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September 1, 2009, 4:46 pm
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He's finishing up the tattoo, and I love this picture.

He's finishing up the tattoo, and I love this picture.

For several months now, I’ve wanted to tattoo the word “perhaps” on my left wrist. And this past Saturday, following a long and fairly crappy day at the restaurant, I finally caved and drove to the tattoo parlor, spur of the moment, to have the seven letters forever inked.

I’m almost certain it took me longer to decide on a font – “quigley wiggly” if you’re curious – than it did to actually tattoo my wrist, but when you’re having something permanently etched into your skin, there’s no reason to settle for a sub par font.
So, why “perhaps”? Not only has this forever been my favorite word*, but I personally believe it carries some deeper meaning as well.

“Perhaps” is a fancy “maybe,” and isn’t life little more than one “maybe” or another? Maybe you’ll get married, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll have kids, maybe you won’t. Maybe your dreams will come true, maybe they won’t. Maybe you’ll die tomorrow, maybe you won’t. And all of those maybes are interchangeable with its fancy synonym – perhaps. So I wanted it tattooed.

Noel as he tattoos my wrist.

Noel as he tattoos my wrist.

The tattoo artist, Noel (a dude), kept telling me I was selfish for wanting my tattoo to face the direction it does. After all, he said, wouldn’t I want others to more easily read it? But I’m the one who has to look at it for the rest of my life, no one else, and I wanted the ability to simply turn my wrist and see that one word right-side up, not upside-down.

I carefully watched as Noel tattooed each line and letter with such preciseness. It was the first time I watched myself get tattooed. The bit of pain and my slight anxiety over getting my first tattoo kept me from watching as the Penn State Nittany Lion paws were carved into my foot. And with the Beatles lyrics, well, it’s more than a bit difficult to watch the back of your neck get inked. But this one? I was able to watch and tweet, omgiamlame, the entire time and snap a few photos with my phone as well.

After 20-30 minutes, and zero pain**, there it was. “Perhaps,” all lowercase, forever on the inside of my left wrist. And although it’s a bit bolder and bigger than I had originally imagined, I absolutely adore it.


My tattoo. What do you think?

* What? You can have a favorite number, but not a favorite word? Baloney. My life is about words, so I naturally have a favorite. And yes, this makes me a total nerd.
** No lie. This is my third tattoo and only one, my first on my left foot, actually hurt.

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i have the inside of my left wrist tattooed “faith” in arabic and its facing me! muhahahaa…i love it! i don’t think i have a favorite word unless you count “interesting” which my friends say i say a lot…but you can’t put interesting on yourself because people will think you’re talking ABOUT yourself…lol

Well, why can’t you be talking about yourself? I, for one, can say you are quite interesting!

Comment by Felicia

I dig it. Simple, yet profound. And I feel like that “perhaps” is going to be used as a decision maker more than once down the road.

I thought it was simple, too, yet held so much more behind the seven letters. I’m quite in love with this tattoo.

Comment by TOPolk

I want a tattoo. I want this phoenix (http://www.shades-of-night.com/vampyre/phoenix.gif) in black. I just don’t know where.

Shoulder blades. Square in between them on your back. I think it’d look awesome there.

Comment by phampants

More power to you sister! I can’t even imagine going for a tattoo, I have the pain threshold of an infant. I love your blog description BTW, that’s exactly what my blog is going for! Bon chance!!

Merci beaucoup! I think people handle tattoos differently. I’ve never been one to be afraid of needles, so that part was no big deal. I was, however, worried about the pain, and my foot definitely hurt, although nowhere near as badly as I expected. But if you have a low pain threshold, I’d stay away, ha.

Comment by Gen

I LOVE IT! You’re totally making me want a tattoo now.

And I love that the word is so simple yet so profound.

If there’s something you want tattooed, I say go for it. But with the profession you’re aiming for, put it somewhere you can hide it. I discussed it with my editor prior to getting the one on my wrist, and I needed to ensure I’d be able to wear long sleeves, hide it with a big watch or bracelet, etc. before I dove in and got it permanently on my skin.

Comment by thatShortChick

I love it. Wrist tattoos are my favorite. I’m surprised it didn’t hurt; you’re hardcore!

I was more than surprised at how painless it seemed to be. I thought watching him do it would make it hurt worse, but I was wrong. I, too, love wrist tattoos and had wanted one for far too long before I caved.

Comment by Ashley

Ohhhh you made me want to go and get mind done now but I don’t have the money 😦

…I have $20 ’til Friday because I spent cash on this instead of holding onto it. But at $40 – when most places charge a minimum of $50 – I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve successfully not spent any money since I was tattooed Saturday night. So far so good. Save up, a few dollars a time, and you can probably get yours done. But it all depends on size as to how much it’ll cost.

Comment by pinkjellybaby

how cool. it reminds me of the zen koan, maybe, maybe not. which illustrates in a fancy way your point/meaning behind the tattoo! i still want to know what beatles lyric you have! i’ve been thinking long and hard about getting my first tattoo.. i think i want sanskrit on my inner thigh [vertical]… and another tattoo on my waist/hip area

Oh, I’m sorry, I totally thought I told you. My neck says, “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” From “All You Need is Love.” Here’s a link to a blog post I did, which has a picture: All Inked Up. I had no idea that there’s was something out there that could illustrate the same “maybe, maybe not” as I was shooting for. I’ll have to look more into that. I never heard of it before.

Comment by floreta

I like it. A lot. I thought about getting one in the same place. I would like it to say “beloved.” And I guess I’m just as selfish as you because I would like it to be facing in my direction as well. I just think it’d be nice to look down and remind myself that I am His beloved.

Thanks hun, and yours is such a beautiful idea (and there’s nothing wrong with it facing you!). If you do it, I want to see a picture!

Comment by Akirah

Gorgeous, I completely LOVE it.

Awesome! And thank you!

Comment by nicoleantoinette

I think I’d rather go with ‘definitely’ or ‘hell yes’… but ‘perhaps’ looks good too 🙂

And the font is nice!

I do say “definitely” a lot, but I wasn’t quite sure I needed to look at that forever. =P

Comment by Sebastian

I do say “definitely” a lot, but I wasn’t quite sure I needed to look at that forever. =P

(By the way, I “replied” the proper way (and the improper way) to just your comment just for you. You should love me even more now.)

Comment by amindinmotown

Perhaps huh? I like it!

And perhaps you like it… =P

Comment by OmegaRadium

I love it and you have gave me the tattoo itch. I can’t wait to get another one.

Another? What do you already have? Where’d you get it?

Comment by Melissa

I really love this. I have never been able to find the perfect word to tattoo but I found the perfect quote. I’ll be getting that one done soon.

What’s the quote? I have a Beatles lyrics on the back of my neck. I thought those would be the only words tattooed to me, but I was clearly wrong.

Comment by Jossie Posie

I think you chose a perfect word and a perfect place to ink it on. i’m so glad he did such a nice job and you chose a great font too. i’ve seen many tats that i wonder if the person left the tat parlor crying because it just does not look awesome. and when it comes to a tat – you want awesome. this one’s awesome.

Such nice words, thank you. But you’re so right. In choosing a tattoo – something PERMANENTLY on your body – you can’t settle for decent or mediocre. It has to be perfect and amazing, and I’m pretty damn happy with the way this turned out. ::Phew::

Comment by Rebecca

I love it. And I’m jealous. I really want my wrists tattooed but I’m a bit of a chicken just because it’s harder to hide if need be.

It is harder to hide, which was a huge concern of mine. But long sleeves and certain watches/bracelets can do the trick, or so I hope. I’m in a career where I’ll constantly need to be encountering people, some of whom won’t be too excited about a tattooed journalist. In those situations, I hope I can easily hide it.

Comment by Dutchess of Kickball

This looks awesome! Usually I’m not a tattoo fan, but I’m a fan of this one. And the way you describe it as a “fancy maybe”…love it.

Congrats on the new ink!

Thank you muchly! I love tattoos, so I’d cover myself – okay, maybe I wouldn’t, but it’s possible – if I were able to.

Comment by Kimwithak

this is AWESOME!

i also have a tattoo on my left wrist, and i love love love it.

i wonder if the left wrist is the new goto place?

I saw that you tweeted that yesterday, asking if it was the “new tramp stamp.” I hope it’s not! Ha. I’ve wanted one on my wrist for so long, but hesitated because of work, so I bet that’ll keep many people from getting a wrist tattoo – unlike the lower back. But it just might be the new “go to place.” I have several friends with ones on their wrist, so it’s very possible.

Comment by alexa - cleveland's a plum

It’s totally not upside down. Just stand across frrom someone and throw your hand up in gesture of either the Rock Hand or the Solidarity Fist and it’s totally right-side up. One of my punker friends has “Rock” & “Roll” on either wrist like that. It’s totally cool.

I like your favorite word!

If I just bend my elbow, anyone can see it. But the tattoo artist kept telling me it’d be better to show it off by extending my arm, then it’d be upside down. He’s batty. Rock & Roll, huh? I like it. I have a small scar on my right wrist from the chicken pox that I don’t ever want to cover, so I likely won’t be getting that part of me done.

Comment by Lost Artist

Gorgeous tattoo, and I really like the meaning behind it 🙂

ps. not hurt? you sure ? cuz I really want a tattoo right now but I’m sure I’m gonna cry like a baby.

Honest, it didn’t really hurt. But I suppose it all depends on your threshold for pain. Plus, this wasn’t my first tattoo, so I did know what to expect. I do believe that makes a difference. It also makes a huge difference where you get it on your body and the tattoo artist’s abilities.

Comment by Andhari

NICE! I think it’s a great choice and I think you picked the perfect placement/positioning. You’re right — it’s for YOU! You should get it in another language on the other wrist. 🙂

I thought about getting this one in French (my favorite language), but “peut-etre” doesn’t look too pretty… =/

Comment by Tristan || the almost right word

Love it! And you picked a great font!

Thanks. It took at least 15 minutes to pick a font. I’m glad I took the time to do so.

Comment by Marie

that’s so awesome!

I’ve been wanting a tattoo. Both my sisters have at least one, and I feel like such a square not having one too.

I planned to get one during a drunken night at my Former Company’s annual business conference, but then I got laid off, so maybe it was God’s way of telling me it just wasn’t a good idea 😛

I still think I want one, but I can’t decide where to get it, so it’s tucked in the back of my mind for now.

Congrats on your tattoo! If I had to pick a word, I’d pick ‘super’ because I tend to say it a lot.. haha

Perhaps that was an omen. And every time I read the word “super,” I think of the South Park skit, “I’m super, thanks for asking.” Ha.

Luckily, for me, every time I’ve even decided to get another tattoo, things just fell into place so I could do it. I always thought they were signs that I should go for it.

Comment by Cee

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