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Feeling a bit poetic.
October 20, 2009, 6:48 pm
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Sorry for the assumption, but I’m sure few of you have the same love for poetry as I do, especially when it comes to writing it.

Back in March, I shared a piece of mine – my first in a VERY long time – on my blog and I just now realized it’s been several months since doing so. I figured it was time to change that.

Turn back the clock
A whole three years.
Take away my doubt,
Take away my fears.

Kiss me again
Near the park slide.
Believe it when I say
From your love, I won’t hide.

Tell me why this matters.
Explain why you care.
Fight for this spark;
Fight, if you dare.

It won’t end the same.
I promise that’s true.
If you just believe,
I’ll believe in you.

I won’t turn my back.
I won’t say goodbye.
It’ll be smiles and kisses
With no need to cry.

Three measely years.
That is all I ask.
Just pretend that it’s then.
It’s an easy task.

I love you the same,
From my head to my toes.
If you just believe in this,
Then anything goes.

I’d turn back time.
In a heartbeat, I would.
You and I would be different,
If only I could.

But the years have passed,
And our lives aren’t the same.
I know little about you
Past your beautiful name.

More than many miles
Separate us now.
We’ve drifted apart,
Although I don’t know how.

But I see you again
For just a moment or two,
And my heart starts to flutter
At the thought of you.

Those feelings, they linger
For both you and me.
Don’t try to deny it.
It’s so plain to see.

But our worlds have changed
And we cannot go back.
It’s time to move forward,
Forget what we lack.

We could’ve been something.
We could’ve been great.
But it looks as though
That wasn’t our fate.

If I see you again
Three years from today.
There’s three little words
I won’t hesitate to say.

But onward we go.
Time to move on.
Our time has passed.
All but our love is now gone.

So I say my goodbye.
I bid you farewell.
I know that it’s time.
I can no longer dwell.

I’ll love you forever.
Of this, there’s no doubt.
But this spark of ours,
It needs to go out.

My poetry typically doesn’t rhyme. For some reason when I wrote this, I decided that was the way to go. I’m kind of “meh” about that decision, but it’s a bit late now. Let me know what you think!

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Yes! More poetry! More fiction! More outside the box!

Break the mold, baby!

Loved it.

Hahaha, I’ll work on the “more” part, I swear!

Comment by Ben

Very lovely poem. I love it! Can we see more?

Sure. Hopefully soon, too.

Comment by Jessica

Nicely done. And yay! for more people posting poetry.

Thank you, and I agree. Hopefully I will do so more. And yay! that you post poetry, too.

Comment by Peter DeWolf

I like it. And I like rhyming poetry. Reminds me of Shel Silverstein. Not your poem, just rhyming in general. I hope you post more poems every so often!

Shel Silverstein is great. I think so many poets can accomplish rhyming poetry with ease. For me, it sometimes feels more contrived and less real, which is why so many of my pieces don’t rhyme. But occasionally one comes along, like this one, that could only come out of me rhyming. It’s sort of strange really that it happened that way. And thanks for the comments. I think I’ll be trying to post more.

Comment by Akirah

This is really beautiful. there a couple of verses (or aren’t they called stanzas in poetry?) that really struck a nerve with me (in a good way).

As long as it’s in a good way, hehe.

Comment by thatShortChick

This is wonderful. You should post more poems. I enjoy reading poetry but have never been one to write it. Every time I try it’s no good. You are very talented. And thanks for all your sweet comments earlier this week. (I’ve been a bit behind on my reader as well.)

Thank you so very much hun. I do love poetry, but it seems to be written less and less by me as I get older. When I was young, I’d fill notebooks with poems (none too great though, ha). Maybe you just think yours is no good, but others would appreciate it. You should try it out some time on your blog.

Comment by Sarah Nicole

What’s so funny is I can relate… years ago, I was head over heels in love with a man who is now having a child with someone else. I always wonder if we could turn back time *cue cher* what changes we would make..

Oh man, that has to be so tough!! It’s tough to ask yourself “what if” with some things, but at the same time, it’s also nearly impossible not to wonder how different life could have been.

Comment by Felicia

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