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Feel the burn.

I joined the gym.

:: Go ahead, laugh. I’ll pause for a moment while you all compose yourselves. ::

Are you done? Okay, good. Well, it’s true. The girl whose boyfriend dubs her “the laziest human being ever” finally got sick of the mirror’s reflection and shelled out the dough for gym privileges after several months of failed attempts at in-home workouts. Obviously, when you’ve skipped anything even remotely similar to exercise for nearly two years – since college graduation in May 2007 – getting back into the swing of things isn’t simple.

It started with the Wii Fit. Not only was that fun – it was a video game, after all – but it encompassed a variety of exercises, from aerobic to weight training to yoga. I really enjoyed it. But my dedication began to wane after a few short weeks when I’d turn to my television rather than the adjacent Wii. Thus, it was time to try something else.

After a brief period of extreme laziness, again, I bought “Flirty Girl Fitness.”* The infomercials for this product were appearing constantly and after much consideration, I spent $40 (approximately) on a package of four DVDs that would seemingly trim my waistline while providing a fun, dance-like workout. I anticipated the sexual nature of the exercises – one had to considering the optional $100 stripper pole purchase (which I did not make) – but I surely underestimated how inadequate and uncomfortable I’d feel completing each maneuver. And unfortunately, after proficiently learning the routines and completing them a few times each, regularly, the DVDs weren’t much of a challenge anymore.

And so came the momentous decision to find a local gym.

Most seemed out of my price range, or wanted a long-term contract that included an annual “upgrade” fee, or weren’t open on my ONE day off each week. Clearly, none of those would work. And then a beacon of light appeared. A new gym opened close to my house – and it remains the closest gym in proximity to my home – which would cost me a mere $30/month with no contract, no annual fee and, aside from a one-time $13 key fee (because it’s accessible 24/7), no additional fees ever. Sign me up!!

I’ve been a member for less than one week with two rounds already under my belt. A third is planned for tomorrow. But it’s great to finally be back in the gym, getting my fat ass in shape. Although I likely and sadly waited a bit too long to make that choice, seeing as the non-sweatpants gym pants I wore two years ago no longer properly fit**. Crappy, right? Yet it only proves that it’s about damn time I motivate myself to make some changes.

Will I be altering my diet? Hell no. Sure, I’m aware that eating healthy is a rather important component in weight loss. However, I was fairly content with the body I had in college just by maintaining a more-active lifestyle as opposed to the sedentary one I have now. I’m entirely convinced that foregoing everything I love to eat for rabbit food would only make me miserable and less likely to succeed. So I’m doing this my way and hoping it works.

And no worries folks, I won’t be turning this into a “fat-burning blog” any time soon. I just wanted to make my efforts known and maybe all of you can help keep me on the right path.

So keep your fingers crossed because, really, I can’t afford Tony Little’s “Gazelle” and I surely don’t have the dolla dolla bills for plastic surgery … unless I start putting my Flirty Girl Fitness skills to good use. Hm, now there’s a thought!

* Why I’m admitting that ridiculous purchase on my blog, I’m not entirely sure, but I suppose it’s a vital element to this story.
** And by “properly fit,” I really mean no longer button around my expansive waistline. =(

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congrats on joining a gym! I’m going to have to do the same once my university ID expires and I will no longer be permitted access to any school buildings.

and I have never heard of those “flirty girk” DVDs but they sound unintentionally hilarious. and how could you give up on the Wii fit? one of my cousins has it and I’m obsessed whenever I use it.

They are hilarious! The first time I watched it, trying to learn the routine, I kept saying to myself, “this is so dirty.” Ha. And Wii Fit grows meh after a while. Use it every day and you’ll see.

Comment by thatShortChick

Ha, I’m sure your gym is better than northeast fitness center. I joined up with Planet Fitness almost a year ago. I love the hours there and it’s cheap. Best way to stay in your gym routine is to get someone to go with you! I get someone in for free whenever I go so I’ll drag anyone along that doesn’t mind it. And as for food, don’t focus more on eating healthier but better portions. Eat whatever you like but just glance at the serving size (I still eat more than a recomended serving but not as much as I used to). If you need any help then just let me know! You’ll be fine though.

Oh, pick up an issue of Women’s health. I try to always get Mens Health and LOVE that mag. It has awesome food recipes, different workouts to do at gym and home(that are fun and get the mind thinking), as well as tips for being healthier and what not. And they do have “sexy” tips so you could def get rid of those dvds! You shouldve got the poll though!!! Better workout!

I’m only allowed free guests at my gym during daytime hours – around 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. – and I can’t really go at those times. Plus, I joined because I have a lot of late night free time. I actually prefer working out alone. I’m more distracted with people around.

As for portions, it won’t happen, but thanks. I live once. I’m not restricting what I can and can’t eat. That’s stupid. Today, for example, I had a chocolate shake with my lunch. See, not happening.

Comment by Jonathan

Good luck! My sister has a Gazelle. Actually, I think she’s on her second. The first one broke.

Haha, really? I don’t know why that machine was right at the top of my mind that moment. Is the Gazelle any good?

Comment by Ashley

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Good luck. And I’m with you on not changing your eating habits. No need to be miserable AND sore. Besides, as long as you eat a reasonable amount of calories per day, what you eat really shouldn’t be a problem.

Unless you like to eat molasses by the handful. That may be a problem.

How’d you know about my molasses addiction!?!?

I’m not a very healthy eater whatsoever. I hate almost every vegetable, which is why I can’t eat healthier. Forcing myself to munch celery, carrots, beans, yucko. I’m a VERY, VERY picky eater. Changing diet habits would be way more than difficult for me in comparison to an average person.

Comment by TOPolk

You’re inspiring me. But alas, I will need to wait until I find a new job and new apartment. I want to make sure I can afford to join the gym and it’s in a close neighborhood. But I do need to be more active. Maybe I’ll start running again.

I hate running, or else that’s what I would have done. I considered joining the gym a while back, but monetarily, I was not in the place to do so. Finances are still tight, but I’ve paid off two credit cards so I think I can squeeze out the $30/month for the gym.

Comment by Akirah

You’re like me, I have a hard time changing what I eat entirely and rather hop on the exercise machine than not having them at all lol

Most definitely. I like what I eat too much to give it up.

Comment by Andhari

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Well done! I’m onto day 4 of my 8 week plan…it’s going to be a long old road! I give myself a week before I give up!

You can do it!! Whenever you think about giving up, send me an email and I’ll do the same. Maybe it’ll help us stay on track?

Comment by pinkjellybaby

I’ve managed a week! I’m very pleased with myself. I have a plan stuck up on the fridge and crossing the days off is nice!
Not sure it’s making a difference though!
And yes to the email/staying on track!

A week? Great job! And I bet a plan on the fridge would be helpful. Maybe I should try something like that. And I’ll email you so you have my email address.

Comment by pinkjellybaby

I hate to be captain obvious here but if you dont alter your diet, Im not sure how much the gym will help.

Just sayin..

Not true. I’ve done it before. I wasn’t active in high school AT ALL, but started to be in college – even just walking around campus was more than I’d done – and lost weight in college. I’ve never changed my diet, yet been able to lose weight by moving more.

Comment by Matt

While I’m no fitness expert, I do believe initiating a more active lifestyle will increase the amount of calories you burn. Working out can also lead to an increase in muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

While its recommended you change your diet, its possible to get some results while maintaining your eating habits, just don’t increase your calorie intake too much. 😛

I’m not idiot. I know diet and exercise work best when done together. But I also know it’s more about altering one’s lifestyle, not just yo-yo dieting. I’d never successfully alter how I eat, so why bother trying? So I could eat healthy for a while, lose the weight, then gain it all back once I couldn’t take it any longer? No thanks.

Comment by omegaradium

Good luck with the gym and activity change. Just spending more time active will help a ton. Until you get older anyhow. 🙂 Bravo and good luck!
Two easy things that I did that help. Eat breakfast as early as you can and don’t eat late. (I TRY to cut myself off by 7PM)
Should you ever want a good in home DVD routine then check out p90x. I started the 90 program for the second time this week and I still enjoy it.

With my jobs, it’s SO tough to restrict myself from eating after a certain time because there are nights when I’m not home from work ’til 7 p.m., 8 p.m., 9 p.m…. I’m currently working on trying to maintain a more regular schedule – it’s pretty sporadic – and I’ll go from there. I also have to work on better balancing my food. I only ever eat two meals – brunch/lunch and dinner. Definitely little things to work on unrelated to the gym.

My boyfriend gave me a copy of P90X just last night, actually. He says it’ll help a lot, so we’ll see… I am a bit intimidated by it, however.

Comment by johnnyheavens

Sounds like a good guy and you are an even better girl for not freaking out when a boy friend gives you a DVD to try and it’s on how to get in shape. 🙂 Don’t let p90x intimidate ya. The routines are great and they aren’t beginner but, it’s not like anyone can just do it all perfect “like in the videos” the first time. Just modify the moves when you need to and I think you’ll find it to be fun while it totally kicks your trash.
Again good luck!

Thank you! And he’s been doing P90X for a while and suggested it, so I figured “why not.” ::Fingers crossed I don’t die::

Comment by johnnyheavens

Over the winter I amassed a large collection of similar dvds and I actually had a bit of luck with them but I’m definitely a lot more motivated to peel myself out of my permanent couch indent now that I signed up for classes at an actual dance studio. If I get really brave, a gym membership may be next.

Good luck with yours!

Ya, once I sat on the couch, the desire to pop in a DVD and start moving was none. But paying money toward something? That’s some definite motivation.

Good luck to you, too!!

Comment by Sarah

Congrats missy!

I have about 15-20 lbs to lose. It seems like such a huge task and I’m scared I won’t accomplish it, but I really need to get healthy!

Good luck to you!

That’s about how much I want to lose, too. Not to mention that I have some known health issues – migraines and a blood flow issue – that being active helps, so hopefully those will ease.

Thanks for the luck, and we can all keep each other motivated! If we go back to first grade, together we can accomplish anything, ha.

Comment by Cee

Congrats on taking the step to join the gym-it’s SO hard to get back into it. However, I’ve been going for a couple of weeks now and can already see/feel a difference. Stick it out and it will turn into motivation!

Psh, only one week in and I can feel a slight difference. More energy, more alertness when I am awake, good things so far. Now if only the pounds would start dropping, ha.

Comment by hautepocket

I have seriously thought about getting Flirty Girl Fitness before. You’re not alone in that one.

But like you, I go through phases where I’ll exercise well for a while, then get bored. It’s the story of my life. I’m at the point where I want to find something that fits with me, something that I look forward to, and something I’m not opposed to doing multiple times a week.

I hope this works out for you!

Thanks. So far, so good. I went four times last week, once so far this week (but it is only Tuesday). Not too shabby.

Comment by E.P.

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