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Via the WordPress Dashboard, I discovered a link to Unreasonable Faith quite some time ago, but never made it a blog I regularly read. Then, a few weeks ago, it popped up on again on the dashboard with an article I just had to check out: How to Stump Anti-Abortionists With One Question.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that my liberal self is very pro-choice, but that “one question” – “If abortion was illegal, what should be done with the women who have illegal abortions?” – made me think quite a bit even though there’s zero possibility of me ever believing on the most minute scale that abortion should be illegal. I’m still fairly uncertain how I’d respond and I read this blog/watched the video within nearly two weeks ago.

I recommend checking it out and, if you feel up to it, letting me know your thoughts.

Personally, I could not believe that the majority of these anti-abortionists featured within the blog’s video did not have a response when confronted with questions of punishment for illegal abortions. Perhaps that is something those who are staunchly pro-life should consider before taking a visual stand against a woman’s right to choose. In my own opinion, a religiously or morally based stance on the issue is quite understandable, but I truly think one should have a fully formed judgment on the matter and that includes potential punishment for women if abortion were to become illegal.

Fortunately, I’m fairly certain – and will remain as such – that pro-lifers will never win their argument in the court system. Or at least I’ll hope and pray (you know, when if I do) that that never occurs.

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The next time I see the roommate I’ll have to ask him this question. It’ll be fun to watch him squirm.

Him or pretty much any person I go to Mass with.

I have a few people in mind also that I wouldn’t mind posing this question to.

Comment by Kendall

Thanks for the link, Mindy!

Anytime! It was definitely an article worth bringing to people’s attention.

Comment by Daniel Florien

you know, I waiver on the abortion topic from situation to situation. No, I’ve never had a girl have one. I just think it’s a situational thing.

I think the logic for that question is easy, though. The answer is harsh, but I’m shocked the anit-abortionist could come up with “Murder 1” as a penalty.

From that side of the argument that would likely quell a lot of the drama with illegal abortions, I think.

I wasn’t terribly shocked that they didn’t answer that way only because they all seemed to be Christians who simply wanted to forgive. I could easily see how others, however, might not feel so lenient.

Comment by thismayconcernyou

the murder is tooo harsh.


Comment by andhari

This is extremely interesting. I grew up in a Christian household and went to a Christian college, so I am very familiar with the stereotypical pro-lifer. While I would consider myself anti-abortion (I can think of few people who are excited about the thought of aborting a fetus), I am not yet one hundred percent sure how I feel about the issue. I love Jesus with all my heart, but I feel like some things are gray, not black and white. But I digress. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve had great discussions with friends about it.

Living in the south, I’ve seen the pro-lifers in a completely different light. At least up north they were more understanding, so it seemed. Down here, it’s as if I’m being judged for being pro-choice. It’s a very grey situation, for sure.

Comment by Akirah

I used to argue with somebody who was very pro life and they strongly believed the women should be tried for murder 1. They felt it was an appropriate punishment for making bad decisions. He was insane obviously.

“For making bad decisions”? How ridiculous. I guess that’s why I’m pro-choice because I don’t grasp at all how it could truly be a “bad decision” when it’s that specific woman’s body.

Comment by Megkathleen

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