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Break me off a piece of that … Kit-Kat bar, of course!
April 17, 2009, 2:08 pm
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There’s a good possibility I’m addicted to reality TV. I may not watch every show within the genre – such as From G’s to Gents, American Idol and anything on CBS – but my television wanders to reality shows more often than not, and I can’t always pinpoint why.

Sure, the drama isn’t staged and overly melodramatic like scripted television. That’s most certainly part of the appeal. But I think the other part is … well, screw it. There’s no point to today’s blog. I really just wanted some banter before posting this picture:


Landon Lueck – the fine hunk of man you see above* – is back!!!!!!! And yes, a picture that large was necessary, thank you very much.

As a Real World Season 15 (Philadelphia) alumni, he’s graced my television a few times in various landon21MTV challenges before disappearing in 2005 following The Gauntlet II. But now, I could not be more excited that this nearly-30 year old is flaunting his hotness again on a weekly basis with the Duel II.

Would I probably watch the show even if his gorgeous self wasn’t there? That’s a strong possibility. But that body, oh that body, and his smile keep my ass firmly planted on the couch and in front of my 32-inch flatscreen TV at least one night per week.

So okay ladies – and fellas, of course – what reality TV stars make you swoon? …Oh, and you aren’t allowed to pick Landon. I called dibs.

* That is, if you even waited to look at the sexiness before reading. $10 says you didn’t. I wouldn’t have read a single word without staring looking at that picture first.

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Wow, that is a lot of muscle. I don’t like that many reality tv stars. The cute ones turn out to be jerks.

I’ve heard that. And typically, I don’t like that much muscle. But it’s his face I love more than anything.

Comment by Ashley

OK I promise a truce of some sorts. I promise not to discuss vomit, female masturbation, or poop (without prior warning) if you promise not to essentially shove a man’s crotch in my face without some prior warning. Savvy?

As for my hottest reality TV stars, Svetlana Shusterman from Real World/Road Rules Challenge and Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother All Stars.

Eh, we’ll see. Svetlana is adorable – though kind of a bitch, and kind of a moron and liar (I have a friend who went to high school with her). No clue who Janelle is though. Sorry.

Comment by Kendall

First off all, who stands on a fire escape in their underwear? Oh that’s right, you ladies probably didn’t even notice where he was, lol.

I’m not sure if I watch any reality TV. I watch fake reality shows: Reno 911!, The Office, Parks & Recreation. Oh, I did watch a few ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ episodes the other day. And I’m not sure if Deadliest Catch / Dirty Jobs count

….Fire escape? What? =P

Comment by Patrick

Delicious. Thank you for that perfect start to my weekend.

You are welcome.

Comment by LiLu

Do you think he’s “super delicious?”

Ha, I do, and I love that commercial – er, at least the little girl who says that!

Comment by Akirah

Mandy will allows be a love of mine ::sign::
The picture you put up, ha I thought it was David Beckham when he was younger. I’m not one for MTV, dislike a lot of shows they have.

Definitely not David Beckham, though he’s not horrible looking whatsoever!

Comment by Jonathan

There’s this chick called “cocktail” on the love of ray j show…

yes! If we ever met in real life, I would be all over her!

I know exactly who you’re talking about. She’s very cute.

Comment by Matt

Mmmm…I love Landon. But since I can respect dibs, I’ll take MJ. When he came to PSU I was mere inches away from touching that big fluffy afro of his–my only regret is that I didn’t just do it!

MJ – yet another Philadelphia vet, ha. He’s not too bad, but I think his height makes him a little less my type. He’s a tall one!

Comment by stealthnerd

He’s really attractive! I never saw him on reality TV, though, just here. And I don’t really know any other reality stars, either. Hmm.

He’s an MTV veteran, but that’s about it. And you clearly don’t watch nearly enough television! Ha.

Comment by E.P.

i officially like your blog. haha. 🙂

no seriously..
you had me at the gay ad video! laksjdf

Haha, well thank you!!

Comment by floreta

So nothing on CBS huh? Not even Big Brother?! That’s where my lust for a reality star goes…. her name is Janelle from Season 7 or 8 I think… but you wouldn’t know either way, LOL
Great blog BTW!

Thank you muchly! And nope, no CBS. I rarely land on that channel, and if I do, it’s only because CSI is on and I can’t find anything else whatsoever to watch.

Comment by Kiser

I am a huuuuuge fan of the time-suck known as Tool Academy. It’s over for the season but you should *really* check out some reruns because the hilarity is unprecedented. Vh1!

I soooo watched Tool Academy – and made the boyfriend watch it, too. Very hilarious, especially the reunion!

Comment by hautepocket

Whoa. I wasn’t ready for wang in my face.

Now I know what its like when I post half-naked women on my blog.

Hahaha. Oh, you loved it. Err, at least the rest of us did!

Comment by TOPolk

You know, it’s crotch-in-face shots like that which keep scaring me off 😛

Oh, I bet. They’d scare me away, too.

Comment by Sebastian

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