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He’s heeeeeeere!
November 11, 2009, 4:08 pm
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One week ago today, at 5:08 p.m., an adorable little boy was born in Scranton, Pa. that I am more than proud to call my nephew.


First picture!

At 8 lbs., 3 oz. and 21 inches long, Jaidyn Christopher was welcomed into the world by my brother and his girlfriend. And come tomorrow, after a nine-hour drive to Scranton, I’ll finally get to meet the little guy who made me an aunt!

Expect plenty of pictures once I return (on Sunday, so early next week they’ll be posted) because I couldn’t be more excited to have this baby boy in my life. Yay, I’m an aunt! …Aunt Mindy. It has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say?

He’s only one week old and yet I have so many hopes for his life. Sure, there’s the general ones – love, happiness, strength, courage, etc. But I truly hope that 18 years from now when he embarks upon the world on his own there will be doors open to him that many of us can’t even imagine right now. My dream is that he takes advantage of every opportunity before him no matter how big or how small. That he grows up to be an amazing man some day who can do anything he wants despite any obstacles that could stand in his way. I want so much for Jaidyn and he’s barely seven days old…

I also look at my nephew and cross my fingers that these two parents he’s been blessed with are everything he deserves. Too many kids are shortchanged in life these days with one, or sadly both, parents who simply don’t care and aren’t living up to their obligations as parents. While I of course hope my brother’s girlfriend is an amazing mother, I more so want my brother to be the kind of father I genuinely wish he and I had. This little guy deserves that and I sincerely pray that my 22-year-old brother can fulfill every hope I hold for him as a dad. I believe he can. I really do. And as his one and only big sister – and Jaidyn’s aunt and godmother – I’ll make sure to keep my brother on that path toward being an outstanding father.

Less than 24 hours from now, I’ll be on the highway, headed north to meet a baby boy who won’t have any clue who I am, and that doesn’t bother me in the least bit. To have him in my arms for just one moment, one brief second, will seriously make me the happiest girl in the entire world tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait!

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aweeee whata cute lil babyY!!!!!!!

Isn’t he!? Hehe.

Comment by novelista barista

🙂 congratulations!!!

Thanks girl!

Comment by pinkjellybaby

Aww YAY! You are going to be a great Aunt. And I’m sure your brother will be a great father. I hope you have a safe and fun trip to Scranton.

Thank you, and I really hope you’re right about him being a great father. I really, really do.

Comment by Sarah Nicole

yes, ‘Auntie Mindy’ has a very nice ring to it! congrats!!!

It certainly does, and thank you!

Comment by thatShortChick

Aww. He’s adorable. Congrats, friend

Thank you muchly, and I cannot wait to see how much cuter he is in person.

Comment by Akirah

What a great name and picture! Congrats!!!

It is an awesome name, but so many kids seem to have it. Oh well. I love the little guy anyway, ha.

Comment by Jessica

Can you believe we used to be this small? Insanity.

It is. Can you believe we used to be that calm, that innocent, that (insert a bazillion words here)? Ha. How things change…

Comment by nicoleantoinette

Congratulations Aunt Mindy!! He’s adorable!

Thank you! He’s adorable ’cause he looks like me… Lol.

Comment by Marie

Congrats Auntie. Isn’t it exciting to meet babies for the first time?

It was THE best!

Comment by Kimwithak

Congrats on being promoted to aunt. However, little man looks pissed to be here!

Certainly not the best first photo of his life, that’s for sure, ha.

Comment by Jay

Aww, how cute! Congratulations! I hope y’all had a fantastic weekend!

It really was. He was so worth the long drive.

Comment by E.P.

Aw, congrats! My brother became a father at 22 and when his girlfriend was pregnant, he was already telling us all about how different he was going to be from our father. And he’s really proven that, just 14 months into fatherhood.

Due to the fact that my brother spends his days off with his son and does family events all the time, I think he’s going in the right direction. And he is so against being like my father that I just know he’s going to be different.

And being an aunt is the most fun job in the world! Lots of benefits, none of the responsibility!

Wow, your life seems so much like mine it’s somewhat scary! Ha. My brother is 22… Hearing that your brother is different makes me very hopeful. Little guy is only 12 days old and my brother’s already talking about him racing BMX, ha. It’s kind of cute.

Comment by Stephany

Congrats on being an auntie! I look forward to that day.

I never expected that day to come so soon for me, but I couldn’t be happier!

Comment by Ronnica

Jaidyns a nice name.

That it is… Not a great spelling, but I can overlook it.

Comment by Matt

oh and of course congrats!

Ha, and thanks.

Comment by Matt

How exciting! Congratulations!

So very exciting, for sure. Thank you!

Comment by Justin (Oats)

Aw. He’s gorgeous.

It’s so amazing how you can love someone before you’ve ever met them. He’s a lucky little fella to have an aunt who is already so invested in his future.


I think I loved that little guy the second I knew he would be arriving. And you’re right, so amazing and yet bizarre (a bit) to love someone you don’t even know! Now that I’ve held him in my arms though, I love him that much more.

Comment by Sarah

darling addition to the family!

Thank you. Now I just need to put the rest of the photos up!

Comment by floreta

Adorable! Love the squishy baby face he’s making.

And thanks for your comment at LiLu’s site. Those girls WERE bitches, weren’t they? 😉

That baby seriously makes the craziest faces! I have more photos to publish and once I do, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Comment by Suburban Sweetheart

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