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March 5, 2009, 4:33 pm
Filed under: Recommended by yours truly

For the last several days, I’ve been addicted to a Yahoo! online game and I think it’s about damn time I passed it along to you fine folks.


After all, who doesn’t want to pretend to be our 43rd President of the United States, flinging hot dogs for the masses?

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First Word Whomp, now this. It’s a wonder I get any work done.

It was Facebook’s Scramble that had me for the longest time. Then I got the high score among my friends and became disinterested, which brought this gem to my doorstep.

Comment by Kendall

Hiya! Thanks for your comment 😀
How’s that game? I might try playing it!

Very fun, even more addictive! Ha.

Comment by Thrice

Holy crap that is the greatest game ever! I just wasted a good hour playing it and now my whole right side is all cramped up.

Awwww… My hand gets stuck in the position of the mouse when I play, ha.

Comment by Angela

LOL this is certainly a new addiction!!!

Most definitely. It’s in my bookmarks at work for when I get bored!

Comment by andhari

Damn You! 🙂

You are welcome.

Comment by [F]oxymoron

LOVE it.. thanks for passing it along!

Not a problem, and thank you!!

Comment by Cee

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