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This relationship may have to end.
September 15, 2009, 6:22 pm
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Warning: If you don’t care about “One Tree Hill” or you have yet to watch the season seven premiere, leave now. This post will not interest you whatsoever. But, as a fan, it had to be written. You have been appropriately warned. Read on at your own risk.

Six years ago, the former Warner Bros. TV-station and I formed a strong bond thanks to “One Tree Hill.” With that series premiere, I was quickly engulfed in the lives of the Scott brothers – Nathan and Lucas – as well as the ever-changing love triangles that often arose. It didn’t take long before my ass was firmly planted in front of the television for one hour each week as a new episode aired. And that tradition has continued on, throughout all four of my college years even, ’til this moment.tumblr_kpzy5ixUfQ1qzzbp2o1_400

Today, less than 24 hours after the season seven premiere, I’m feeling a strong disconnect from the love I once possessed for this teenage-esque drama.

Not only have my two favorite characters seemingly disappeared with little to no explanation – au revoir Peyton et Lucas* – but a few new faces have taken their places, also without adequate reasoning thus far. This disappoints me to the core. Likewise, the season has progressed 14 months ahead into the future – after a four year jump heading into season five – and much has changed in the mean time aside from the character lineup. I’m simply hoping the next several episodes will swiftly bring us loyal followers up to speed.

And need I mention the lackluster premiere as a whole? I hate to say this, especially as a six-year fan, but ::yawwwwwn:: I truly expected much more. These writers – if they are the same, as I assume – set the bar pretty damn high with some of the seasons past, and the onset of number seven has clearly not risen to the same heights yet. I see a long way to go before they even come close.

Sadly, before this premiere, I foresaw a very brief future for my favorite television show. Not only was its time slot (here on the East Coast) changed, nudged back an hour to 8 p.m., but two of its original and most popular actors reported their departure months ago, prior to the last season’s finale. I saw the demise coming, but fervently hoped the powers-that-be behind One Tree Hill – or 1th, as I affectionately call it – would step up their game and prove me wrong. I unfortunately have a strong feeling that they simply won’t be able to and this season may be the last for my beloved Monday-night venture.

— As a side note, my best friend ironically just texted me (she must be watching last night’s premiere now) with, “This is crap beyond crap.” She is also a loyal viewer and another left disappointed. —

So what did the rest of you 1th fans – you must be if you kept reading to this point – think of last night’s premiere? Did it meet your expectations? Or did it fall quite a bit short, as it did for myself? What kind of future do you predict for the now-CW show? How do you feel about the complete and utter removal of Lucas and Peyton**? Let me know. I’m dying to find out the reaction of others.

* I was trying to keep the post both broad and somewhat vague, rather than specific, but I have to mention this one key point (which I thought about after reading my post in its entirety): Can a show that was created surrounding the relationship of two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, exist on the same premises if one of those brothers departs? Perhaps. But as someone who has regularly and repeatedly watched every episode, that brotherly bond, or lack thereof in the early seasons, remained a key factor in the show. Now that it’s gone, can One Tree Hill truly be the same? I’m sorry, but I think not.
** Another note, after the fact of writing, but the relationship between Lucas and Peyton and its formation has always been central to the plot of the show as a whole. Whether it was a love triangle between Peyton, Lucas and Brooke or simply the discovery of feelings for one another – or hell, the several times Lucas saved Peyton from disaster, such as the school shooting – that blossoming love was a vital element. Now it seems that they are trying to push viewers onto a new love between Brooke and Julian. I, for one, am resistant to this change and don’t think the same kind of dazzle will happen with “Brulian” or “Jooke” (who knows what it is) as did with “Leyton.”


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I think the show has been good at keeping it fresh but yeah this year is definitely the biggest departure.

They have done well in the past at making sure new plotlines were always emerging. But at least the central pieces were still there. Now? Not so much.

Comment by Jessica

I’ve never watched the show. I was a Dawson’s Creek girl. But, I have heard from a few of my friends how terrible it’s started out. I feel that way about 90210. I mean, the original was fantastic. The new one not so much. Oh & don’t even get me started on Melrose Place. Gah! 🙂

I didn’t watch the new Melrose Place, but I’ve seen the “new” 90210 and it’s blah, to say the least. The original was SO much better. I can’t believe anyone actually thought, even a little, that it’d compare.

P.S. I totally watched Dawson’s Creek, too. I guess those kinds of shows just draw me in.

Comment by Melissa

Dude, it was SUCH a letdown. They’d have been better killing off Petyon and having Lucas leave b/c of grief. Why would 2 characters who obsessively loved every single blade of grass in town leave to raise their child? PLOT HOLE CW!!!! Oh well, if they don’t shape up, I’ll have to pretend that last season’s finale was the series finale. B/c a weird voiced Brooke (she talked so haltingly the whole episode) and a cheating Nathan (you really cheated after all the other crap you’ve pulled?) is not what I signed on for.

I was expecting Peyton to die and Lucas to leave – go live with his mother, perhaps – to raise the baby. No doubt in my mind that was happening, and instead, they’re just gone. Poof. Vanish. LAME.

This season does not hold any promise like the ones before it. You’re so right about Nathan. Why would he cheat? I mean, I clearly expect this woman to just be attempting extortion, but come on. Not a great plot device, which any of us can see. They would have been much better killing Peyton last year and ending the show there than this crap they seem to be airing.

Comment by stealthnerd

I was incredibly disappointed with this premiere. I felt lost when they brought in the new characters. The only thing keeping me interested is that Julian came back.

He is pretty damn decent to look at … at the very least.

Comment by Jenn

I watched one tree hill all the way into the beginning of fourth season, I don’t know why I stopped but when I found out how many seasons it had now i mean like wow. Many good shows turn so bad in the end just because they force it. Look at That 70s Show. They should quit it when it’s still good.

Agreed. People should leave on the top rather than pushing and pushing just for a few extra bucks each year, ruining the show in the end. I’d prefer they end on a high note, for sure. But with 1th anyway, it seems a bit late for that perhaps.

Comment by andhari

I’m so glad that you wrote this post because I had a suspicion that this season would be a dud. I only recently finished watching the last season and, as soon as I saw the finale, I wikipedia’d the show and discovered that Lucas and Peyton would be no more. For a long time, they were the only reason I really watched it. What a let down. However, as Jenn said, Julian *may* be worth it. And, despite your bit of disappointment with the premier, I’m considering giving it a chance…mostly to see him and Brooke. 😉 I’ll let you know what I think if I do watch it.

I’m still going to watch. I mean, after six years, how can I not? I just don’t want to be overly let down, which is what I’m sadly expecting. Julian is a nice bonus. He’s definitely a sexy man. But I’ve never much loved the character of Brooke so putting all the focus on her isn’t my ideal. Also, everyone is successful. They’ve all followed their dreams and found success. To me, that isn’t exactly realistic, which is making 1th a bit far-fetched.

Comment by Tristan || the almost right word

lol @ the disclaimer…

Ha, I figured it was necessary.

Comment by Felicia

Ok. I gave in and watched the first episode (a little late, I know). Definite disappointment, but what is to be expected after losing Peyton & Lucas (where did they really go, anyway)? I’m still with you…not quite ready to give up on it. Does this make us suckers?? Cause, and don’t tell me what happens, but the ending of the first episode was terrible!! Does it get any better? At least give me that!

I would tell you more if I could. I watched the second episode, and it was decent, but nothing great. Haven’t watched the third or fourth (which was last night) yet though, so I really have no idea… But you can’t start a season on a weak note. What’s to keep people watching when you do that?

Comment by Tristan || the almost right word

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