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The Hampshire = SIX!
June 3, 2009, 4:19 pm
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It’s looking practically positive that New Hampshire will become the sixth state – behind Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and Maine – to legalize gay marriage. Yay!

Check out the full story, courtesy of the New York Times. In a nut shell, the Senate has passed the bill as well as the House. The governor simply had to read the document, to ensure that clearly said “churches and religious groups would not be forced to officiate at gay marriages or provide other services,” notes the NY Times article, before signing the new legislation, which would take effect Jan. 1, 2010.

i love loveAnd with that said, the lovely Haute Pocket posted some information on her blog earlier this week about CREDO Action giving away these awesome (and FREE! who doesn’t love FREE!?) stickets in support of gay marriage. So far, more than 70,000 stickers* have been dispensed throughout the country, and it’d be great to see that number continue to climb.

Keep your eyes open folks because it’s looking like N.H. will certainly pass this bill – the governor should have already dotted his i’s and crossed those t’s – and move our country closer yet to equality for all**.

* The sticker means “I love love” for those of you who might’ve been confused!
** P.S. This is my 100th post. YAY!!

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one for the team 😀 wootwoot

I knew you’d be happy! Ha.

Comment by floreta

ok, i definitely NEED to get one of those bumper stickers.

and woot woot for NH!

It’s free for just one, but you can only drive one car at a time anyway, right?

Comment by thatShortChick

I hope eventually the rest of the states will hop on the happy train. Unfortunately, I think Texas will be one of the last to adopt something similar

Congrats NH!

Eh, I’m sure NC is right there with Texas … although Obama won this state, so who knows.

Comment by Cee

Yay for the re-post! Is it weird that I immediately thought of you when I posted this on *my* blog? 🙂

This will be a long war, but progress is being made!

I don’t think it’s weird. I’m clearly a big advocate for equal rights. I probably would have been one of those crazy protesting hippies only a few decades ago, ha.

Comment by hautepocket

Check me out on Monday. Greatest gay rights post ever. YES I AM CLAIMING THAT. You will see.

Haha, will do, but you better live up to the hype. I don’t want to be let down again, like Twilight, the movie.

Comment by LiLu

I’m very happy about this, I support gay marriage too. Sadly it’s never going to happen in my country, people are way too uptight.

Maybe some day, just perhaps not any time soon. So many states here are going to hold out as long as possible anyway – the one I live in surely will wait ’til the last second possible to allow gay marriage rights.

Comment by andhari

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