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20 something-bloggers Blog Swap: Version 2009.
April 22, 2009, 12:57 pm
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blogswapAs part of 20 Something BloggersBlog Swap 4,” my blog has been taken over today by Little Erin from Erin Uncensored, and I must say, her post can resonate with ANY 20-something chick. Since we are both participating in Grace in Small Things, we stuck to that theme, so check out her post below, then head over to my blog swap post for today – at her blog, of course – and check out what I’m most grateful for this moment!

Today I am most grateful for all the hot throbs I grew up with.december0741

The pictures of Landon in the last post really got me thinking about having crushes on celebrities (yes, I still have a crush on Landon ever since he was first on the Real World). When I was a kid, I think I had more crushes on male celebrity heart throbs, than I did on the boys I knew in real life. Thinking back to the scrawny, pubescent little boys I once knew, I can see why.  

I guess I have always had a pretty vivid imagination. I never really saw crushing on a celebrity as a problem. I was convinced I would marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Jordan Knight. I just figured that it would be tough for me to meet them seeing as I was a little nobody from the east coast, and these studs where either performing all over the world or sunning themselves in good ol’ California. I figured more than likely I would probably meet them on vacation and we would fall madly in love. Then my family and I would move to the west coast and live a life in paradise. Oh, childhood dreams. I guess I still have hope. Katie Holmes got Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher got Demi Moore. Maybe I will one day end up dating Jonathan Taylor Thomas. A girl can only dream. 

Seeing as you all are probably not that interested in my childhood fantasies, I figured including some pictures of the previous loves of my life. Hope they bring back fond memories for you all.


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Oh look at the 5 lovely reasons why normal guys like me seemed so boring from 5th-9th grade, I’m not bitter about it or anything, lol.

Haha. Sorry Patty! It’s true though. You’re completely right.

Comment by Patrick

haha, i know. poor middle school boys! but i will say, many of the boys who i thought were scraggly in middle school ended up being quite the successful stud as a 20something. just goes to show. men get better as they age.

Hmmmm…. Interesting thought. Not sure the same goes for the guys I went to school though, ha.

Comment by erin

Oooh Jordan Knight, definitely my childhood fantasy!:)

Ha, I think he was for most people!

Comment by andhari

What about JT? And Phelps? God, I remember those crushes. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned them. Wasn’t Rob Thomas another? Yeah I know you weren’t in middle school really but still. And I guess I wasn’t that scrawny then :-p

I still ❤ Justin.

Comment by Jonathan

I want Jordan’s BO-DEH!!!

I saw NKOTB in concert last fall and I swear I felt like a 12 yr old all over again

That’s probably how I’d feel at an NSync concert.

Comment by Cee

haha I loved Devon Sawa, JTT, and Johnathan Brandis! But did you know that Johnathan Brandis committed suicide a couple years ago? Sad. 😦

I did know that. So very sad. I didn’t realize it for years after it happened, and I was super bummed out. I assumed he just left the acting business.

Comment by floreta

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