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Team Jacob.

On Thursday, at midnight, I did it. I stood in line with hundreds – seven theaters worth, so that’s my assumption – of teenage girls, book-loving adults, whipped boyfriends and a few others to see New Moon.

And I loved it! Maybe it’s because I started the evening with some SoCo and Yuengling, but the book portrayal was pretty close and Taylor Lautner truly embodied the character of Jacob Black to a tee … and we remember how I feel about Jake, right?

Like many others who saw the first saga film, Twilight, my expectations for #2 were rather low. But with a new director on board – and previews that seemed a bit more promising – my anticipation got the best of me and I bought my ticket a few days in advance. And to say I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome on the screen would certainly be an understatement. Though when you’re expecting subpar, I suppose it’s rather simple to go above and beyond.

Although there were some obvious flaws – including the rather-forced Volturi/Italy scenes, (though it was that way in the book as well, but moreso in the movie) and the slight differences between the book and film (I get it, time constraints, but the movie should always stay as close as possibly to the book context) – I think New Moon was summed up pretty well on the big screen.

….. My rating? 3.7/5 …..

With that said, seeing this movie at midnight (despite the liquid courage) made me more certain than ever that I loathe teenage girls. I’m clearly beyond that point in my life – thank God! – and highly annoyed by masses of them surrounding me at once. I easily could have done without the Ooooing and Ahhhing whenever anything remotely male or sexual occurred. But I knew what I was getting myself into and I’m still fairly glad I took the first opportunity possible to see the latest Twilight installment.

I’ll probably go see Eclipse at midnight, too. I’m super awesome like that. Now, how many months do we have left…? June 30, 2010 cannot come soon enough. I’m already jonesing a Jacob-fix!

P.S. I’ve always been this big of a dork. This is just more proof of that.

I love this tee-shirt!

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I went Thursday night too for New Moon and had an awesome time. Eclipse’s midnight showing is already on the calendar. Um I’m also Team Jacob, we’re meant to be besties. That shirt seriously CRACKED ME UP. OMG.

Despite not really wanting to wear a “Team Jacob” shirt, I’d totally rock that one. Now if only I can find it somewhere….

Comment by Jessica

This pictures sums it up for me: http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/issue552.jpg

Ha. I saw that yesterday. It’s a good summation. But I’m also meh about Edward, so I like it.

Comment by phampants

Omg where can I get the shirt? Jacob made me drooool. :p

Once I figure out where, I’ll let you know!

Comment by andhari

i thought inappropriate things about jacob throughout that entire movie. i mean he’s a MINOR and i’m almost 30. gross.

Eh, not much worse than my 24-year-old self thinking the same things… =P

Comment by alexa - cleveland's a plum

Ahh, I am so excited for Eclipse. It was my favorite book. I’ve been kind of over the whole series since reading Breaking Dawn (I hated it that much), but seeing New Moon makes me want to pick up the books again.

I was and still am torn between New Moon and Eclipse as my favorite, but Breaking Dawn was definitely a train wreck. I honestly believe they would do just fine leaving the movies to three and not even attempting that final book.

Comment by Ashley

I would like for Jacob to fuck me like an animal.

Best. Comment. Ever. (And ditto.)

Comment by Ben

LOVE the t-shirt!

Turns out it was a picture someone snapped of a girl at the Breaking Dawn book release. Which means I have no idea where I can get one! =(

Comment by Jenn

That t-shirt is hilarious. I’m a Team Jacob gal myself.

Yay, more Team Jacob. I love hearing that others pick him over Edward, too.

Comment by Kimwithak

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