A MinD in MoTown

Better late than never.

So… I caved and participated in 20 Something Blogger’s Vlog Day, albeit I was a day late filming, and now I’m two days late posting. (My bad!)

Yes, it was an awkward experience, and yes, I rambled and majorly talked with my hands (what? I’m Italian, cut me some slack), but I tried. That counts for something, right? Oh, and it’s six minutes long. That’s clearly much longer than I anticipated, and longer than you’d likely care to hear me chit chat, so move on. Nothing to see here.

There’s a point mixed in there somewhere, among all the babble. I swear it!

Also – and I just had to include this – here’s an outtake where Sophie decided she wanted to be in the spotlight. I can’t even count how many times she was in another room, completely distracted, until she heard my voice and came running. Personally, this was too cute to not share.

So there you have it, my very first vlog. I make absolutely no promises I’ll ever do this again, ha.

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It was great seeing you in action! Putting the face and words to a voice is always great.

haha also, loved the Sophie outtake 🙂

The Sophie outtake fit so perfectly, since I spend half my time talking about her it seems!

I’ve always thought my voice doesn’t fix my personality, so maybe that’s why it weirded me out to watch. Ha.

Comment by Jamie

I love it! They get easier too…you just have to be half drunk and not worried about it.

I’ll certainly work on the “half drunk” for the next one, because sober wasn’t working well!

Comment by Ben

Haha I’m with you, I’m definitely never doing it again. I’m also a huge hand talker. But you great! Also, I’m with Ben. If we ever do one again we definitely have to be half drunk…

For sure. Definitely never again though? I at least left the possibility an open one, ha.

Comment by LiLu

I might eventually do a proper vlog… but yeah, I hate hearing my own voice… (but I loved being on radio.. weird).

And Sofie is ADORABLE! 🙂 I just want to take her face and go PUPPYPUPPYPUPPYPUPPY!! 🙂 (I’m still a bit dog-deprived, even after the last trip home)

You liked being on radio, yet hated doing a vlog? That is odd! And you can borrow Sophie if you’d like. She’s a pain in my rear end some days, hehe. I love her anyway… Usually.

Comment by Rini CS

A what in Motown? A mind? I thought you were a MinD? It was always awkward watching you vlog. I mean, I’ve seen you talk in person so often, then it was weird on the computer, lol. That and you looked pretty nervous, and I’m not familiar with a nervous MinD.

I thought about doing the vlog thing, but I’m not very good at talking to a computer. So I’ll pass.

Right, ’cause I’m awesome at making a vlog. Just do it Patty!!!

And technically, it’s MinD/mind, but I thought saying both would be strange. The “mind” part can be taken either way, so I typically say mind instead of MinD, but it’s both. You get what I mean, right?

And dude, I was SO nervous. I don’t like being nervous.

Comment by Patrick

Yay blog friends! And by the way, you and Sophie? Uber cute.

That was a dorky response, wasn’t it? I totally meant it though. Maybe it’s just me that’s lame, ha. And thanks, I think she and I are pretty cute, too.

Comment by hautepocket

Wow, its great finally putting a voice to this blog. From this point forward, I’ll hear your voice in my head whenever I read your blog. 🙂

That, and I can also put your “giggle” when you “lol.” The giggle comes from the Sophie Outtake.

Thanks for putting this up after all!

Oh man, that makes the vlog even more bizarre to me! Haha. I hate that damn voice of mine. Argh. But thanks for the nice comments. I appreciate it.

Comment by OmegaRadium

yay!! i’m so glad you did a vlog! you did awesome and it’s equally as awesome (if not more) to be able to put an actual voice behind all of your brilliant words.

Aww, that was nice of you to say. Hopefully soon enough we can get together and you’ll actually know me aside from the blog, ha.

Comment by thatShortChick

your dog is just so cute!!!

Sophie says thanks. Or, she would if able to talk, ha.

Comment by pinkjellybaby

Accckkk! You’re so adorable Loved it!

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have chosen “adorable” as a descriptor here, but thanks. =)

Comment by Lost Artist

I finally have a voice to go along with the writing. And yes I do need to make a vlog.

Nicely done, darlin’.

“Say hi Sophie.” *pause* (deadpan) “She would if she could.” This amused me greatly. The ice cream I just had may also have something to do with with it.

That outtake felt more like me than any part of the actual vlog. I preferred the end of it where I’m like “where was I?” then I start talking … then I realize it’s going nowhere and I say, “This is…not a good vlog at all” as I turn off the camera.

Comment by Kendall

Dude, I am the most awkward vlogger of all time, so I feel your pain. You’re adorable though!

You know what’s actually awkward? The word “vlogger.” Haha. I’ll have to search for some vlogs of yours and check ’em out.

Comment by Jill Pilgrim

I agree with you on your feelings for 20sb. It’s great to have a community full of people within my (our) age group who are going through the same things I am. It definitely helps you feel less alone and can be a good resource for advice. Nice work on the vlog.

Glad to see you agree! I was a bit nervous I just sort of babbled my way through the question, but I knew an answer was in there somewhere. Ha.

Comment by TOPolk

Love it! You are too cute, my friend!

Well thank you darlin’!

Comment by Melissa Hudson

“It’s more than a blogging community. It’s a community of friends.”

AMEN! So freaking true, and you are so freaking cute.

Ha, and a total nerd, but thanks.

Comment by stylishhandwriting

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