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February 9, 2009, 3:49 pm
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E.P. from Stylish Handwriting requested that I post a photo of my newest tattoo because she has yet to see it. I got it back in November, so those of you following me via Twitter have likely already seen this, but … well, that’s just too damn bad.

"There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be." The Beatles

"There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be." The Beatles

Definitely just pulled up my hair and asked a coworker to take a photo of the back of my neck. Yep, I’m classy.

Editor: “Wow. What did I just walk into?”

Ha. Oops! Anywho, for those inquiring minds, this was my second tattoo, and was entirely done on a whim. I had been thinking about getting another one for quite some time – they’re addictive, honest – and on a quiet newsroom Friday, I walked half a block to the nearest tattoo parlor, Anything’s Possible, and inquired about prices. Two hours later – because I had to finish my “work day” first, of course – I had that on the back of my neck. Schweeeet. (P.S. It’s not crooked. It’s just the photo and my poor posture making it look that way.)

My first tattoo was done at Art of the Ages in State College, Pa. (which doesn’t have a Web site (weird!), but is where Penn State is located) on a weekend trip there to visit friends, September 2007.

Penn State paws. Yep, I'm that awesome.

Penn State paws. Yep, I'm that awesome.

I currently have $130 worth of ink on my body with plans for a few more, although I prefer locations where they can easily be hidden, hence my foot and the back of my neck (my hair is halfway down my back and I wear A LOT of collared shirts). I’m looking to go more cliche with the next two – a shamrock (I am Irish indeed) and some stars – but there’s a lot of meaning to the specific designs I’d like for those.

For now, I’m broke and simply drooling over the artwork of others. C’est dommage.

…I showed you mine, now show me yours.

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Apparently I have a jacked up hairline. It’s whatever.

Comment by amindinmotown

WOW! I’ve always wanted to get inked…
I don’t have the balls. I’ll go and chicken out when I sit down. One day though, I will have big enough boulders to get one.

I love that quote!!

The first one is the worst only because you don’t know what to expect. But once you do it, you realize it’s really not that bad at all!

Comment by Heather

That’s a pretty nice tattoo for a whim… not gonna lie.


Comment by downbeats

Its not a pity at all! The scarcity of funding will make your next tattoo even more memorable. When you look back and think about the design’s meaning and all the work you had to do to save up for it, you’ll be glad it didn’t come easy.

Very good point. I didn’t think of it that way at all.

Comment by omegaradium

I like it!

You can check out mine here:

It’s a long story, but I promise you get there eventually!

Your tattoo and the meaning behind it is so amazing. Very creative.

Comment by miss button

I love girls with neck tattoos. For serious. There was this one girl in French class that had one in front of me, I asked her if I could touch it.

She ran.

I played that wrong in hindsight.

You can touch mine my neck tattoo anytime.

Comment by rs27

I did see this when you posted your Twitpic, but I have to say, GUTS, GIRL! And I love it.

I have a small one on the back of my ankle. It’s a Chilean indigenous design. Doesn’t have a meaning, but I got it while I was living in the country and it held meaning for me. Unfortunately, it reminds some people of a swastika which, needless to say, sucks. One day, maybe, I’ll share a pic.

I’ve thought a lot about getting another one on the back of my neck. Something small. But I just haven’t been able to commit, yet.

I had thought about getting these lyrics for a long time, but had little pondered where I’d put them or if in reality it was a wise decision. I guess one day I figured it out and just had to do it before I changed my mind, ha. I’d love to see a photo of yours though! Hopefully some day.

Comment by Tristan | the almost right word

I once had a Beatles lyric tattooed to the back of my neck:

Isn’t it good,
Norwegian Wood

It was so difficult to explain

Ha… I really hope you’re kidding.

Comment by so@24

That’s pretty cool. I’m just happy the tattoo artist spelled it all correctly.

Dude, I explained to him that I’m a writer and he absolutely could not misspell anything. Not only did I read it over several times to ensure everything was correct, down to the period, but I brought a coworker with me to ensure I wasn’t missing something.

Comment by Arjewtino

that’s some hot ink… that being said, yeah, I’d drop my gang signs if I saw a woman wearing that 🙂

Good to know you won’t be rocking the gang signs then if you ever see me.

Comment by [F]oxymoron

Looks good! Your definitely more brave than I! I’ve been wanting one forever but I’m too nervous to pull the trigger on my first!

Do it!! Once you do, you’ll be glad you went through with it … provided it’s something you are 100% positive you want on your body forevermore.

Comment by hautepocket

I really wanna get a tattoo, and until now im still chickened out.

If you want it badly enough, you’ll go through with it. I swear.

Comment by andhari

I love tattoos, and, like you, I prefer to get them in places that can be easily hidden. Well, “them” is an exaggeration. But I do have one on my left hip bone, and I think it’s the perfect location. I’m planning on my next one to be on the rightish side of my back. My boyfriend is close to being covered in them.

But yeah, I love both of yours!

I love when guys are covered in tattoos! And your hip bone is great for concealing. With that, I always worried about “what will happen when I have kids?” which is the only thing that’s prevented me from getting one there myself.

Comment by Rachel

Oh I love the paws, they’re so cute!!
my tattoo

Thank you! And yours is awesome! P.S. Jealous of your tiny little stomach. Ha.

Comment by pinkjellybaby

I have eight and am getting a sleeve done in May. I should really do a “tattoo post”, but some of them are hella gnarly and NSFW…

If you do a post, definitely keep me posted. I’d love to check them out … from home, of course. Don’t want to get fired for NSFW tattoos, ha.

Comment by Racquel Valencia

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but I’m a big wuss and I also can’t decide what I want…

That’s how I felt throughout college. But when I couldn’t afford a class ring, yet could manage a $50 tattoo to mark my four years at Penn State, I knew it was a great decision. My mom may have disagreed, but you’ll have that…

Comment by Megkathleen

Hey, thanks! I’m loving the new ink! And the paw prints are adorable, too! (I’ve thought about getting tiger prints for my university.)

Thank you muchly. College tattoos seem popular. However, I knew a guy once who got a huge Penn State tattoo across his back and then dropped out. Oops! Not something people should really consider if they aren’t sure they’ll graduate.

Comment by E.P.

Okay, kinda weird — I have two tattoos, too. One on the back of my neck, and one on my ankle (not my foot, but close). Crazy! 😛

Thanks for stopping by my blog via 20SB!

Quite the coincidence. And hey, thanks for coming by mine!!

Comment by Tabitha

I have VT Hokie Feet on my back! HA! We rule.

Very nice. Do people quickly know what they are? ‘Cause so often mine are confused for Carolina Panthers paws and paws from a local high school here in NC. Drives me nuts!

Comment by deutlich

Hehe well that was quite a few years ago now, it’s not quite so little any more!
Getting a butterfly on the inside of my wrist as soon as i have the money – to remind me that I’m strong, beautiful and I can change!

Awww. Such a great idea and meaning behind it. After you get it, let me know how it feels on your wrist. I worry only because of the veins so close to the skin right there.

Comment by pinkjellybaby

oh that’s such a great quote to have on you at all times! I would want it on my hand to remind myself every time I get anxious! I love it!

Thanks! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a palm tattoo before, and I can’t imagine it feeling too great on the backside with all those veins that are there… Hm. Now you have me wondering!

Comment by ...loveMaegan

If I get a tattoo I want it on the back of my neck like that. I think that is a cute place for it! I love it=)

I thought it was a perfect place to sometimes show it off, sometimes hide it. Ha. Thanks for the comment.

Comment by splendidmishap

aughh…i love your neck tattoo. such a great quote by such a great band. i’ve got 2 tattoos at the moment (a turtle on my right hip and a big ass flower on my left foot) but i’m itching for more. i definitely think the neck will be the next place. either that or my ribs.

anyways thanks for sharing. wayy cool.

Turtles are, by far, my favorite animal. If you have a link, let me know. I love checking out other people’s tattoos.

Comment by emily

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