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Tuneage Tuesday — “Carry Out”
March 16, 2010, 4:58 pm
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So why am I choosing a song this week that’s on the radio, getting crazy airplay, and featuring two quite-popular artists? Because I am determined to marry the JRT. Because my now ten-year love for Justin Timberlake still makes me smile and giggle like a 12-year-old when he sings lyrics like “Do you like it well done ’cause I do it well” and “Imma touch you in all the right areas.” And Timbaland isn’t half-shabby as an entertainer either.

Don’t judge! We all have weaknesses and Mr. Timberlake is mine. If you want proof, I’ll send you a link to my defunct *NSYNC Web site a photo of the refrigerator magnet I have of him that still lives in my kitchen*.

* Don’t tell my boyfriend that. He’s yet to notice that I relocated it into our new home together. =P

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Okay, yeah, I love this song too! Plus, once an *NSYNC fan, always an *NSYNC fan!!

Comment by stealthnerd

Always is right!

Comment by amindinmotown

I love Justin Timberlake. He is amazing.

Comment by Sarah Nicole

Oh JT has a special spot in my heart too. I do just love that guy. I can’t help it. And I was a huge NSYNC fan too. For real.

Comment by Jessica

This is my first time hearing the song or even knowing about JT & Timbaland’s newest collaboration. I don’t listen to the radio anymore. I find that the radio stations down here are particularly bad, so I just blast my trusted CD favorites.

but I likey nonetheless.

Comment by thatShortChick

I go through periods of laziness where I just repeatedly forget or leave my IPod behind, forcing me to listen to the radio or go without. And this song has been on a lot!!! You’re right though, the radio stations here aren’t too great. I think they play the same batch of songs nearly every hour. So annoying.

Comment by amindinmotown

Step aside! I’ve love JT for 12 years. Okay, but maybe I’d never heard of this song before. 12 years is a long time, you know?

Comment by Ashley

Step aside? I think not! Ha.

Comment by amindinmotown

I like this song and that video is cuteeeeeee.

Comment by Akirah

Points for stating your Timberlake love out loud 🙂

Comment by Shayna

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