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August 18, 2009, 11:51 am
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In ten short weeks – yes, I said ten – I’ll officially be an aunt. I’m fairly certain this makes me “old,” but I’m super excited anyway and simply had to share the news with everyone I possibly could!

My little brother, age 22, and his girlfriend, nearly 21 years old, are having a baby boy! He is due Oct. 27 and, as of now, they plan to name him Jaydan Michael. This little guy below – ultrasound photo from earlier today – will be carrying on our family name, as my brother is currently the last male in line.


I totally stole this from my brother's girlfriend's Fbook album. Sorry!

It’s so unbelievable to me that my brother – a boy who played with legos from dawn to dusk, who would build igloos in the yard after a huge snowfall, who would jump on the bed with me as we sang Red Hot Chili Peppers – is becoming a father.

Sure, he’s only 22 and with that brings a need for quick maturity once that baby is born, but nowadays, 22 isn’t exactly an age where much fear needs to accompany parenthood. Of course I’m scared for him, nervous the responsibility will be too much for my brother whose idea of fun still is racing BMX and showing his car off at auto shows. But what parent reasonably enters that phase of his or her life completely knowing what to do?

The announcement of baby Jaydan surely came as a shock – especially considering my brother decided to wait until his girlfriend was seven months pregnant to share the news with my family* – but as that little boy’s soon-to-be aunt and godmother, I’m beyond thrilled to welcome him into this world and spoil him rotten! And with any luck, the new family of three will move to North Carolina in the next year to join my parents and I.

I certainly did not expect to be an aunt at 24 years old**, but I am, without a doubt, ecstatic about my nephew and he’s not even here yet! Do I wish I could be in Pennsylvania to properly introduce myself to the little guy? Of course I do, but pictures and a few brief visits back home to see Jaydan will have to suffice for the time being. All I know is Oct. 27 cannot arrive soon enough!

* That’s another story and more personal than necessary for my blog. Sorry folks. But if you saw my Twitter around Aug. 8-10, you could see my surprise as well as several other emotions when the information was finally revealed.
** …Even if I nearly always knew my brother would have a child before me.

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well that’s very exciting! and i don’t think we ever are 100% ready when the news comes that a sibling is having a child.

Probably true. The news was WAY unexpected, to say the least.

Comment by alexa - cleveland's a plum

10/27 is the best birthday ever, in fact I know this because it is mine. The baby will be awesome, simply because we might share a birthday.

Good to know! Hopefully Oct. 27 brings out the awesomeness, indeed, haha.

Comment by Dutchess of Kickball

congrats auntie mindy!! I can definitely understand your conflicted feelings.

(I also have a story that’s way TOO personal for public internet discussion).

(seriously, when are we going to meet for drinks?!)

But just revel in the fact that there’s a new family member who will bring unimaginable joy to your life.

I am game for drinks whenever! And I’m so excited that there’s going to be a new family member soon. I may be sort of poor, but I’ll spoil him anyway. (And she’s registered at Target, so I totally thought of you!)

Comment by thatShortChick

BABIESSSS:) And godmother, Mindy. That sounds so great. Huge responsibility to take, they’re in my age. Kudos and thumbs up for them , I’m sure practices make perfect.

Practice better make perfect for these two. Can you imagine being a mom right now? I can’t imagine it at their age, let alone my own!

Comment by Andhari

Oh that’s going to be exciting! =)

It’d be more exciting if my brother was nearby, but hopefully soon. ::Fingers crossed::

Comment by phampants

I’ve been an aunt since I was in high school. Let me tell you, it is crazy awesome. Really, it’s about the best thing ever.

I’m so glad to hear that. I can’t imagine it being a drag, but I’m happy to hear others enjoy having nieces and nephews.

Comment by Ashley

That is awesome! You’re going to be an aunt! Is it evidence that your clock is ticking when an ultrasound image makes your ovaries explode?

I would say it’s a definite sign!

Comment by Jill Pilgrim

Oh my gosh what an adorable picture! Congrats auntie!!!

Why thank you! =) That picture brought a huge smile to my face.

Comment by Jessica

Awww. Lookatthe little hand and his little nose and…what’s that? You can hear my biological clock from there? Anyway, congratulations aunt MinD!

Is that the ticking sound I was just noticiting? Ha. Thanks hun!

Comment by Sarah

you’re not old!! i was born an auntie..all my siblings are at least 20 years older than me

Oh wow. That’s similar-ish to my sister. She’s five and she’s been an aunt for nearly three years now.

Comment by Felicia

This is so exciting. I’m sure you will be a wonderful aunt. This is a very lucky little boy. :]

I hope I’ll be a great aunt to him. It’ll be tough for a while, with them all living so far away, but hopefully in time that’ll change.

Comment by Sarah Nicole

So exciting… best wishes to your brother & his girlfriend on their new baby!

I’m sure you’ll be an awesome aunt!!

Thanks hun! And we just found out she’s definitely going to deliver WAY early. Maybe within two weeks. Eep!

Comment by Cee

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