Also, Loved seeing the bottle of Lager. PA beer FTW!!

Best of luck Mind, and if you need some votes, just let me know!

Comment by Patrick

Will do, Patty. And thanks for watching it. I figured you might be lurking in the shadows here. I miss you!

Comment by amindinmotown

I love this video! You are so adorable!! Good luck

Comment by Sarah Nicole

That is awesome! Great video. And I don’t judge about Vamire Diaries, if you don’t judge me about watching Kendra.

Comment by Jessica

I certainly won’t!

Comment by amindinmotown

There is no shame in watching the Diaries of Vampire 🙂

Comment by newdressaday

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