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Zippity Doo Dah. Zippity Aye.
April 7, 2009, 4:46 pm
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That about sums it up.

After working 65 hours from last Monday to this past Sunday, I’ve already logged 18+ hours in between yesterday and today for this new week (that makes 83 hours of work in nine days, and I haven’t left the office yet for the night). And let’s face it folks, I’m pooped! The well of creativity is currently dry, and I thought I’d find some lovely Google art* to share with you fine faces to say just that. ‘Til tomorrow.

* In reality, I don’t entirely understand this pink pic, so feel free to explain it to me. I mean, is his mouth detached, thus trying to convey the message that he has nothing to say? I can’t even tell. So sleepy … so confused!!

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It shows that real men wear pink…not really though. I hope you are planning a vacation working all those hours!

Mini vacation to Penn State in two weeks.

Comment by Jonathan

It looks like his mouth is just wrapped up with a bandanna or something. Get some rest. I like your writings.

Thanks hun! I slept SO well last night. I may be back to normal already.

Comment by TOPolk

Maybe he’s giving someone the silent treatment?

That doesn’t explain what’s up with his mouth though…

Comment by Patrick

soooo understandable, I’m feeling that way too. You’ll get your creative writing mode soon and for the time being, just enjoy the blah-ness. I’m trying to do so 😛

I’m working on it. I feel like escaping the Internet entirely, but work makes that near impossible.

Comment by andhari

Story of my life. Get some rest, friend. The inspiration will come.

I feel well-rested today, but it’s likely to diminish soon!

Comment by Akirah

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