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Your scare tactics are lost on me.

I know that bloggers aren’t much into clicking links, but this is one I think you might need to make an exception for… This information was brought to my attention about a week ago via a Twitter friend and as “the blogger who regularly talks about gay marriage,” I clearly needed to pass it along.

Apparently there are efforts being made by the “National Organization for Marriage” to scare folks into believing marriage should remain one man and one woman. “Based on real incidents,” a variety of actors discuss the reasons why homosexual marriages would ruin their lives in a new television advertisement, and it’s my opinion that this ad campaign is utterly ridiculous.

“There’s a storm gathering. The clouds are dark and the winds are strong. And I am afraid.” Seriously? A storm? Do you think they even realized the comparison to something natural? Bet not.

“I am a Massachusetts parent helplessly watching public schools teach my son that gay marriage is okay.” …REALLY!? Well, if you’d like your child to have an education where he or she is taught that it is “wrong,” I strongly encourage you to reconsider the public school option. Clearly a more sheltered education – such as one at a private, religious-based school – is more ideal for your family.

“The storm is coming. But we have hope! … Coming together in love to protect marriage.” WHAT!?!?!?! In love? Weren’t you also taught to “treat others as you wish to be treated”? What happened to that? Where’s the “love” in hatred and inequality? Oh, that’s right, there’s none!

The site shows that this particular advertisement comes in response to the marriage equality amendments recently made in Vermont and Iowa. This campaign clearly aims to incite fear among viewers so marriage remains out of arm’s reach for homosexuals in the United States. I, for one, hope this is one force that can be stopped, which is the goal of the linked Web site.

Now, I am in no way asking or even encouraging anyone to delve into their pockets and contribute to the fund listed on that site – just making sure everyone knows that – but it’s a video I wanted everyone to see and react to so that one day, optimistically, these scare tactics will finally cease and gay marriage will prevail.

This advertisement is deplorable, and that’s putting it nicely. From day one I have realized and understood the stance many religiously inclined people took against gay marriage rights even if I 100% disagreed with them. However, campaigns such as this one are taking personal opinions farther than necessary. It’s more than a protest against equality; it’s a position fueled by hatred that outright mocks the idea of uniformity for all who seek marriage.

Without question, this ad disgusts me to the very core, and honestly, I hope you find the same reaction as you watch it. As always, comments on this issue, whether in agreement or otherwise, are welcomed and appreciated.

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When I first saw that ad, I wanted to throw something… but well, it wouldn’t really have the effect I’d desire…

It’s hard for me to actually form a coherent statement in response to this and everything it stands for. As a Christian I’m completely, COMPLETELY appalled.

As one of my Religion/Theology profs put it.. “Homophobia is a sin. It’s wrong, and bad… and it’s a sin.”

-Your twitter friend.

Thanks for the comment, and even bigger “thank you” for bringing this advertisement up to begin with. I was shocked watching it. Shocked, outraged, disgusted… The list goes on. And you’re right, it’s a sin. It’s still hate. I don’t understand whatsoever how even strongly devout Christians couldn’t see that. ARGH!

Comment by Rini

This probably is no surprise, but those people are all actors. Their audition tapes were released/leaked. They remind me a lot of the Yes on Prop 8 adds that played here.

Ya, I knew that. (I mentioned it in the blog actually.) But someone still had to write that crap.

Comment by Ashley

yeah, we have to stop gay marriage because then it wil make it harder for me to teach my child to be a hateful bigot like me!

They’re bigots; it may be a bit simplistic and reductionist, but it’s that simple. Bigots

Exactly. I was thinking that the entire time, but in an attempt to give people the benefit of the doubt – and I don’t know why I would, but whatev – I tried not to say it, ha.

Comment by Angela

Do you hate me because I didnt click the link?


Comment by Matt

Cmon, there is freedom of religion in America and everyone is equal…..unless you’re different then you get garbage like this thrown your way. I understand why you get so upset over people like this, I used to also, then after trying to talk to some of the ‘haters’ I realized that most don’t even know why they are against it except for calling it a sin against their religion…and half of them go to church even less than us lol.

I get very heated about this topic, even to religious people … even to my grandmother, who I know you know VERY well. Yes, even to her, because I don’t even grasp how someone who sees it as “wrong” simply due to their faith cannot see how unfair it truly is. And let me tell you, my grandmother did not like me saying to her “what if they said you couldn’t marry who you wanted to marry?” I think she was baffled at how inappropriate I thought her thinking was.

Comment by Jonathan

Contrary to popular beliefs, I usually follow the links posted, and did so today. I wasn’t really shocked, appalled, or even phased by the video and its message. If you truly believe everyone has the right to express themselves, then why is this video so wrong? The KKK are allowed to hold meetings & rallies as long as nothing illegal happens at them. Fear mongering or not, I don’t see anything wrong with the video.

Gay marriage is opposed because it challenges people’s religious beliefs and could potentially open the flood gates to other kinds of marriages, and that’s what many fear. There will always be some new struggle that people will rally behind, slavery, women’s rights, Segregation, Latino movements, polygamy, incest, gay marriage, animal human marriages, sex-bot human marriages. To become an “everything goes” type of society is clearly dangerous and I believe resistance is necessary for some positive changes to occur.

So gay marriage is in the same ranks as incest and animal/human marriages? I think not. (For the record, I’m pretty apathetic about polygamy. I’m not for or against it. Do I think someone’s an idiot for wanting the burden of being married to several people? Oh ya, but that’s their own problem.)

And what happened to separation of church and state? Do I see anything wrong with individual churches being opposed to performing same-sex marriages? Not if gay marriage conflicts with that particular faith’s belifs. But for the government to deny that right? Seems unjust.

I think the video is wrong because it’s trying to scare people into thinking a certain way, so it’s simply the fear mongering I find disgusting. It’s providing a number of “fears” to cause more fear among the people. The KKK doesn’t advertise their beliefs to incite rascism. If they did, people would be up in arms about it, but because it’s against gay marriage, people act nonchalantly about the campaign.

I’d challenge anyone who is against same-sex marriages to look a homosexual in the eye and flat out say “you aren’t as good as me and don’t deserve the same rights” because that’s what it comes down to.

P.S. Yay! Someone follows links. It happens so rarely, ha.

Comment by omegaradium

I agree with Mindy on this one… same-sex marriage is in NO way the same as animal-human marriage. We’re still keeping it in the species here.

There is a HUGE difference between one of my gay friends and a barnyard animal.

Such as animals can’t speak for themselves? Two consenting adults is WAY different than one consenting adult and an animal.

Comment by rini

Can not compare KKK to gay marriage. KKK has a history of violence so long with a lot of other illegal activities. My gay friends never put on masks and tried to kill people. And an ‘everything goes’ type of society? So we as people should stop evolving? No one, when speaking of gay marriage, is talking about any of those other topics that you named..especially the sexbot marriage, that’s a new one for me

And you would know about sexbots, right? Kidding kidding. You’re quite right about the history of violence. KKK members have a lengthy past that includes murder and arson. Homosexuals have nothing of the sort. The comparison is weak, at best.

Comment by Jonathan

I clicked the link twice just for good measure =P Fear Mongering for any purpose is wrong regardless of the cause. My guess is, this would do more harm then good for them. Levelheaded people might see how crazy these kool-aid drinkers are and realize they want no part of it.

Hahahaha. Love the “kool-aid drinkers” comparison. And while I can see people watching this ad, thinking “oh my, this could ruin my life, too,” I see how it might be more harmful than anything else as people rebel the fear tactics used.

Comment by Patrick

Ohhh this sort of thing DISGUSTS ME.

the week before Prop 8 went up, some terrible parent agreed to let their child in a commercial where they stared into the camera and said “I dont want to learn about lesbian weddings”.


Also, more to the point – can anybody name one point in America’s history where we discriminated against a group of people, and are proud of it now?

Because I Sure as shit can’t.

I’m sure a few deplorable males out there would cite the women’s revolution, but you’re right. As a whole, our country looks back on those times of discrimination with sad eyes. I’d say regret, but I’m sure many don’t think that way.

And I don’t recall ever learning specifically about marriage in school. It was moreso something discussed by parents and I doubt it’s going to wedge itself between mathematics and reading just because gays can marry.

Comment by Muppet

the heat that arises in my face about this topic is just sometimes (like, now) too much for words.

Ooo, sorry to create so much anger!

Comment by thatShortChick

I’m not against gay marriage despite what I may be implying in my responses. I, like MinD on polygamy, don’t really give a damn wether or not they marry. What I am saying is that the 1 male + 1 female origins of marriage are deeply rooted in the religious beliefs that founded our country.

You want true separation of church and state? Ok sure. Then marriage becomes nothing more than a social contract between two people in which the government signs off on. This allows for a spouse to become a medical proxy, inherit property upon death, receive employment benefits from the spouse, and tax breaks.

Once gay marriage becomes accepted by the gov, what will the next movement be? Really, what gives the gov the right to dictate a marriage has to be between 2 people? Why not more?! Marriage between two people also comes from the same religious beliefs the country was founded on. Oh but wait…polygamy comes from a branch of the Latter Day Saints, how is that fair?

Why does marriage have to be limited to humans? Some cultures believe marrying an animal is good luck, why not incorporate their beliefs into our government laws on marriage? As AIs become more advanced, a self aware AI may one day be able to fully understand and consent to marriage, what then?

My solution is to simply abolish the Gov’s rule on marriage all together. Marriage laws have been twisted in favor of women. Divorce rates are skyrocketing, and females reap all the benefits granted to them by the biased laws governing marriage and divorce.

Which brings me to another rant entirely, how is alimony, child support, and the heavily biased divorce laws going to function in a gay couple? This gay marriage thing isn’t the GBLTs, its about all marriages and their role in the government.

Just out of curiosity, MinD…do you believe people are born gay or choose it?
P.S. I know I’m shaking the hornets nest 🙂

Obviously your stance goes way beyond just gay marriage, so I get where you’re coming from then. Are you a product of divorce? I can’t imagine someone having such a strong opinion on marriage as a whole unless his or her parents divorced. (Mine divorced when I was 5.)

Anyway, like I said, I don’t see why marriage has to solely be between two people, but that’s definitely another argument altogether, and quite honestly, not one I have much of a vested interest in. Robots…animals…just kinda weird, ha, and clearly something I’ve never taken the time to stop and consider. I’m not even sure what opinion I could form other than “that’s fucking bizarre.” I don’t necessarily think gay marriage would lead to other forms of marriage being more tolerated in the U.S. – such as animal marriage – because it all seems far-fetched and like a horse of a completely different color. But I guess you’re reasoning and thought-process is pretty damn justified. But just because I think it somewhat makes sense doesn’t mean I agree that it’s correct. I do grasp where you’re coming from though.

…As for your last question, I think people are born gay. With all the bigotry and hatred against homosexuals today, I don’t know that someone would “choose” it if a real choice was presented. People also argue it’s a learned behavior, which is why so many individuals and organizations have an issue with allowing homosexual couples to adopt. I don’t believe that at all.

I didn’t move into the eighth grade and decide to like boys. I just did. And I’m sure some boy out there in the world didn’t go to school one day and choose to prefer boys over girls. It just happens. I think who we are attracted to is an innate thing. It’s the way we were born.

So what do you think? Born or chosen?

Comment by omegaradium

” I don’t necessarily think gay marriage would lead to other forms of marriage being more tolerated in the U.S. – such as animal marriage – because it all seems far-fetched…”

You know what else seemed far fetched in the past? British Territories rebelling against the king, Women voting, Blacks Freed, Space Travel, Moon Landing, Black President, Gay marriage. By simply dismissing something as being too “far-fetched” to happen, you’ve already limited your own views, much like those who oppose gay-marriage.

As far as being born or choosing…I believe we have a little of both going on.

I’m not seeing anywhere near as much “bigotry and hatred against homosexuals” as we did against African Americans. Perhaps I live in a more tolerant state/area where that type of thing just doesn’t happen?

For those that don’t believe in God, medical science has proven that all of our emotions are byproducts of chemical reactions within the body. For those that do believe in God, it is said that God works within the bounds of this world’s own ruleset. Meaning if he wants it to flood, he’ll make it rain for 40 days & 40 nights, not just have water suddenly materialize. Using that same logic, the chemical reactions within our body could be said to function within these physical rulesets. We good so far?

In 8th grade, when you suddenly started liking boys, and I started liking girls…our bodies were going through changes. Changes controlled by the very same endocrine system mentioned above. A slight irregularity in any function of that system can cause any number of effects on your body. A miniscule irrelularity is all it takes for one to become obese, diabetic, too skinny, too small, too big, too fragile, high/low libido etc.

I’m going to speculate that those that are truly “born gay” are actually suffering from a slight irregularity of their endocrine system. Did God make them that way? Sure, we can say that if you want to believe that. Just like God makes obese people, deformed people, diabetics, etc. Do we have to live that way? No, diabetics take insulin. People with weight issues take artificial hormones or have surgery. Deformed people may undergo plastic surgery, etc.

I know it comes off like I’m saying being gay is a disease or something, but its not. IMO, its simply a byproduct of your own endocrine system, most likely in the hypothalamus. So there…justification for being born gay.

Choosing to be gay is another popular opinion. Personnaly, I see more and more females engaging in what can be described as “lesbian” behavior everyday. Its socially acceptable for women to perform sexual acts with other women and be considered straight. In many cultures, like the Greek Spartans, the manliest of men engaged in “gay” behaviors and acts but were never considered gay. A renaissance man in modern times is often ridiculed and seen as “gay” simply because he isn’t flaunting his machismo and “sexing” any woman willing. As society has began to embrace the gays, its become more and more socially acceptable for both genders to participate in this type of behavior. Dare I say, some might even consider it “cool,” and an enticing way of being accepted for who they are.

Just letting you know upfront, I hate science. Actually, I’d go with “loathe.” Ha. Least favorite subject of all time…

Anywho. You have a great point that some people choose to act a certain way, such as girls who make out with other girls at the bar then go home to their boyfriend. It is what it is. It’s acting in a particular manner for attention. And I’m not getting into the Greek stuff because, well, next to science, I also wasn’t a fan of history, so my knowledge there is quite limited.

Of course, I happen to be the kind of person who believes that you don’t love someone because of how they look. You love someone for who they are. I don’t actually think labels such as straight, bisexual and gay are really necessary. Sure, people are attracted to a certain type, which is what gives those titles meaning, but that’s about it. I don’t love my boyfriend because he’s a guy, but rather because of who he is. If I were sexually attracted to girls, a woman with the same personality as my boyfriend might be just as appealing. However, aside from being able to see a woman as beautiful, my sexual attraction to her is quite low, which is why I date dudes.

Going back to your first part – I’m apparently moving out of order, sorry! – yes, a lot of things seemed “far fetched” in the past and yet are reality today. And my complete belief is that no matter how much people fight against gay marriage, it, too, will become commonplace in a matter of time. And seriously, I’ve actually never once heard an argument that the United States should legalize bot-marriage or animal-marriage, etc. Not once until you said it, which make it a bit more out of my realm of thought. But to be honest, I don’t give a flying fuck if people want to marry animals or robots or my coffee maker (I really don’t have a coffee maker). I, however, don’t see it becoming the norm any time soon.

…And I live in North Carolina, which isn’t exactly tolerant, although this isn’t where I see the hatred toward homosexuals. I read it in the news, see it online, hear it from my own grandmother (true, and sad). And while I highly doubt it compares to the rascism African Americans endured, I am of the utmost belief that the gay marriage issue is the same equality issue with a new face. Perhaps not on the same scale, but it’s the same argument.

Comment by omegaradium

what’s up with that storm metaphor? ugh!!

gay marriage / gay rights is something i feel pretty passionately about. thanks for posting this.

No problem. It’s clearly something I’m quite passionate about myself, as well. And that metaphor was ridiculous.

Comment by floreta

so i assume you’ve already seen the colbert reports version of this? 😀 if not, go watch!!

I’m not a huge Colbert fan, so I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll go search it out.

Comment by floreta

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