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Snip snip here. Snip snip there.

Embarrassment. That’s the best word to describe how I felt as a child when my mother would whip out a coupon as we dined out or went through the grocery line. I’d feel nearly humiliated that we were forced into needing those money-saving sheets of paper each week, almost as if my mom was claiming defeat and acknowledging that we were, indeed, “poor.” This attitude of mine carried into my teen years as well, feeling nearly mortified that we couldn’t affordably enjoy an Olive Garden supper without saving $4 on our meals.

But now, at 24 years old, living free from my parents with my own set of bills and household concerns, clipping coupons simply makes sense. Today I’m the one stuffing dozens of coupons into my wallet, ready for the next shopping excursion, eager to save a dollar here and there (especially at Kohl’s). After all, who doesn’t prefer a few extra bucks in the billfold sometimes? And with the economy barely improving over the last several months, everyone could benefit from saving some cash, including myself.

Yet that wasn’t something I could see in my youth when it was my mom with the coupons in hand. Now I look back on that slight resentment I once experienced with regret, wishing I better understood the reasoning behind my mother’s Sunday mornings with the scissors and newspaper ads.

It’s far from shocking that things change as we age — everything from our perspective on the world to political affiliations and more sometimes sway a different direction as we progress into adulthood. However, it’s somewhat mind-boggling to realize how much variation can occur.

As I sit here now, contemplating this evening’s shopping trip to Harris Teeter – where I plan to take major advantage of triple-coupon week – I’m almost embarrassed to have once been that snotty, snobby, bratty girl who couldn’t grasp the importance of savings a few dollars at times. I get it all now, for sure, but I certainly wish I did quite a bit sooner.

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I understand completely where you’re coming from. My mom laughs at my sister and I, the same 2 kids who once complained about coupons and riding in an older car, as we’ve now adopted her “frugal” ways. Its funny how much you just don’t realize the value of a dollar (saved) growing up.

Comment by TOPolk

So true. I’m not completely frugal, but when it comes to groceries, I certainly am. I once was the girl who never looked at the cost of something and now that almost dictates my world.

Comment by amindinmotown

During the period of our ignorance, we have been arrogant of what we don’t understand. Only as we grow do wee see the wisdom behind every acts. 🙂

Comment by Walter

Nicely said!

Comment by amindinmotown

YES! My parents never used coupons as much as they just stalked the clearance aisle like a lion looking for prey. Now, I’m the same way…every little bit helps!

Comment by Felicia

Same here! That back aisle at Kohl’s, with all the clearance stuff, is THE best.

Comment by amindinmotown

The Mister is big on dining-out coupons. And sometimes I still cringe, but when we get the bill and it’s cheaper, I feel better.

Comment by Kim

Who doesn’t love a cheaper bill? I feel better when I know I saved money. That’s for sure.

Comment by amindinmotown

I think my mom has been a coupon clipper since the dawn of coupons and I’ve never been ashamed of it. I just remember being very annoyed because when I would go to the supermarket with her, we would have to pull our cart to the side so she could gather her coupons and make sure she brought them all.

I love clipping coupons and finding the best deals..on anything. and besides, coupons are what help drive new business for most retailers/restaurants/etc so it’s a good thing all around.

Comment by thatShortChick

Oh my, I can definitely relate to this. I remember my mom clipping coupons and carrying them to the store but I rarely do. I don’t get a Sunday paper but I do find myself buying mostly what’s on sale or going for generic brands. It does save money. I love seeing how much I saved at the store too!

Comment by Jessica

Seeing how much you saved is the best part, if you ask me. Instead of leaving with buyer’s remorse, you can be happy about what you didn’t spend.

Comment by amindinmotown

I was the same way, and now? I’m Miss Coupon and I’m all about grocery shopping on the first tuesday of the month for 10% off. I love Cheap Tuesdays! lol Or that’s what we call them, at least.

Comment by Kyla Roma

I wish we had Cheap Tuesdays! They had that up in PA, but alas, not down here. Big bummer.

Comment by amindinmotown

The older I am, the less I feel jealous because people are luckier financially 🙂

Comment by andhari

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