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Three down, 47 to go.
April 3, 2009, 11:24 am
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Who would have thought that Iowa – a state in the heartland of America – would allow same-sex marriages before dozens and dozens of other states (and especially before California!?)? Not me, that’s for sure, but it’s clearly another huge step for gay marriage and I could not be happier about that!

Iowans…you’ve done quite well and have something to be crazy proud of today!

But a small note to Rev. Keith Ratliff, Sr. of Des Moines’ Maple Street Baptist Church: I hope you find yourself rotting in hell for your eternal life for calling homosexuality a “perversion.” Better yet, I hope you live to see the day where America as a whole not just allows, but welcomes gay marriage. It will happen. Mark my words, it will happen.

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Gooood for them , I hope more states follo this fine example 🙂

Slowly, but surely, they will. (I hope!)

Comment by andhari

I love how the most judgmental people in this country are tied to religions that preach not to be judgmental upon others.

Is it me, or is there some kind of mix-up/flaw that has been passed along the way? I don’t know who this Rev. is, but who is he to pass judgment upon an entire group of people? That makes him no different from Hitler!

And that’s how Oats feels about religious leaders.

You’re quite right. It baffles me that people who teach love and compassion can be so hateful at the same time. How can they truly believe that persecuting homosexuals will get them into heaven? It’s utterly ridiculous and hypocritical.

Comment by Justin (Oats)

My adopted mom sent me a text message at work yesterday to tell me the news.

In response to Justin, until he starts advocating the death of homosexual individuals on a mass scale he isn’t on Hitler’s level. A bigoted idiot that makes me a bit ashamed to consider myself a Christian, yes, but not that completely evil.

Good point. Not quite Hitler-esque … yet.

Comment by Kendall

I hope they don’t go the way of a constitutional amendment like we did here in California. I’m excited to hear the commentary on this next week, because it’s easy to talk about crazy-liberal California, but this is Iowa!

I never would have expected this to come from a midwestern state, whatsoever. Unfortunately though, if Prop 8 taught us anything, it’s to somewhat expect the unexpected because I think people truly believed that proposition would quickly be turned down in California, and yet it wasn’t.

I read somewhere at the end of last week that Iowa was also one of the first states to allow black and white people to marry – or something along those lines, and I hope no one crucifies me if I’m a little off. But if that’s the case, then maybe we shouldn’t be so shocked after all.

Comment by Ashley

I know I really should have an opinion on this, but for some reason I just can’t find which side to stand on. I was raised in a Catholic family, while attending a Catholic school…but at the same time I do believe in complete freedom of choice. *sigh* I just don’t know!

And that’s the problem a lot of people have. Their religion conflicts with what they see as equality. I was raised Catholic – and attended Catholic school for 10 years – but for me, the question is an easy one. I may not be fighting for my own rights, but I, personally, would never want a single gay friend of mine to feel one ounce of unfairness simply because his or her sexual preference. And that makes my stance on the issue a simple one to decide.

Comment by omegaradium

Go Iowa!


Comment by Cee

I was definitely excited to see this… however, I’m afraid things will change with the next general election. But I do love that this will stir up some things, and maybe help bring change nationwide.

It could definitely change in an election. I suppose we just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best. At least it brings the topic back to the forefront again after it faded off a bit following the passing of Prop 8 in Cali.

Comment by Rini

It made me so happy to see that on the news. SO very excited that another state is being more accepting. Being from the South, I mostly hear negative things upon negative things about gay marriage. It’s refreshing to see someone taking positive action about it.

In general, there seems to be more negative news about it than anything else. It was about damn time something positive finally happened.

Comment by E.P.

I am also surprise- and thrilled! Hell yeah Iowa!

Nicely said! Ha.

Comment by LiLu

Here in the UK they are ‘civil ceremonies’. I think the phrase ‘marriage’ is still avoided, but all of the normal benefits available to boy/girl marriages are also available to gay partnerships!

I think it will be some time until gay marriages occur in a church though — I guess the same is true of America 🙂

It will be a crazy LONG time before churches even think about performing gay marriages, if you ask me. But being “recognized in the eyes of God” is a personal belief more than anything else.

Comment by Sebastian

This is a very good thing.

and you’re right… totally surprising.

I wonder what state will be next. Maybe Wyoming, or North Dakota, or Mississippi will completely surprise us…

Comment by Matt

gay and lesbian people deserves marriage!

So very, very, VERY true.

Comment by Ax

Four down, thank you Vermont! If this pace keeps up we might finish the year with ten lol

1/5? That’d be good. Who knows if it’ll happen though… Can’t be too optimistic, unfortunately.

Comment by Jonathan

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