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Yet another installment of “Foto Friday.”
June 19, 2009, 11:57 am
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I absolutely loved, and appreciated, the feedback I received from those of you with more photography experience last time I posted a “Foto Friday,” so I’m going to attempt to make this a regular gig. Thus, a second installment today.

Except for the last photo in this bunch – which was apparently my moment of narcissism – these are some pictures of my pup, Sophie, whose shenanigans are nothing new to this blog. However, she behaved amazingly well when I shot these pics.

I will note that I snapped these the same day as the previously posted pictures – June 5, “How about a ‘Foto Friday’?” – so I haven’t yet put anyone’s advice to the test. But I certainly plan to before the next batch of photos rolls out. Let me know what you think and please offer any constructive criticism you can. Thanks!

P.S. I know, I know, I should use Flickr, but … I don’t want to. Sorry!


Until just a few weeks ago, Sophie *hated* this chair. Now, it's her favorite spot.


She kept trying to take a nap, but then her mean Mommy would wake her up to snap another photo.


It looks as though she's daydreaming. I love it.


Starting to doze...


Doesn't this look very relaxing?


Took a quick picture of myself as I laid on the floor. That's where I was as I tried snapping the shots of my Sophie girl.

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soooo cute! love the 1st and last of the pooch pics 🙂

Thank you! She’s a fairly photogenic puppy, that’s for sure.

Comment by floreta

She’s so adorable. Sophie, I mean. But, you too! 🙂

Aw, and I was hoping you meant me… Bummer. =P

Comment by Ashley

!!! So cute! I so want a puppy!!! (though as I say that I’m reminded of all your puppy chasing stories)

Puppies are great … ’til they bolt out the bedroom window! Ha. I’m just glad she’s over her chewing-everything phase!

Comment by rini

You know I love your dog. She’s adorable. I find some irony that you took a pic of yourself on the floor. The very same floor that your dog refuses to lay on. Even laying down on the floor you look amazing as always. 🙂

Awwwwwww. Thanks Patty! And the dog is a bit better about laying on the floor now – though she rarely does so, still.

Comment by Patrick

how sweet is she in that ‘daydreaming’ photo?! too cute.

Isn’t it? I was thinking about eventually having it framed (I’m lame).

Comment by thatShortChick

You pup is so adorable! Pets make excellent test subjects for improving photography skills. Keep it up, you have some good shots so far! (Also, I refuse to use Flickr, too.)

Glad to see someone else isn’t a Flickr fan. I can’t even pinpoint why I hate it, but I know I do. And hopefully Sophie continues working well for me. We’ll see if I can improve my photo-taking abilities.

Comment by hautepocket

Awwww precious!!

She is, but that face can be used for evil, too. She guilts me into everything, ha.

Comment by Cee

Awwww I wanna cuddle that bundle of cuteness right now 🙂 Sweet pics.

Next time she drives me bonkers and I consider giving her away, maybe I’ll send her to Jakarta, ha!

Comment by Andhari

Oh my goodness! Sophie is absolutely PRECIOUS. And I love the photos of her snuggled up on the chair, looking up at her. Wonderful!

Thanks! Any advice from a photography standpoint?

Comment by E.P.

aww, your puppy is so cute! i love those chairs, so i can only imagine how wonderfully comfortable she is 🙂

She used to hate that chair because it wobbled. Then one day, she balanced better and now it’s one of her favorite spots to sit.

Comment by Lys

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