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I wish my dog pooped dollars.
March 16, 2009, 4:04 pm
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$300. That’s how much my one-year-old puppy* cost me on Friday.

01040913121As a childless individual – and I’m very much okay with that – my dog is pretty much the only other living creature on this earth I must worry about aside from myself. And, truth be told, she probably eats better than I do as I regard her health far above my own. I mean, how many 20-somethings out there who regularly munch on fast food, a variety of pastas, pepperoni pizza and way-too-much white rice solely feed their Heinz-57 (i.e. mutt) puppies natural/organic meals and treats?

Yep. I’m a bit of a moron.

Friday brought my beloved Sophie and I to her annual vet appointment where I assumed the bill would reach into three digits. She was due for her shots and I wanted to discuss some skin issues my baby girl – yes, I call her that – had been having. Being the underpaid individual that I am, I waited for my federal tax refund before scheduling an appointment and with four digits worth of monies 03020915041back from the government, I knew spending 1/4 of that on my glasses-eating, accident-having dog would be perfectly possible even if I somewhat wanted nothing more than to splurge my dollars on this beautiful chair-and-a-half I’ve been pining over for several months.

One hour later, my puppy-puppy – I also refer to her as such because yes, I am that lame awesome – had her annual vaccines and a complete checkup as well as medicated shampoo, prescription meds for her skin irritation, a year supply of heartworm pills and the undoubtedly uncomfortable feeling lingering long after a long blue stick was shoved up her ass for a fecal sample. (I hope none of you were consuming your lunch as you read that. My apologies.)

02020922531And so I shelled out $244 at the vet’s office before traveling to Petco with my slightly violated Sophie and waving goodbye to another $60 for the Frontline flea meds the doctor strongly recommended. She also pranced out of the store as the proud owner of an organic pork bone she refused to put down which made its way into the trash two days later because it made her shit turn yellow and that kinda creeped me out.

Was my puppy girl worth the dough? Of course. Should I have become a veterinarian and made millions (overestimate, I know) overcharging overworked/underpaid pet owners for a multitude of tests, problems, etc. that they likely know nothing about? Clearly.

* This blog entry gives me an amazing excuse to post some pictures of my Sophie baby girl.


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No one ever needs an excuse to post adorable pics of their pup. She’s so cute and I am sure worth every penny.

She definitely is!

Comment by Jossie Posie

AWW!!! =)

I rescued my cat (then kitten) from a garbage bin 2 yrs ago. Being single 20-something, it’s nice to have a small companion. They’re worth every cent.

That was so sweet of you! I rescued mine – still cost me $200, but no big – one year ago from a local shelter. She was part of a litter that the owner did not want, and she was the last one of her brothers and sisters left. I fell in love immediately!

Comment by phampants

She’s so cute! Totally worth the investment! Why did they have to get the fecal sample?

They test it. I want to say it’s how they check for heartworms, but don’t quote me on that.

Comment by Angela

Ah, Sophie is adorable. I want a dog so badly, but I’m really worried about the costs involved.

Her typical monthly costs aren’t too bad. The food I buy her is a bit more expensive than typical, but she has a few allergy issues. Other than that and a new toy here and there, it’s just the expenses of her annual checkup and any health problems that may arise.

For me, living by myself, it’s worth it. It’s great having someone – albeit a dog – with me, especially when I hear a strange noise.

Comment by Ashley

Don’t worry about your doggie nicknames. Mine is often referred to as Baby Dog.

I think we all do it. My dog back home, Licorice, was often called “Lic-a-poo-poo.” Lame, but true.

Comment by Dutchess of Kickball

Your dog is precious! And I’m totally with you on the doggy nicknames and feeding my dog better than myself. (She eats freaking fancy food compared to me because she has a weak tummy!)

Whenever I bring Sophie to my boyfriend’s parent’s place, they feed her this mix of dry and wet food. My spoiled brat. Ha.

Comment by E.P.

I’ll give you $20 for your dog right now.


Comment by Matt

Dogs are mans best friend, and we all have the ONE friend who is always broke and needs you to “spot him a few bucks” every now and then. 😛

Hehe, good point!

Comment by omegaradium

She is such a sweetie! What a cute dog!

Like you, I spend hundreds, if not thousands on my cutie Coco. She eats better than I do, she has a TON of toys (and knows them all by name), and doesn’t have to bust her ass at work to get all of that.

Lucky bitch. 😉

Have you ever considered finding ‘pet health insurance’? I have a plan for Coco and it’s saved me a TON. All the office visits are free (which helps because I’m one of those people who freaks out and rushes her to the vet when the smallest thing seems off), there is a discount involved on pet meds (including flea prevention), and her annual oral care & her spay was ALL included! Oh, and all of her shots are included too.

Mine is only about $27/mo and I’ve had her on it since I first got her @ 12 weeks

I had looked into it when I first got her, but then decided against it. $27/mo isn’t bad at all, but that amounts to nearly $325/year, which is less than I actually paid for her vet appointment and the medicines she needed. She was already spayed when I got her (yay!).

Comment by Cee

omg, she is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever seen!! 🙂 Please keep posting pictures.

Aw thanks. I plan to. Even as early as today.

Comment by Megan

sophie really is a pretty dog! you are quite lucky=) if she poops dollars anytime soon though…could you breed her please? thanks.

I most certainly will!

Comment by splendidmishap

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