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Do you wanna get Frosty with me?
May 20, 2009, 11:03 am
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…You HAVE to watch this. It’s a brand-spanking-new commercial from Wendy’s promoting their Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty, and it’s seriously a riot.

Backstreet Boys, anyone?

The marketing strategy surrounding the “Frosty Posse” is not only hilarious, but absolutely brilliant. And for a company that often seemingly relies on advertising their product quality above all else, it’s definitely straying from the norm. However, I think it just might pay off.

Now, am I going to run out immediately and purchase a Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty? Probably not, but hey, I’m not a coffee drinker – and quite possibly the only journalist who isn’t. But I have spent two days searching through YouTube to find this video before doing so this morning, and I’ve likely watched it ten three times already. Obviously there’s some sort of appeal there.

And to add to the hilarity of the “Frosty Posse,” I found the following video on YouTube to accompany the commercial. Apparently it’s a “behind the scenes” look at the making of their “music video.”

Personally, I think this was a great market ploy for Wendy’s and a nice change from their typical advertising, but what do you guys think? Was it a bit ridiculous? A little laughable? An excellent ad campaign? Or did the folks at Wendy’s fall a little short in their attempts? Let me know! 

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(Jett and Brandon are kinda hot, Jett more so though…)

I was definitely thinking the same thing about Jett … with two Ts. Ha.

Comment by rini

Hilarious commercial. It’s the kind of thing that sticks in your head, and not in a creepy way like “the king” commercials do.

The King is super creepy! At Penn State one year, everyone and their mother was dressed up as the king for Halloween. I hated it!

Comment by Patrick

That is soooooo hilarious!

I think if the a commercial has you talking about it, it was a success 😀

Good point. Plus, look at the free advertising spot I gave Wendy’s just now. I think they should toss me a free meal for that, ha.

Comment by Cee

pretty damn funny and this is definitely a departure from their typical commercials.

i will be heading out to wendy’s to try it because i’m a sucker for coffee drinks and new menu items.

Go for it. I did grab some Wendy’s for lunch yesterday, but not this drink. Let me know how it is!

Comment by thatShortChick

as you know from my tweets, i tried the frostycino yesterday and it was..EH.

they definitely made it look good but it was lacking in taste. it’s supposed to be a chocolately-coffee shake but it’s made with instant coffee (read: GAG ME) and after every sip, there was a horrible aftertaste of nasty “coffee.”

however, about mid-way through the drink it got better because the whipped cream and chocolate syrup all melted and made it taste more like a regular shake.

Thanks for letting me know! I doubted that I would try it, just because I hate coffee to begin with, but was quite curious. Kind of disappointing that something with such great marketing power seems to lack in taste. That’s rather unfortunate… Well, for Wendy’s anyway.

in short? i won’t be buying it again.

Comment by thatShortChick

This commercial worked in two ways…1 you’re talking about it and 2. you said you wanted to try the product! I call that a success!

I do like it when companies try new forms/styles of advertising, good job Wendy’s!

I am talking about it, but I don’t like coffee, so I’ll probably skip out on trying it. However, it does make me want a regular Frosty. I can’t even remember the last time I had one!

Comment by omegaradium

I think the fact that it’s named Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty would make me curious and try it 😛
I’m a sucker for anything cutesy.

Ha. It is a cute name. But now every time I read it, I sing it like they do in the commercial. So lame.

Comment by andhari

Ummmm. Hilarious. Guess who’s getting one tomorrow… This girl.

Ha. I guess that advertising worked on you!

Comment by alexa - cleveland's a plum

I like it! It’s a great twist from the advertising norm. Gets my attention, that’s for sure!

And apparently gets us talking, which is another bonus for them.

Comment by hautepocket

haha awesome!
do you know the advertising agency behind this??

and hey, another non-coffee drinker.. we’re rare!

Not sure of the agency. I’m sure you could google it though. And non-coffee drinkers are VERY rare. I’m the girl who goes to a coffee bar and asks for hot chocolate, ha.

Comment by floreta

I keep seeing this commercial on tv now!

… I think the universe is telling me something…

That you MUST get a Frosty. Go. Now. Ha.

Comment by Rini

This is sooooooooooooooooooo funny, hahahahahah. Makes me want to get a Frosty, but I know shouldn’t…..damn you advertising.

I did hear the Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty isn’t so great. Purchase at your own risk!

Comment by Janene

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