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Gay marriage in the South? Blasphemy!
March 23, 2009, 3:56 pm
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So, it’s been a little while since I’ve brought up the subject of gay marriage, but an article in today’s Charlotte Observer – courtesy of the Associated Press – has allowed the topic to arise yet again on A MinD in MoTown.

Turns out that a recent Elon University poll showed that barely more than half of North Carolina adults oppose a state amendment that would specifically limit marriage to a man and woman. (Check out the full article HERE or ignore this link completely because I’m going to rant a bit about the crux of it anyway.)

Of the 620 NC residents surveyed, 50.4% said they are against such an amendment, while 43% said they would be in favor of the legislation. Looking at those figures, the state seemingly looks less conversative than assumed. However, there’s not only margin of error of plus/minus 4 percentage points, which could entirely change the results to reflect the opposite, but 6.6% of those 600+ North Carolinians either refused to respond or weren’t unsure of their answer.

Sorry, but that’s a whole lot of people who were possibly too afraid to express their true opinions via a poll. After all, didn’t similar surveys prior to the vote on Proposition 8 show that Californians would vote against the legislation? I believe so, and yet we all witnessed the true outcome only a few months ago.

These newly released NC statistics in NO WAY show that this particular southern state would vote against an anti-gay marriage amendment, despite the way the article is framed and presented by the AP and Observer. My opinion? Whatever editor let the lead and headline for this story fly despite facts that oh-so-hardly show a majority percentage in opposition to marriage limitations was clearly not thinking straightly (no pun intended).

In fact, the article continues and notes that although more than half of these individuals said they would vote in opposition of “only a man and woman” marriage terminology, they would not necessarily support gay marriage in this state. A meager 21% said they would support full spousal rights for homosexual couples. So sad, but expected, I suppose, of a southern state. Needless to say, yours truly was not surveyed.

Regardless of the poll, it turns out that in North Carolina – and this is clearly not a fact I was previously aware of – current law states that legal marriage is one “created by the consent of a male and female person.” Is it just me or does that already somewhat specify that same-sex marriages are not welcome here? I would say so, but apparently more precise wording is needed by legislators.

One day, I truly hope to look back on all of these blog posts and see a change. No longer will I be bashing government officials and religious-happy southerners for their blindness toward equality. Change is needed and I know it will come in my lifetime. I look forward to that day more than you can imagine.

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I cannot stand this whole “anti-gay marriage” BS. how can one group of regular, ordinary people tell another group of regular, ordinary people who (or is it whom?) they can or can’t marry?!

This issue raises my blood pressure a few thousand points. I can’t stand the hypocrisy that arises when this issue is brought to the surface.

Just how I feel. What gives some people the right to think they can dictate the lives of others? Baffles my mind!

Comment by thatShortChick

I was largely raised by two women in this state so hearing those figures came as pretty much no surprise to me.

I love where I’m from but sometimes I truly do want to beat these people on the head with a cold fish.

Cold fish, huh? I hope the fish is dead. He didn’t do anything wrong, after all.

Comment by Kendall

First of all I usually take survey information as a grain of salt, since you never know all the factors that go into them. Anyways, what amazes me is how different those numbers are. 50% are against the ban, yet only 21% would give them the rights that come with the title? What kind of elitist shit is that? Sure you can get married, but you can’t have the rights that I do? That’s just wrong. I wont get into my thoughts on marriage, but I’ll gladly say that a long-term gay couple (regardless of title) should be awarded the same rights as a married couple.

It is sooooo wrong. I’m curious to your thoughts on marriage though Patty.

Comment by Patrick

I simply do not understand why people would want to deny the gay/lesbian community the joys of divorce. So what, only straight people are allowed to go through the often decade-long battles between lawyers? This simply isn’t fair!!!

On a more serious note, it’s interesting living in a city in the south, because it seems like everyone…err a lot of people are supportive of same-sex marriage or at least don’t believe in banning it, but once you step one step outside the city limits, you may as well hang a confederate flag. Needless to say, I’ve been whipped by the bible belt. Now I’m back up north where people don’t use religion to back their decisions – it’s just how it is.

{shakes invisible stranger and asks why?} Cuz that’s how they been raised. Like my mom – who is all for gay rights except for X and Y just because. I’ll give her the religion card for marriage – damn Roman Catholics… but no civil unions either. Nope, they shouldn’t get discounts on insurance. Nope, definitely shouldn’t get tax breaks. Why not. Well… that’s obvious. Is it? Well……they’re…..

They’re what? Yogurt covered Craisins? I love circular logic. In the mind of the beholder, it’s flawless. But throw them a wrench and they get all stopped up for a minute before going back to that old skipped record.

I’m all for – I do care what happens, but in a way I don’t because eventually when we stop voting in close-minded assholes, all of these laws will be overturned and we will look back and be disgusted at how backward people used to be.

Quite the interesting comment only because I never would’ve seen a reference to Craisins coming, ha. I agree though. It’s the people that are voted into office that are ruining it for everyone, and I’m at least proud to say those are not people I casted my ballot for. Definitely not.

This issue truly makes me miss the north where maybe people held some reservations about gay marriage, but they weren’t so religiously motivated to say them. Northerners at least seemed more understanding even if it was not something they entirely agreed with.

Comment by Justin (Oats)

I’m sorry I’m not really an advocate on fish rights. I know, damn me and my apathetic self.

Eh, it’s okay. You are forgiven.

Comment by Kendall

I thought it was only small towns in PA that cling to religion :-p. Now you can’t just blame one particular group, such as roman Catholics because there are a number of religions that are against it. Most politicians are afraid of a backlash from voters but it would be a major step in itself if we could just get people together to discuss the issues at hand that are preventing people from getting married. I know a higher percentage of happy gay couple then happy straight couples. Legalizing gay marriage might decrease divorice rates in America. But we all know that not everyone is going to listen or even want to listen. There are a lot of people that still think the Earth is only a couple thousand years old and that God created everything in six days…don’t even get me going on their beliefs with evolution also, one step at a time though

I don’t know that it will increase or decrease divorce rates, but regardless, religion, in my opinion, should be entirely separate from this issue.

Comment by Jonathan

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