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Baby Jaidyn!
November 24, 2009, 12:54 pm
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As I drove to Pennsylvania on Nov. 12, my yellow Cavalier simply couldn’t get me to Scranton fast enough to meet my nephew. Keeping the car at a consistent 75 mph, my typically-nine hour drive turned into almost 11 due to two car crashes I encountered. It was almost 11 p.m. when I finally arrived at my childhood home and, for the very first time, saw my brother’s son.

He was in his bouncer, happily asleep, with my brother and his girlfriend’s dog, Abby, standing guard in front. Without even attempting to unload my car of suitcases, I plopped down next to Jaidyn and watched as he soundly slept. Sophie was curious and sniffed around the baby. I feared she’d think him a toy and attempt to play, but my assumptions were wrong and she went about her business of rough-housing with Abby.

It wasn’t until an hour later that I pushed my slight nervousness aside and held my nephew*. I don’t think I went more than a couple hours at a time without holding him ’til I departed early Sunday afternoon. Having him nestled in my arms was a feeling like no other. Complete comfort, yet protection. A warmth (and not just because of a smelly diaper) and love entirely unique. Seeing his tiny hand curl around my finger or watching a slight smile come across his face brought me a joy like nothing I’ve ever felt.

And though it’ll be January (I assume) before I see that little guy again – with a face that will no doubt change a million times over the next couple months – I’m already ready to pack up my car and drive north.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend** that I just had to share with everyone. Clearly I’m a very proud Aunt Mindy.

Holding Jaidyn for the first time! (Cut me some slack on how awful I look. I did just finish an 11-hour drive.)

I liked the little bizarre faces he'd make.

Jaidyn and his Great-Grandma! (That's my grandma, my mom's mom.)

Seriously, I wouldn't put him down. (Gah, no makeup. Look away. Look away!)

He's too cute. For real.

Such a grumpy, confused face. My favorite picture!

Cutest baby ever. That's right. I said it.

* I dropped a baby once, so I tend to hesitate.
** I seriously snapped about 200 of the kids, so I just chose a handful of my favorites.

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ohmygod he’s so mad!

He gets that way, ha. At least I didn’t include the one of him crying up a storm!

Comment by Ben

you are one proud aunt!

That I am.

Comment by phampants

I love the grumpy face!

I have a Facebook photo album, full of pictures of my nephew. And it’s never far from my hands when I’m around him. It’s so fun to be an aunt! I remember when my nephew was born and he was just so new and so cute.

Your nephew is adorable and I’m so happy you got to drive down and meet him!

Thank you. It seems we’re an awful lot alike! Maybe it’s the journalist thing in us, ha. I always carry my camera just in case something worthwhile comes along that I absolutely have to snap a photo of. And this little guy made that so easy! I wanna see your nephew! Pictures? Where can I find ’em? Ha.

Comment by Stephany

Awww…he’s adorable. Congrats! I like his name too!

Thank you hun. The name is definitely growing on me. That spelling just drives me nuts, ha.

Comment by Akirah

Aww, precious! Congratulations, Aunt Mindy!

Thank you. Now if only I had your photography skills to have taken better pictures of him!

Comment by E.P.

He has the same name (even spelling) as my cousin. He is an adorable little thing.

Reading this makes me ready to drive up to Boston this Christmas to see the twins.

Same spelling? Really? Is your cousin a boy or girl?

Comment by Kendall

aw the grumpy face! you look so happy, congrats again!

I was immensely ecstatic. I wish it was better conveyed in the pictures, but holding him made me happy as a clam.

Comment by thatShortChick

HA, he is really cute. Kid will be a stud when he grows up.

We can only hope. =P

Comment by Matt

OMG the eyes, the mouth, the cheeks, what a precious baby!:) I love the smell of little babies! He must smell so nice like soap and something else only babies have 🙂

Hahaha. He smells like a baby. I’ve never really thought much about what that smell really was.

Comment by andhari

So cute! I love how proud of an aunt you are. Great pictures!!

I am quite proud, and I just saw new pictures of him. It’s unbelievable how much he’s changed in the two weeks. Crazy!

Comment by Jessica

Aw baby! When the kids I nanny were that little, I could just spend hours cuddling them. So soft and the baby smell. omg I love it.

It must be so fun to nanny. I mean, stressful, I’m sure, but tons of fun, too.

Comment by Jamie


The grumpy face is by FAR the best. 😉

Isn’t it?! Ha. I hope he keeps making that face as he grows up.

Comment by LiLu

i love babies! he’s adorable!

Thank you!! =)

Comment by Felicia

Yay! Congrats. Also, sorry I am saying this so late!

Thanks, and absolutely no worries. I’m unbelievably behind my reader!

Comment by Ashley

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