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October 21, 2009, 4:17 pm
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I hadn’t planned to post more poetry so soon, but by coincidence this morning, I picked up a notebook to use for an assignment and a piece I wrote in 2004 was on the first page.

More than five years later and I still love the words I wrote.

The cracked mirror
Constantly reflecting
Each unsatisfying inadequacy
Of every shattered soul.
They stare,
Hoping the image before them
Is somehow jaded
By their own insecurities.
They wish that the true reflection
Could be one of within,
One of beauty
And untainted glory.
But with each glance
At that fragile glass
Confidence is lost
And inner beauty is forgotten
As one of perfect imperfections
Stands before the mirror.


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I love this! So honest and beautifully phrased. I’m sure every girl has felt like this at least once.

Which is exactly why I likely wrote it.

Comment by Andhari

I really like this. It’s so….raw and honest.

You think? Thank you so much for saying that!

Comment by Kimwithak

Your words are perfectly put together. Lovely poem!

Thanks hun!! =)

Comment by Marie

Love it. definitely post more! It’s always nice to read a little poetry at night 🙂

It really is. I have a book of poems – in English and French – that I adore and keep on my nightstand.

Comment by Jessica

So awesome!!!! 🙂


Comment by Felicia

I love how honest this is! You are so talented.

Why thank you. That’s really sweet of you to say.

Comment by Melissa


Thanks darlin’!

Comment by pinkjellybaby

Beautiful poem.

I love when we get a little surprise from the past like opening an old notebook and finding an old poem. Love it.

Me too. It’s even better to look back on something old and still feel proud of it.

Comment by E.P.

“More than five years later…”

That is the true test… and I can see why. 😉

Haha, um, thanks?

Comment by LiLu

i love this one 🙂
hehe and i’m pretty sure i’ve used that line “perfect imperfections” before too

Thank you, and it’s a great line to use. So truthful. I’ve always believed someone is perfect because of their imperfections.

Comment by floreta

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