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Tuneage Tuesday — “Collarbone”
January 26, 2010, 9:17 am
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Considering my eclectic, sometimes bizarre taste in music, I thought I’d share this little piece of myself with my readers and kick off a new feature here at the blog: “Tuneage Tuesday.”

Each Tuesday – provided I remember and have the time, of course – I’ll bring you one of the many songs that frequent my iPod playlists. Some will be slightly stranger than others (this I can guarantee) and they’ll span several different genres, from pop to punk to crazy old school or completely alternative. But each one is a song I completely adore and hope you can find a little love for as well.

Let’s kick off this inaugural Tuneage Tuesday with some Fujiya & Miyagi and my fave song by them, “Collarbone.” I couldn’t find a music video on YouTube, but here’s a live performance of the song from 2007.

While searching for that, I found this awesome stop-action video some kid did to this song, and just HAD to share it:

Gah, I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the song! And let me know if Tuneage Tuesday is something I should continue. Your feedback is, as always, much appreciated.

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You should definitely keep up with Tuneage Tuesday because this song is awesome and the stop action video was great!! Can’t wait till next week.

Comment by MsHarmony

Yay, a comment! I was starting to grow worried nobody had anything to say, ha. Thanks for letting me know hun!

Comment by amindinmotown

And thanks to you, I’ve discovered an entirely new band to check out.

My iPod playlists are just hilarious.

Comment by Kendall

What kind of good stuff do you have hanging out in your music collection? Do share!

Comment by amindinmotown

Wow I’ve never heard of them and love this song! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

Comment by Jessica

So glad you like it. I figured people might. It’s funky and definitely different.

Comment by amindinmotown

i had something like this on my blog before i took a long, unexpected break, called Tuesday Tunage, haha. i would post a few songs i was listening to that week and try to find youtube vids to put with them. it’s a great feature to have and i’m looking forward to restarting it.

Comment by Lys

I figured I wasn’t the person who started this trend. I’ll have to check yours out. Thanks for letting me know!

Comment by amindinmotown

HA! I don’t know why I love that stop action video as much as I do but I DO.

and yay for the new feature!

Comment by thatShortChick

Glad you like it!

Comment by amindinmotown

I have no idea how to describe that song, but I do like that it is such a unique sound.
The band name sounds like Japanese food. And now I’m hungry.

Comment by Andy

For the longest time, I assumed they were a Japanese group … then I realized they weren’t at all whatsoever. I felt pretty damn dumb.

Comment by amindinmotown

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