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Ripped from the Headlines: Vol. 5
March 25, 2010, 12:40 pm
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Yet again, several months have passed since I’ve blogged about some of the headlines found throughout the Internets. And with a certain swear-word making its way onto front pages, thanks to our VP, it seems like the perfect time to take note of the news-worthy items.

Biden says profane faux pas was … no big deal

US Vice President Joe Biden is laughing off his protocol-busting profanity captured by microphones and relayed around the world during Tuesday’s signing ceremony for a historic health care law.

…The vice president delivered a gushing tribute to Obama at the ceremony, then told him, in a comment meant to be private “This is a big f(expletive) deal.”

And he’s right, it was “a big fucking deal!” Now, I’m not here to discuss the healthcare bill. However, I cannot believe that people are creating such a stir over one word – a word in a phrase that was intended to be private. Yet it was captured by microphones and has now found its way into your news and mine, resulting in a plethora of comments across the Internet calling Biden an “imbecile” or mocking his professional capabilities. It seems outrageous to me that rather than focusing on the healthcare-bill passage or other equally important legislation, individuals are uproariously babbling on about his use of an expletive. Here’s what I truly have to say about that: Build an f’n* bridge and get over it!

Inside Sandra Bullock’s Betrayal

In the wake of a scandal that has rocked her marriage, Sandra Bullock is quietly determining her next move, say friends.

I’m assuming you’ve heard about Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, cheating on her. If not, just head over to People.com and read a dozen different articles about it. Or meander to nearly any other news site and you’ll find at least one story about Bullock’s woes or James’ flirty ways. Haven’t we learned anything from the Tiger Woods scandal? Or even the John Edwards affair? Sometimes it’s possible to report too much on a topic, pry too much into someone’s life and personal issues, especially ones that needs to be dealt with privately among family members rather than printed across the pages by media outlets. At what point do we simply go too far? When do we say “enough is enough” and back away from news that is little more than tantalizing and provocative?

Experts: One-third of breast cancer is avoidable

Up to a third of breast cancer cases in Western countries could be avoided if women ate less and exercised more, researchers at a breast cancer conference said Thursday, renewing debate on a sensitive topic. While better treatments, early diagnosis and mammogram screenings have dramatically slowed the disease, experts said the focus should now shift to changing behaviors like diet and physical activity. The comments added to a series of findings that lifestyle changes in areas such as smoking, eating, exercise and sun exposure can have a significant effect on all sorts of cancer rates.

The articles continues, noting that “people might wrongly think their chances of getting cancer are more dependent on their genes than their lifestyle.” I am one of those people who held this misconception. Breast cancer has emerged in my family tree, so I assumed that significantly increased my chances of one day having this form of cancer. However, it’s somewhat relieving to know that genetics are not the only factor at play and that I could decrease the potential for this disease by changing by diet and exercise regimes. While I knew that the environment and lifestyle played a role in other cancers – such as skin cancer or lung cancer – I had little idea that it mattered in regards to breast cancer. For me – and others in my shoes who have watched loved one undergo breast-cancer treatment – this information has the potential to change these cancerous odds in our own lives, which is why I thought it was worth sharing here.

* If I were saying this aloud, I actually would’ve pronounced it as “f’n” rather than the word, hence why I did this here. I’m typically not one to censor so that’s certainly not in play here.

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I absolutely enjoyed this entry. I wish people would understand that there are more important things going on in the world than the importance of Biden using the F word. Who cares!!!

That’s so sad about Sandra Bullock. I really like her as an actress and I hate that she is going through this right now. I wish the media would respect all celebrities their privacy about certain matters instead of putting every single detail into a magazine or newspaper. I bet they wouldn’t appreciate the same courtesy if the tables were turned.

Comment by Toya

You’re so right. Reporters wouldn’t want their lives spattered among the pages, but yet those who cover celebrities don’t care about that. They care about what will sell copies, and unfortunately stuff like this will. I just wish it was different and people weren’t so interested in who’s sleeping around. That’s what would truly make the difference – if people cared less about trivial bullshit like this.

Comment by amindinmotown

uh, this sandra bullock media coverage is ridiculous and I blame Tiger. because we’ve now realized that where’s smoke, there’s a raging fire in the woods. I just hope she finds a peaceful place and takes care of herself for a while because if the paps can’t find her, photograph her, and then have the magazines produce a story out of that one picture, the interest will eventually fade. I hope.

Comment by thatShortChick

I hope so, too. I feel horrible for her, having to deal with this just weeks after the happiest moment of her life, and yet completely in the public. Ugh. I couldn’t even imagine it.

Comment by amindinmotown

Are people really still scandalized by the word fuck? I guess they’ll make a big deal out of anything and Biden is famous for his gaffes.

I am very against blaming the other woman, but in all of these recent sex scandals I find myself seriously judging these women who sleep with married men and then do anything they can to make money off of it in the press. It’s not that they slept with married men, so much as they’re making a name for themselves by being the other woman. I want more for them than that.

Comment by Ashley

It makes you wonder how many of these women sleep with these men just for that notoriety.

Comment by amindinmotown

I know what you mean about things being blown out of the proportion. But that Jesse James, I just wanna punch him on the face

Comment by andhari

I think we all do!

Comment by amindinmotown

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