A MinD in MoTown

Soaking up some last-minute sun.

Summer may be nearing an end, but I’m slipping away for a few finals days along the beautiful North Carolina coast. I know, you’re super jealous and you should be and you’ll miss me terribly, but do not fret. I shall return on Saturday and dive head first back into the blogosphere on Monday.

In the meantime, here’s a few bullet points of significance to yours truly:

  • I’ll be in Kitty Hawk, NC from Wednesday morning through Friday evening, so keep your fingers crossed that good weather prevails. You should also be jealous that I get to work from the beach on Wednesday evening, turning out a few articles for Friday’s edition of the paper, so I guess it’s not all fun and games … but it’s pretty damn close.
  • If you haven’t already heard, I’m due to be an aunt very soon. And actually, it might be sooner than my brother’s girlfriend’s due date of Oct. 27. She went into labor this past Sunday and was immediately brought to the hospital where they managed to stop the contractions. However, there’s a strong possibility that baby Jaydan will be born within the next two weeks – at least five weeks prior to his scheduled debut. Now, we all know I’m not exactly the religious type, but I’m praying a lot that her bed-rest confinement can keep that little guy in the womb for as long as possible. Any and all prayers – or just wishes of luck – from those of you out there would be appreciated beyond all words.
  • Lastly, I read and watched Obama’s speech today and I’m quite glad that those parents who expected a hidden political agenda were swiftly proven wrong. His words were nothing short of encouraging and uplifting for students across this country. Sadly, nearly six dozen – that’s about 72 – kids in this particular district missed out on those words. That’s a shame. It really is.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week, and I humbly ask that you all stop blogging immediately until my return. Why? Well, I immensely loathe choosing the “mark all as read” option in my GReader and yet, your consistent updates may leave me with no other option.

So if you have a truly worthwhile blog post this week that you fear I may miss, email me or leave a comment here and insist that I read it upon my return to the Internet. Or hey, let me know via Twitter – @mskut, although I warn, it’s locked and protected – which I will be updating and perusing throughout my absence.

‘Til the 14th folks. Peace out girl scouts.

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Have fun and enjoy the beach!!

Comment by thatShortChick

Have a beer for me on the beach!

Comment by phampants

Have a blast on the beach!

Comment by Kimwithak

I hope you have a wonderful trip to the beach!!

Comment by Melissa

I’ve done the “Mark all as read” ONCE. It felt great. 🙂

Enjoy your trip, love!

Comment by LiLu

Have an awesome time! Can’t wait to hear all about it and cringe in jealousy.

Comment by Jessica

Jealous. I’ve only been to the NC coast once, but I loved it. We were on Topsail Island.
I can’t wait to go back some time… (not necessarily TI, but just NC coast.)

Comment by Erini CS

Have a wonderful trip…I am a bit jealous!

Comment by Ronnica

Have fun! Be safe.

Comment by Akirah

lol @ stop blogging immediately…

Comment by Felicia

Have fun!!!! 🙂

Comment by Julie @ Wearing Mascara

Have fun at the beach! 😀

Comment by andhari

If only I could keep up with my own reader, then I’d know you asked us to stop blogging. I can’t be held responsible for this.

Hope you had a great trip!

I marked’ em as read. Sorry. I suck.

Comment by Ashley

I hope your nephew and his mama are both okay. And enjoy that sunshine!

Comment by Lost Artist

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