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I tried … and failed.

The warning was very clear: Keep blogging and I’ll be forced to hit the little “mark all as read” button that often taunts me and my overwhelming Google Reader.

I wanted to avoid that option. Truly, I did. But with my Reader over 500 posts*, knowing that so many new posts would keep that number from drastically decreasing, I had to give in the temptation. And with one click of my mouse, the Reader was empty.

I thought I’d be relieved, even excited that I could freshly start this week without those blog postings looming over my head, remaining unread. But instead I’m left with a slight remorse for all I’ve missed in the blogosphere by ignoring each and every written word between last Wednesday and today from so many fabulous bloggers. I’m a bit saddened that I took the easy way out, succumbing to the knowledge that I’d never forge my way through those posts rather than taking on the challenge.

Sure, I made a brief attempt to read through a few blogs, but guilt swiftly overcame me as I skipped one blogger for another. I honestly felt a bit remorseful picking and choosing among the many amazing people whose blogs I’ve subscribed to. It was that feeling which forced me into my decision.

Am I the only one who has noticed this guilt-ridden feeling when surrendering to the “mark all as read”? Am I completely alone here in my meager regret? Perhaps I’m just that kind of gal who hates missing out on anything, who loathes falling behind. It’s sadly both possible and plausible that I’m the sole individual to give in to that button’s tempting ways and feel genuinely a bit sorry as a result.

Does this mean I may never again mark each and every posting as “read”? Not at all. I have done so before, and I’ll likely do so again – down the road, of course. But I have to at least hope I’m not left with this guilt after doing so.

If I’ve overlooked something absolutely worthwhile on your blog recently, now is the time to let me know. Delving into the archives is a rarity for myself, so your post faces never being read if you don’t flag it for me.

And if ever you need a guilt-free pass when marking my humble blog as read, consider this my approval. I wouldn’t want anyone ever feeling remorse for overlooking my words when an overwhelming Reader emerges.

* To some of you, 500 might not be that many. However, this was after I skimmed through “Awkward Family Photos” and marked several other threads as read, as well as any shared postings. This number was solely individual blogger-generated posts. Eep! Way to many for me to adequately peruse before the weekend when I go “computer free” yet again (I do that every weekend).

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Sometimes I will just skim through my reader, so I don’t feel like I’m missing everything. I actually feel most guilty when I continue to blog and accept comments without reciprocating. But, blogging is a never ending thing for most of us, so you’ve got plenty of opportunities to redeem yourself or mark all as read again.

I feel horribly guilty when my Reader is full and I blog, so I get what you mean. With an empty reader at the moment, I should keep up well this week (::knock on wood::). Maybe then I can redeem myself, ha.

Comment by Ashley

Of course it’s natural to feel some guilt because all of are so damn attached to our social networks and truly care about the goings on in everyone’s lives…but it gets to be a bit much at times.

Marking all as read is very free-ing and sometimes just necessary for a healthy state of mind. I say, do what you need to do!

I hope you were able to enjoy your vacy although the weather was a tad sub-par!

Sub-par is right. Thursday was a rainy mess, but I stood outside anyway, snapping photos. Turned out quite a few amazing ones though.

I have a tendency to leave my computer completely behind when I’m not at work, so sometimes I simply cannot catch up on blogs. And it gets to be pretty stressful at times trying to catch up on that reader.

Comment by thatShortChick

Don’t feel bad…its tough…


I’ll try not to.

Comment by Felicia

I didn’t write anything all too inspiring, don’t worry. (Don’t you like how I automatically assume I’m on your Reader?)

I haven’t ever gone away for a long time since I’ve built up my blogging network. I still don’t have too many and get antsy when I have more than 10 blogs to read. I couldn’t imagine having 500! Geesh. I would expect you to “Mark All As Read” anyway! 🙂

When my reader was smaller, a dozen posts overwhelmed me. Now, 100 is no big deal. But 500? Was simply not going to happen, ha.

Comment by Stephany

I’ve had to “mark all as read” only twice and I felt guilty but not when I realized it would take hours to catch up.

I probably would have needed days to finish all 500 posts, especially considering new ones would continually crop up as well. I just don’t have that kind of time between two jobs and a life, ya know? =/

Comment by Jessica

Sometimes it can get too overwhelming when you’re too busy to read for a few days. Better mark all as read and start fresh rather than keep them piling up and make us lazier even more. The guilt is normal, I would feel it too.

I wish I could read blogs via my phone, as you do. That would make my life so much easier, but unfortunately I can’t access Google Reader on my cell.

Comment by Andhari

I’ve been there. My reader has hit 1,000 before. Last week I went through it and deleted more than half of the blogs I followed. Those were the ones that I typically skipped over. It’s so much easier to get through my reader now.

I actually regularly read all of the ones on my reader, which is maybe why I felt so sad. I mean, I skip through the food-blogs, only looking for great recipes… 1,000 though. Wow. I could never get through that.

Comment by Jenn

I also do feel bad sometimes when I choose to read certain blogs over other. But then I remind myself that those I do truly like, I will always make time to read them.

Way to make me feel even worse! Ha.

Comment by phampants

well for the record, you’re one of the blogs that i always make time for and make sure i read. =)

Awwwwww. That was sweet of you. If it helps, I checked to see if you had any Europe-related posts I missed by marking all as read. I haven’t had much chance to read yet today.

Comment by phampants

Sometimes you just have to skip through and read the people you connect the most with, friends, and then after that the more obscure blogs, and after that the commercial blogs that pump out 2-3 a day… I don’t feel bad if I don’t read every bit of every blog. If it’s a good blogger, they’ll write again.

I’ve hit the Mark All as Read button once, but like Awesome Face said above, was before I got rid of a LOT of blogs that simply weren’t interesting.

My reader is typically pretty full every Monday, considering I don’t touch a computer throughout the weekend. I’ll peruse through them all gradually, moving from those who have only posted once over the weekend. It’s easy to skim through the feeds, primarily food or photo blogs, as well as shared items. But I tend to save the blogs I’d like to spend more time with – those who I love and adore or those that I want to read closely, or even just people who posted A LOT over those couple days – ’til last so I can take my time with them.

I guess it all varies though.

Comment by Justin (Oats)

Don’t feel bad! Life happens!

That it does.

Comment by Melissa

You;re not alone! I’ve done it too, and before I reached anywhere near 500!! Lol. It can get overwhelming. But I do feel like I may have missed something. If I don’t want to feel like that, I just scroll through the reader quickly trying to skim, and let the numbers go down just because I’ve passed the post.

I’ve so done that before! (Before hitting 500.) I’ll try to skim more often when the numbers become too much to deal with. Maybe then I won’t have that same guilt.

Comment by Gen

Make sure you don’t skip http://peopleofwalmart.com, either. PRICELESS.

Whoa, never saw that one before. Will definitely be checking it out.

Comment by LiLu

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