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365 Days.
March 18, 2009, 12:49 pm
Filed under: Adventures in "Motherhood"

One year ago today, I flew back to Charlotte from a five-day Scranton visit and drove my butt directly to a local animal shelter.

It was only a week beforehand that I put down a deposit for this adorable black puppy, four months old, whose name was Raleigh. She was shy, but quite inquisitive and unbelievably excited.


And just 365 days later, she’s had her name changed to Sophie – she was a Sophie the minute I met her – and moved with me into a new home. She’s experienced her first major snowfall, traveled 1,000 roundtrip miles with me to Pennsylvania and back, learned to sit and shake hands, had her first birthday and shared more than a few ups and downs with her still-learning-how-to-be-a-pet-owner mother. But I love her more than anything and I’m certain she loves me just the same. (And if ever I doubt that, her 10-minute joyfest the moment I arrive home from work clears up that confusion quickly!)

As I look back on this same day of 2008, I’m so glad and grateful that little dog’s life collided with mine. I think a new toy and maybe a big treat are in order tonight as I celebrate this milestone anniversary with my puppy girl.

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Awwww I’m so jealous!

Go get a puppy! I bet he or she would be loads of fun.

Comment by pinkjellybaby

Aw, happy Adoptaversery.

Thank you muchly!!

Comment by Dutchess of Kickball

I. Love. Her. She’s so gorgeous. We had our one year anniversary with Calvin in December and we’ll have our one year with Theo in June. It’s amazing how time flies…this must be what parents feel like.

I think you love her ’cause she’s part dachshund! Ha. Time does fly. Feels like just yesterday I was picking her up from the shelter. I can’t even imagine having an actual human child. Time would wiz by.

Comment by Ben

Happy Puppyversary! What a great day to celebrate 🙂

I’m hoping to get out of work soon so she and I can play outside. We’ll see how that goes though…

Comment by Jossie Posie

Who are you kidding? You haven’t owned Sophie for a year, she’s owned you! lol, When was the last time you saw that dog lay on a floor, where a normal dog would? I’m surprised you don’t fluff her pillow before bed. =P I kid, I kid, but who couldn’t love this face: http://tinyurl.com/dmd56v

Aw, love that photo! She does own me. I won’t lie, ha. She runs that house and I just clean up after her.

Comment by Patrick

Aww, your little glasses-eater is adorable. I can so completely relate to the 10 minute joyfest.

I get the same joyfest, albeit much briefer, in the mornings after I feed her. Crazy excited for some strange reason.

Comment by Kendall

Aww, puppy! It’s hard to believe it has been a year, huh? She is precious!

Thank you! And it’s SO hard to believe. I think the fact that she truly hasn’t grown that much either makes it feel shorter, as if I’m still expecting her to be a bit bigger. I mean, I’m kind of glad she isn’t any larger, but to me, she seems the same size as she was at 4 months (although I’m certain she’s grown a bit).

Comment by E.P.

So adorable! It’s amazing how little balls of fur can change our lives sometimes!

Isn’t that the damn truth.

Comment by Cee


My dog is sitting right here and he totally wants to make out with her. I’m all, “Ari! No! You know you’re not allowed to date until you’re 16!”

Ha. Well, 16 in dog years is just over 2 years old. Sophie has about another year before she hits that mark.

Comment by hautepocket

It’s funny how puppies can change your life. I’m so happy I got Edie.

Happy one year ❤

And Edie is so adorable! Thanks muchly for the comment.

Comment by Jamie

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