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Ripped from the Headlines: Vol. 4
October 7, 2009, 11:28 am
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If you’re new to my piece of the blogosphere, I’m obsessed with news. I live it, breathe it, and well, exist because of it. And it’s been a few months since I’ve delved into any of the news making waves. So let’s take a closer look at some of the headlines today, shall we?

Edgar Allan Poe finally getting proper funeral

For Edgar Allan Poe, 2009 has been a better year than 1849. After dozens of events in several cities to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth, he’s about to get the grand funeral that a writer of his stature should have received when he died.

One hundred sixty years ago, the beleaguered, impoverished Poe was found, delirious and in distress outside a Baltimore tavern. He was never coherent enough to explain what had befallen him since leaving Richmond, Va., a week earlier. He spent four days in a hospital before he died at age 40.

Poe’s cousin, Neilson Poe, never announced his death publicly. Fewer than 10 people attended the hasty funeral for one of the 19th century’s greatest writers. And the injustices piled on. Poe’s tombstone was destroyed before it could be installed, when a train derailed and crashed into a stonecutter’s yard. Rufus Griswold, a Poe enemy, published a libelous obituary that damaged Poe’s reputation for decades.

This snipit of the article really doesn’t cover the part that I find somewhat bizarre about this story. As they mark 160 years since Poe’s death and give him that proper farewell – which he clearly deserves – they’ll be utilizing a “lifelike” mock corpse for the funeral. I mean, I think it’s great that they won’t be exuming the meager remains of the deceased poet, but perhaps utilizing a fake Poe is a bit much. Don’t you agree?

AP: Anna Nicole Smith investigated in murder plot

The FBI investigated whether Anna Nicole Smith was part of a plot to kill her tycoon husband’s son, whom she was battling for his late dad’s fortune, but prosecutors ultimately decided there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the Playboy Playmate who died in 2007 from a drug overdose, newly released files show.

The woman has been dead for two years. TWO YEARS! Yet she’s still making headlines, and for an investigation that took place nearly a decade ago. I understand that this would have been newsworthy back in 2000 and 2001 when the FBI conducted their investigations. But in 2009? Regarding not only a deceased husband, but his dead widow and dead son? News is meant to be timely and related to significant things occuring this moment. This article simply does not fit the bill. I’m shocked the Associated Press even considered writing and publishing such a piece.

School asks pupils to bring own toilet roll

Irish parents struggling to buy schoolbooks and uniforms in the face of a deep recession may now have to worry about sending their children to school with a toilet roll as well as a packed lunch.

Times must be financially tough if schools can no longer supply TP. And this isn’t even in the United States, where we’re struggling against an economic downfall. This article is based in Dublin, but more specifically, Cork in southern Ireland.

Plastics Chemical Ties to Aggression in Young Girls

In the latest study to suggest an association between the plastics chemical bisphenol A (BPA) and adverse effects on humans, researchers report that BPA may affect the behavior of little girls.

Girls exposed to higher levels of BPA displayed more “externalizing” behaviors, such as aggression and hyperactivity, according to the study, which is published in the Oct. 6 online edition of Environmental Health Perspectives.

For real? Is it just me or do researchers consistently look for someone or something to blame for anything and everything that a person does? “Oh, your baby died in its sleep. That’s because you let him sleep on his back.” Does your child have ADD? If so, it’s probably because you consumed too much caffeine when pregnant (I’m just making shit up, by the way). Ridiculous results often appear causing those worry-warts out there to critique and question every action they make. First milk is good for you. Then it’s bad for you. Red wine causes health problems; maybe it aids heart health. I realize a great deal of money and time go into these surveys/testings, but the answers always seem to contradict something else. At one point do we throw our hands up and finally give in that maybe, just maybe, not every little thing in this world can truly be explained?

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But the whole point of science is to explain the previously unexplainable. So you live for news, I live for explaining the unexplainable. Well okay I work in the field of soft sciences but still. It gives people purpose.

I have never been a science person, but I get that that is the point of it all. However, things are always contradictory to what was learned beforehand. If someone says “this is the definite catalyst” and then its disproved years later, what’s to say the new theory is the correct one? I suppose that’s why everything is really a theory and not a fact.

Comment by Janalee

You know who really needs a “proper funeral?” Mozart. Fucking Mozart. If you’ve seen “Amadeus” then you know what I mean.

If you haven’t… then…. why the fuck haven’t you seen “Amadeus?” You’re blogging too much. Go get that movie from your local pornolibrarian.

Hahahaha. I suppose I’m blogging too much, as I’ve never seen “Amadeus.”

Comment by Mr. Apron

the anna nicole smith story, really?! I shake my head (and fist) at the AP.

I don’t even know what they were thinking writing this so late.

Comment by thatShortChick

The fact that kids have to bring their own TP to school is just so sad I can’t even comprehend it.

It’s kind of sad, really. How bad can their economic situation be if they have to ask students to do this?

Comment by Kimwithak

Seriously, their own toilet papers? Urgh, sad sad times in the world these days.

That’s for sure.

Comment by andhari

ummmm…wow…@ the TP. sheesh!!! Parents with boys are like..no worries, shake it off…hehe

Hahahaha. Psh, that’s what I’d be saying (if I thought of it, which I totally didn’t).

Comment by Felicia

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