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Tuneage Tuesday — “Better With You”
February 9, 2010, 11:08 am
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We’re changing it up this Tuneage Tuesday and going with a song that’s a little more girly emotionally-heavy lovey-dovey less rough around the edges – “Better With You” by Five Times August. It’s an absolutely beautiful tune and, if you ask me, the lyrics alone are very sweet and worth listening for.

So where did I find this gem? From an episode of One Tree Hill (though it turns out that the song has made its way into a variety of TV-series episodes) … but before you entirely write it off because of that, I advise putting in your ear buds and at least giving it a try.


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um, SWOON.

Comment by thatShortChick

I know, right?!

Comment by amindinmotown

I at least gave it a chance and you know how much I hate One Tree Hill.

My contribution this week since we seem to be going for the softer side of music. Leave The Pieces by The Wreckers.

Comment by Kendall

The Wreckers…. Why do they sound familiar?

Comment by amindinmotown

haha, i’m going with kendall on this one. too jack johnson-y for me, but anything with a guitar has potential. i’ve got freelance whale on mine today.

Comment by Lys

It’s okay, you can agree with Kendall… Someone has to, right? Ha. I actually don’t much care for Jack Johnson, but something about this song I loved. I’m pretty sure it’s the lyrics above all else though.

Comment by amindinmotown

I hate to say, I don’t really watch OTH but sometimes they do really play great music. I’ve gotten several tips on new music from them.

Comment by Jessica

Likewise. I think the CW in general does well choosing songs to accompany their TV shows.

Comment by amindinmotown

I like it! It’s pretty chill 🙂

Comment by andhari

Chill. Very good way to describe it.

Comment by amindinmotown

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