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Grace in Small Things: 26/365
May 15, 2009, 12:27 pm
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I hesitated to share this, but then I remembered the “real life” friends I have that read this blog and how little I truly talk about me and my life, so I decided to do so.

I’ve been inconsistently working on my Grace in Small Things for a few months now, and yesterday was a day where it was practically vital that I turned to it. I vaguely posted this news on my Twitter after it happened, but quickly changed my mind and deleted the update.

I’m not seeking sympathy, and to all of you who would comment with your “Good lucks,” I thank you in advance. Here’s my GiST from yesterday:

Today was, well, a bit depressing. When the OBGYN calls you two weeks after your annual papsmear, the news is never good. I made an appointment for Monday to have everything checked more closely – bet that’ll be a ton of fun! – and with any luck, I’ll be fine. Actually, I ought to be, but the words “precancerous” aren’t exactly ones anyone ever wants to hear.

…Today, I need GiST.

1. The doctor said I “have no reason to worry.” And although I am worrying anyway, I’m truly hoping that she’s right.
2. I have an amazing boyfriend who will sit with me on the phone (while I’m at work) ’til I’m done crying and has been calling every so often today to make sure I’m doing okay, mentally of course.
3. Grey’s finale tonight. I’ve been looking forward to this all week.
4. I’ve been eating healthier and it’s been making me look at myself in the mirror a bit differently, even if I haven’t shed any pounds yet.
5. I’m not pregnant. When the OBGYN called, that was my biggest fear, as sad as it sounds. But my financial situation makes it impossible to adequately raise a child and although I never even momentarily thought I was preggers, the thought crossed my mind when she called. I am glad that isn’t the bad news she shared.

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Oh my god, let me know how it goes and don’t make yourself panic. I’m sure and I hope for you too it’s not that. Keep us informed and stay calm, do things that make you happy to take your mind off it *hug*

I’ll be working all weekend, so hopefully that’ll keep me distracted. I’ll let you know what happens! Thanks for the concern hun.

Comment by andhari

i’m sure if the doctor told you not to worry then there’s no cause for concern (easy for me to say right!).

i hope everything’s OK. and the grey’s finale was GREAT!

So much easier said than done. Sure, she says don’t worry, but it’s tough not to think about all the “what ifs.” One quick trip to Huntersville Monday and hopefully I’ll know…

The Grey’s finale was awesome, but too much suspense to think about over the summer. Is it fall yet?

Comment by thatShortChick

I’m sure everything will be fine. And its too soon to think about a little MinD running around. Or should I say, an even littler MinD =P

Oh ya, definitely no little MinDs… No way. Whatsoever. Such a scary, scary, scary thought! And you met the boyfriend … we don’t need any more of him, either!

Comment by Patrick

Hope everything’s all right!

I always have about 20 “what if” scenarios running through my head when I go to the doctor for various reasons…
And the “holy crap, what if I’m pregnant” thing totally sucks. Even when you know you’re not pregnant, it’s like that damn thought won’t get out of your head until you have finite proof!

Ya, the pregnant thing would’ve scared me more, I’m pretty sure. But hopefully this whole scenario works out okay… ::Fingers crossed:: Going to the doctors in general opens up too many possibilities for who knows what to be wrong.

Comment by rini

@MinD I will always remember Gerry as the kid who tried to use me as a napkin after showing me how to shotgun a beer at 5am on your front porch.

Ha. That would be my boyfriend.

Comment by Patrick

It’ll be OK, lady. I have friends and even my little sister have gone through this. With some, it really was nothing. With others, it was, but it’s easily taken care of. Keep your head up. *hugs*

Isn’t GiST wonderful for times like these?

GiST was wonderful, and needed. I was sooooo sad. I just had to sit down and think about everything else that was good so I wouldn’t keep freaking out. And I’ve been hearing the same thing from friends and family that they knew people who went through it and it was no big deal. Still scary… But hopefully everyone’s right.

Comment by E.P.

Big hugs from your friend to the east. Considering I still remember how it felt when I heard the words “low count” I can understand your emotions a little bit.

As for Grey’s? When Izzie was on that elavator, the bell dings, the doors slide open, and you see you-know-who (in case people don’t want spoilers) standing there in military dress? There may have been a moment of stunned disbelief. The writers played that one well.

I still can’t believe I missed you last Friday. : (

Grey’s was nuts! The writers did a great job, especially since most of us viewers are already on the edge of our seats, waiting for next season. I can’t wait to find out what happens! I’ll likely attempt to find spoilers some time this summer. And it’s perfectly okay you missed me last Friday. I definitely mentioned it last minute… Some other time!

Take care of yourself Ma’am.

Comment by Kendall

You know, sometimes you just have a little bit of an infection (thrush or something)and it can throw the whole test off. Here’s hoping it’s nothing x

Doctor said it should be nothing. I’ll find out later this afternoon.

Comment by pinkjellybaby

I went through the same type of situation last year with my OBGYN early last year, and although there was bit of a scare (she told me pretty much the exact thing she told you), I’m grateful that I had health insurance at the time, so that I’m now able to keep tabs on the situation.

I’m quite happy to have health insurance. That’s for sure. Now I just need the appointment to be over already!

Comment by Rachel

MinD, I hope the appointment went well today. Let me know what you found out! I’m thinking about you.

Even though I just talked to you, thanks again for your concern. I really appreciate it. Now to just wait for the results… Eep!

Comment by Pam Bonney

Hey sweetie! I’m a little late on reading this, but I wanted to send you my well-wishes! I hope everything is OK with you!

Everything is very good actually. Thank God, right?

Comment by Cee

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