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May 6, 2009, 2:53 pm
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The state of Maine (ME for those of you completely baffled by my headline) has become the fifth in this great United States to legalize same-sex marriage.


With so many people not reading or caring much about the news these days, sans the awesomeness of Jon Stewart, i will keep using my blog to ensure at least my readers – all 14 of you – know about these monumental changes to state laws.

Five down, 45 to go!

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It’s so interesting to hear of the states that legalize gay marriage. No matter what anyone’s stance may be on the issue, it’s good to know that there are people out there who are open minded and accepting of others. We’re heading in the right direction, in that regard.

Most certainly! And while there will be several states who will fight against gay marriage ’til it becomes a nationwide bill – North Carolina’s likely one of those, unfortunately – at least state by state we’re progressing.

Comment by Akirah

Jon Stewart is SO AWESOME!


Is it wrong that I think Stewart is kind of sexy?

Comment by thatShortChick

This is starting to feel like Dominoes, and it is awesome.

It is. The article notes that all of New England seems to be moving in that direction, although it’s likely to be another year before Rhode Island jumps on the bandwagon.

Comment by Ashley


Big yay!

Comment by angelasw

i actually DID hear about this!! and not from jon stewart but NYtimes.. i am very glad!

I knew you would be!

Comment by floreta

Three “woots” for progress!

Ha. Hear hear! (Or is it “here here”? I never know.)

Comment by hautepocket

I got an excited call from my mami about it. There may have been celebratory beer. Maybe a victory jig.

Sorry I’ve been so slack about the internets, finals were sucking up my life.

Ah, totally understandable. We’ve all been through finals. Life and the internet can wait ’til testing is done.

Comment by Kendall

HOORAY for Maine joining my Massachusetts! Come on down, NH, you’re next!!! 🙂

They say it’ll be a year or so before NH approves it. Hopefully they’ll prove us wrong and do so sooner though!

Comment by LiLu

Question, if gay marriage stays on the state-by-state path, when will people in DC be able to marry? DC only just recently got representation in congress, but they have nobody in the senate, nor do they have a Governor. I suppose at some point, it will just end up on a national level, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

I really hadn’t thought about that, but valid point. They just might have to wait for it to become a national issue, or that one whole person in congress can decide, ha.

Comment by Patrick

HORRRAAAAAAAAAAAY I’m excited for it too!:)

Now only if my country legalize it, ha!

Indo is too conservative that way..

Eh, a lot of places here are too conservative. Some states even have laws outright forbidding gay marriage. Crappy, but true.

Comment by andhari

Woohoo! I didn’t realize Maine pushed forward and legalized it, too. That’s really exciting!

Glad I could pass along the good news!

Comment by E.P.

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