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Take your dog to work day!
June 23, 2009, 6:59 pm
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Her inquisitive self will most definitely be at work with me on Friday.

Her inquisitive self will most definitely be at work with me on Friday.

You read that correctly, and this Friday, June 26, is “Take Your Dog To Work Day.” And if you don’t believe me, you can visit the official site before asking the boss if Fido can accompany you.

I, for one, can guarantee my Sophie girl will be with me at the Tribune office at the work-week’s end, and I hope your puppy can tag along, too. And if you’re curious what the top five pet-friendly employers are, check out this article from Petside.com, which is an awesome Web site filled with tons of helpful information about animals – everything from health and wellness to interesting pet news.

Speaking of pet news, I found quite the gem on Petside as I was perusing the site today: “Indoor Pet Loo: The Litter Box for Dogs.” No joke! Apparently this grass-topped box is “perfect” for the late-worker, the apartment-dweller, the older pet owner or just your average lazy individual, although it got some mixed reviews.

The Pet Loo.

The Pet Loo.

Could it be beneficial? Sure. Sophie sometimes doesn’t hold it long enough for me to get my arse home from work and I’m sadly greeted by a special present as I walk through the door. In times like those, the Pet Loo would be ideal! However, I had cats once and their litter box was not fun, not to mention the fact that this square box (of sorts) costs $200!!!! Last time I checked, grass was free and likely didn’t stink up half the house. So I guess, as with everything, the Pet Loo has its perks and its downfalls.

In other related news, the Associated Press released two articles/polls today about pets, “Americans consider pets family” and “Half of pet owners give pets human names,” both of which I found somewhat duh-worthy and yet interesting. Check them out if you have a chance and are craving a heavy dose of doggy articles today.

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i wish i had a dog to take to work 😦

Borrow one from a friend!

Comment by floreta

I miss my dogs. Hopefully we can become pet owners again in the not too distant future. I’m of the human-naming dog owner variety. I had a miniature dachshund named Hank. I found new parents for him when the twins were born. 😦

I love dachshunds – and I think my dog is part dachshund, too. Maybe soon you’ll be able to adopt another pet. I’m sure it’d be tough with children, but when they are older, it might work better.

Comment by James

I don’t mind bringing dogs into the workplace as long as they are well behaved. One boss used to bring hers in ALL the time and he was perfectly trained. Never was an issue. That should be fun!

My dog is typically pretty hyper the first ten minutes or so. She runs around a lot, sniffing everything. Then she calms down easily and stays near my feet, under my desk. Hopefully it’ll be a good, fun day! Dogs in the workplace definitely liven things up a bit.

Comment by Jessica

I firmly believe that workplace moral would increase ten fold with pets as a permanent addition to the workplace. 🙂

Without a doubt!

Comment by hautepocket

My dog would cause havoc if I took her into my office, so therefore I’ll work from home on Friday 🙂

Excellent idea!

Comment by Perpetual

OMG I love that there is a Take Your Dog to Work Day! I had no idea! lol

I hadn’t known either, but the newspaper I work at ran a “pet page,” and it was listed. I just warned my editor to expect my dog tomorrow. Ha.

Comment by Julie

Aww, I wish I had known this beforehand. Lucy terrorizing the newsroom while I edited photos would be classic and hilarious and would make me smile.

I hope you and Sophie have fun at work together tomorrow!

It was a fun day, although it was brief because she had to stay home while I went out on an assignment.

Comment by E.P.

Hmmm. Wonder if I could bring Axe Murderer in…?

Maybe there’s a “bring your cat to work day”?

Comment by LiLu

gotta figure out a way to create this and sell it for 1/2 the price…lol

For real. Then I could possibly only work one job!

Comment by Felicia

I’m so jealous you got to take your doggie to work!

I’ve seen that Pet Loo… or at least something similar to it. I’m not into cleaning litter boxes though — I got Coco trained on those floor potty pads if she can’t hold it until I get home from work, but she mainly goes outside with me.

I love the potty pads b/c she caught on quickly and I can just toss them out. I guess they aren’t really environmentally friendly though :\

I tried to train Sophie on those – for the same reasons – but that was during her “I want to rip up everything” phase and coming home to a shredded potty pad was less than ideal. Unfortunately, if she can’t hold it, I have an accident to clean up. =/ On the up side, she’s done very well lately at holding it. I could never purchase and clean that Pet Loo. Too much!

Comment by Cee

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