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How about a “Foto Friday”?
June 5, 2009, 4:02 pm
Filed under: Artsy fartsy photos

I bought myself a new camera back in April to replace an adorable pink point-and-shoot I’d had for nearly two years. I was looking for something with more megapixels, yet still small enough to shove in my pocket for a bar outing. Perhaps something that had better focus abilities, but a camera that wouldn’t take me three months to figure out.

And so I picked up a sleek Samsung. It’s tiny, but has plenty of options to keep my photo-happy self amused and shooting.

Recently I attended a photojournalism class where the professor explained that utilizing a top-of-the-line camera doesn’t necessarily equal amazing photographs. Likewise, using a point-and-shoot doesn’t mean pictures lacking in quality or creativity. It’s the person behind the device, he noted, that frames the image, that makes a photo more than a simple snapshot.

Thus, I bring you a few photos I shot today … within the last hour … here, in my house.

I tend to joke that I’m being “artsy fartsy” with my camera, but I also like to believe I’m being creative. I’ve always loved photography, but I can’t imagine lugging around – or paying for – a large camera simply because it’s capabilities far exceed my smaller machine.

So let me know what you think of the pictures I’ve posted. I’m quite curious to see if I’m trying too hard, if I’m being naive and simply can’t snap a good photo with this camera, if I’m overly biased, or hell, if I’m attempting a somewhat new venture that I should immediately cease.

By the way, I hope these photos give a little more insight into who I am, especially for those who only know me as the overly opinionated MoTown journalist. Perhaps using photography will be a more subtle approach into discovering the rest of my personality, or at least tidbits of my life.

My favorite sneakers. Rocking them today.

My favorite sneakers. Rocking them today.

I've collected shot glasses for years.

I've collected shot glasses for years.

Self-explanatory, I hope.

Self-explanatory, I hope.

Apparently I never removed one of the assembly stickers from my bookshelf. Oops.

Apparently I never removed one of the assembly stickers from my bookshelf. Oops.

This sign sits atop the living room fire place.

This sign sits atop the living room fire place.

A wooden apple that sits among my wine glasses.

A wooden apple that sits among my wine glasses.

My whole kitchen is apple themed.

My whole kitchen is apple themed.

Because I so often use my computer at work, my laptop collects dust.

Because I so often use my computer at work, my laptop collects dust.

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The professor was right: a camera is just a tool. Just like a wrench. But some wrenches are better than others. Ultimately though, it’s about getting into the right spot before you push the button — and knowing how to work your aperture and shutter speed controls 🙂

They are… OK! Hard to tell at such a small size. The wooden apple amongst the glasses could be pretty fun, but it feels like it lacks colour, or intensity, or something. Probably due to poor light.

Keep snapping though — we all take naff photos, just the ratio of good to bad gets better as we improve 🙂

I have never heard the word “naff” before, ha. And I’d never take photos if it meant lugging a bigger wrench… =P But that’s just me.

Comment by Sebastian

Judging by the photos… I think you drink more than me. Cheers!

Just because I have a lot of things to drink from does not mean I drink more. Trust me! I’m a weakling.

Comment by [F]oxymoron

I think it’s more that clear from that first picture that you truly love your feet. Haha, I think I’ve seen more pictures of your feet in the last year than the rest of you. Maybe it has something to do with you being ‘closer’ to your feet than most people. (That’s right, a short joke, but I ❤ you)

The pics look good, they don't belong here though. And by that I mean on a wordpress server, put them up on flickr and we'd be able to see (somewhat) larger versions as well as comment on a picture by picture basis.

I have one of those fancy blue things from west. It's in a box in my basement. I've also been to Big Peckers, classy place. And I still feel special 'cause I'm probably one of the very few who've seen some of these sights in person.

Although last time I saw you kitchen it wasn't apple themed, it was more "Just had a party here" themed. =P

I do take a lot of photos of my feet. I have no idea why though. Maybe because they fit in the frame well to illustrate “hey, look, I’m here” with the background. Lame, right?

As for Flickr, for some reason, I hate that site. I never look at people’s photos on it, ever. I can’t stand Flickr, which is why I just posted them here.

I can almost guarantee that you’re one of maybe two or three people who has actually seen my house, ha, including a messy party-esque kitchen (that still had an apple theme!).

Comment by Patrick

Are you screening comments? Or is wordpress just acting funny/slow? Either way, sorry if I double posted there but it didn’t appear to work the 1st time.

Actually, your comment went to the spam box… Ha. Sorry!

Comment by Patrick

Maybe my comment was too long? And that triggered your filter, either way I’ll email you all that I wrote just in case.

Hahaha. It’s posted now. No worries.

Comment by Patrick

Like the angles; love the shoes!

Thank you muchly!!

Comment by Ronnica

We graduated high school the same year! Yay! Lol and I love the photographs…they look professional and I love the wooden apple amongst the glasses!

Well thanks hun! And yay, more 2003 folks. Love it!

Comment by nina

i LOVE your bookcase and your sign about sarcasm 🙂

very nice pictures!

Thanks! I found that sign on Etsy and just HAD to have it!

Comment by thatShortChick

That’s a nice camera! And a few shot glasses? How about you’ve collected about a million? Ha.

Haha, I do have a LOT of shot glasses. There are two shelves full, with three rows each, plus a few more scattered around the apartment and then a shoebox full as well. Every vacation or trip to somewhere new, I buy one.

Comment by Akirah

Class of 2003 FTW!! I like the shoes, don’t really know why, but shoes like those are eye catching.

Fabulous shoes, right? And they are SOOOOO comfortable. If I could wear them constantly, without looking like a fool, I probably would.

Comment by omegaradium

I would love to see more of the apple themed kitchen, Good job with the pictures.

That keyboard is dusty! lol 🙂

My keyboard is nasty, ha. I ought to buy something to clean it, but alas, with how infrequently I use it, I tend to forget. Oh well.

And thanks for the comments. My kitchen even has a red microwave to accompany the apple theme. I’m super awesome.

Comment by Janene

I love the feeling of a new camera, god knows what I will capture if I get a new one.

Having a new camera definitely inspires me moreso to snap some photos. That’s for sure.

Comment by andhari

i like the glasses and stove top the best! they aren’t being “too artsy” i think you have a good eye for the abstracts!

Well thank you! I like to look at things differently, for some reason. Strange angles are fun.

Comment by floreta

Very cool pics!

I’m such a lame “photographer”. I don’t ever do fun angles like that

When taking photos of friends, they’re all pretty straight forward. But anything else and I like the weird angles. I’m posting some more later today (er, so I plan to).

Comment by Cee

Hiya! Just found you and now I’m scoping out some previous posts. I love all things photo and actually just posted about selling my darkroom equipment yesterday, sorry, rambling.

Can I give you some help with the photos? First of all, they’re really good. You have an excellent use of perspective. But did you notice something about the group? They’re almost all close-ups. And that’s cool. But don’t be afraid to experiment. Think about the settings on your camera. They usually give you options, for night, action shots, portraits, landscapes, etc. Mix it up. And think about where the lines in the photo are going and where the image stops. Another helpful hint is when you’re taking the photo try splitting the image into 3 equal parts. Somehow it kind of helps balance the picture or something. But I like what you did. You gots mad potential girl!

Thanks for the feedback!! And great job keeping it “constructive criticism” and not simply criticism. Ha.

I didn’t take the time to notice they were close ups, but now I see it. Perhaps it’s because I simply confined myself to my house? I also tend to be more news-y when I take a photo. The only lessons I’ve ever had in photography dealt specifically with photojournalism, so I’ll have to branch out a bit.

I’ll be posting a few more this Friday – hm, that’s tomorrow, isn’t it? – but they were taken the same day as these ones. Hopefully though, for the next time, I can try incorporating some of this advice. Thanks a ton! Any words of wisdom I can get are more than welcome!! =)

Comment by Lost Artist

I started to collect shot glasses last year. When people come over, I want to ask them “Where in the world would you like to take a shot from?”

That’s a great idea! I started collecting mine as small souvenirs of the place I’d been, then everyone started buying them for me, so that idea flew out the window.

Comment by phampants

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