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I sadly can’t afford both, so…
April 9, 2009, 9:49 am
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…I need your help. There are two GORGEOUS handbags I badly want, but I simply cannot purchase both. Hell, it’s a stretch to buy one, though I won’t let cost dictate which of these two I choose (I also have a few bucks still left from my tax refund, collecting interest dust in my savings account).

Both of these were found through Oh How Lovely Shops (and can both be found via Etsy), so thanks a ton to Jamie for forcing this quandry upon me. However, I turn to you guys to help me pick between them.

NOTE: I’m looking for a clutch to take with me to Penn State in two weeks – maybe vacation in the summer as well – primarily for bar hopping as I hate shoving everything I own in my jeans pockets. And for those who don’t know me personally, I rarely “dress up.” I’m a jeans and dressy-ish/cute top kind-of-girl at all times. I’m also not one for swapping purses every ten seconds so whichever one I choose would be the one I take with me every night (plus I’m flying, leaving very little space for “extra stuff” to pack).

A) From Yorktown Road on Etsy.

This would actually be in a "dark red raspberry" color.

"Cranberry" is shown, but mine would actually be in a "dark red raspberry" color. Very similar and can be seen via the link.

B) From Shakuyaku on Etsy.

The site says it's out of stock, but the designer said she can make me one.

The site says it's out of stock, but the designer said she can make me one. However, it'll take 10 days to ship out.

I hope to buy this by Friday, at the latest, as I’m leaving town in two short weeks. Click the links for more pictures of both items and let me know your thoughts. And if you have a different bag you think I might like, let me know! I’m open to any and all options, but these are two clutches I completely fell in love with. Thanks all!

…Well, clearly the raspberry clutch (option A) won the battle, and I already sent in my order. Thanks for all the help everyone! My dog – my only roommate – is rather bad at fashion advice, so I’m quite glad I could turn to my blog for assistance. Thanks again!

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Defo second one, it looks better quality, it has a beautiful shape and it looks fun too.

It does have a gorgeous look to it.

Comment by crazykites

Omg, I’m SO jealous that you’re going back to PSU!!!!

You should go. I’m heading up for Blue & White. Flying from here to Baltimore then driving with a friend. Should be FABULOUS!

Comment by stealthnerd

I think that the raspberry one would go well with the jeans/dressyish-top combo as well as look very unique and not over-the-top. ???

I was thinking the same thing, too. But then I saw the other one and couldn’t decide!

Comment by Oats (Justin)

I like the Dark Red one’s style, its classy but it isn’t trying too hard. The Shakuyaku one just seems like its drunkenly screaming out “look at me, I’m classy!”

Then again…I’m a guy who knows very little, if anything, about style. : \

Ha, those were great comments though! And very similar to what I thought because with how I dress – more casual than dressy – I don’t want to overdo it with an overly classy bag.

Comment by omegaradium

I like the dark reds style better plus you know you will definately have it in time before you go. The black and white one does seem more universal to go with any outfit, hope you enjoy which one you decide to go with.

True. Black and white goes with anything. But you also know how I dress more than most people here – as you actually know me – so you might be able to better decipher what’s more “me” … if that makes sense.

Comment by Jonathan

Red red red!!

Red is in the lead right now!

Comment by pinkjellybaby

Definitely the first. I love the color and the pleating. Very simple but chic plus it adds a pop of color!

I do love the pleating. I thought it also worked well as dressy or casual.

Comment by Jamie

#2!! I mean, B. It’s adorable.

Isn’t it? Did you notice the inside is blue? LOVE that feature. (You’d have to click the link for more photos to see that.)

Comment by Ashley

i chose B even though i’m totally in the minority. i was considering the size factor, and the black just LOOKS bigger than the darker red one. plus when i saw the b&w clutch on Oh! How Lovely Shops, i was seriously considering buying it for myself.

so, now i hope to live vicariously through you.

B is looking like the minority at the moment. I’m not overly worried about size, as I can’t imagine putting much more in there than a few beauty items, cash, ID, cell phone, keys. They are both very comparable for that purpose. And regardless of which bag I get, feel free to come to MoTown and borrow it, ha.

Comment by thatShortChick

I voted for the first one. I love that cranberry color. I also like the idea of a zipper instead of the snap closure.

A coworker of mine didn’t like the zipper. Interesting. Ha. I do love the color though.

Comment by Megan

The first one. No doubt. It looks classy and timeless 🙂

Thanks for the opinion! I never considered it “timeless,” but it just might be.

Comment by andhari


Did you miss the part about not being able to get both? Would you like to purchase one of them for me?

Comment by rs27

Definitely the “dark red raspberry!” It will go with more outfits, and you can dress it up or down. That’s it, Mindy, you brought out the real chick in me. 😉

Haha. I’m glad I brought out “the real chick.” And you’re very right, dress up or down.

Comment by Tristan | the almost right word

I like them both!
I know I’m a little late but I can see how it was so hard to choose between the two. Post pics of yours when you get it in!

I will. I’m bringing it with me to a mini-vacation next week, so maybe an actual usage shot, haha.

Comment by Cee

I’m LOVING that first one! Lovely!

That’s the one I bought! And only $33 with shipping. Not bad at all.

Comment by E.P.

I would have voted for the red raspberry too! both are SO cute!

I agree with you that Amanda Seyfried is unconventionally gorgeous. that’s what i love so much about her! she’s interesting to look at, ya know? 🙂

I brought the red raspberry one out this weekend. Loved it!

And she is interesting! So many people are stereotypical pretty, but I like that she’s so different.

Comment by Jasmine

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