A MinD in MoTown

My pen is emotionally charged.

It’s amazing how little I have to say when things in my life are going really well. Sometimes I wonder if all the creativity or writing abilities I contain are hinged on disaster, disappointment, anger, or strong reactions to the world around me. But when life is simple, ordinary and filled with contentment, I’m without words worth writing*.

So what exactly has me fairly blissful these days? Let’s get a bit more personal than usual and delve into some bullet points…

  • My mom is moving to town! In late May, my stepfather moved here for a job with hopes that my mother would soon follow. For a while, she had trouble finding a job, but she was recently hired here in MoTown and will be relocating mid-August. And by “relocating,” I mean I have to fly to Pennsylvania on a Thursday and accompany her Saturday for the drive to NC. It’s okay though, she’s worth it!
  • Boyfriend and I are superbly happy! Like in most relationships, we hit a rough patch where we argued way more than necessary. But for several weeks now, it’s been fight-free and back to cloud 9. With that said, a big thanks to Kendall for listening to my lamentation at least once during the not-so-fun days.
  • I just celebrated my 24th birthday and who doesn’t love their own birthday? Well, before the age of insert the age you most fear here, of course.
  • Although I make little money and, between both jobs, I keep quite busy, work as a whole is going smoothly. Usually summer is a bit slower for news stories – at least in this region – but I’ve had enough to keep me busy without finding myself overwhelmed. (Edited and deleted something here so as to not unnecessarily hurt someone’s feelings…) It’s the little things, after all, that make one happy!
  • For a long time – sporadically – I felt like I didn’t truly have friends here. Aquaintances, sure, but not real friends I could regularly hang out with or count on for much of anything. That notion has been proven wrong within the last month or so, and it’s an amazing feeling to actually feel more of a connection to not only my “new” life, but the people within it.
  • VACATION IN TWO DAYS!!! That’s right. On Thursday morning I will pack up my car and head to Virginia Beach for a long weekend with two of my best friends from high school. We’ve been waiting months for this trip and it seriously cannot arrive soon enough.

I’m not one to complain because my life has been rather awesome lately, but it obviously causes some writing difficulties on my end. I’m sure it doesn’t help that my Google Reader has been busting at the seams lately as well, making me want to read more than write.

But the GReader is finally empty – unless someone has updated within the last 15 minutes – and I’m here just to say my life is currently ahh-mayyy-zing! And it’s about damn time I remarked about the good rather than the bad.

* Whoa. Alliteration FTW.

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Sounds ah-may-zing! I don’t know why pain and disappointment inspire writing. I guess because we don’t know what else to do with those feelings.

I guess not. And it’s not like I use my blog to complain all the time, but maybe I do so more often than I thought.

Comment by Ashley

Glad everything is going good!

It’s weird how it’s so much easier to write about the bad things…I guess it’s because we feel the need to get it out or complain about it.

I suppose so! It’s a new realization for me about my writing, that’s for sure.

Comment by Amber

Yay for happiness! I’ve recently had a writer’s block myself as I’ve been busy “having a life” and “being happy” like I should be 🙂
So glad things are going well for ya x

There’s probably nothing wrong with us not blogging just ’cause we’re busy enjoying life, right?

Comment by Kez

Hon, we’re friends. Of course I’m going to listen. Besides, you listened to some of my own relationship issues over the last several months. Glad to hear y’all are in a good place.

And excited for that your parents are now coming down South. I can imagine the distance was worrisome at times.

I’ve been so busy with my blog swap post that I haven’t had time to write on my own blog. Swing by tomorrow to check it out.

I had a HECTIC day at work and I’m trying to read through my Reader now, but honestly, your blog swap post might have to wait ’til after my vacation (no computer will accompany me). Tonight’s the boyfriend’s bday then I’m off to the beach. I’m sorry. I suck.

Comment by Kendall

Hey these are all great things to celebrate! Congrats.

Aw, thanks! =)

Comment by Jessica

I’m the same, I find I have nothing to say when things are good…I think you need drama to blog!

I’m not sure looking for drama is worth writing a blog post though! Ha.

Comment by pinkjellybaby

I love it that everything goes smoothly for you these days, you’re such a great girl and you deserve all the happiness 🙂

That was very sweet of you. Thank you!

Comment by andhari

Smooth sailing is the best kind of sailing!

That it is.

Comment by OmegaRadium

yay for you enjoying the smoothly-running train your life is becoming! that deserves mucho celebration.

you are quite the awesome chick:)

and have fun on your vacation!

Thanks hun, and I’m planning for a LOT of fun. ::Fingers crossed::

Comment by thatShortChick

I’m glad you’re really making friends there! Having made a couple of big moves, I know exactly how it feels not to have real friends yet. Makes a world of difference!

It really does. And for a while, I thought I was set and had at least one great friend, then she moved away. Huge bummer. It’s good to be back at that point though.

Comment by Ronnica

I’m glad things are going well. It’s always nice to have a moment to breathe and enjoy life.

It truly is.

Comment by Akirah

Sounds like life is good. It’s always a plus when you have calm waters to sail on.

So very true.

Comment by TOPolk

You’re right–there is usually way less to write about when happy. Congrats on making it through the rough patch in your relationship and that’s so awesome that your mom will be closer to you! Hope you are enjoying (enjoyed?) your vaca!

Ha, enjoyed. And soooooo little to say when happy. That in and of itself is a bummer.

Comment by hautepocket

Umm, awesome! On this entire post! I’m so happy things are going well for you and that you’re enjoying your time and that your mom is moving to town and you and your boyfriend are happy and etc. Loves it.

Sometimes, I wonder if I thrive on the bad things in life because I’m a journalist. Something about bad news? It breaks my heart, but it gets my thoughts pumping…

I hadn’t thought of that before, about the bad news. You hear often that nobody reads about the good news – but you did, so thanks! – so perhaps that’s part of why I and others, like you, are inclined to write about the bad … because it attains more readership.

Comment by E.P.

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