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Twenty-five (as seen on Fbook).

Like most of you who also navigate the pages of Facebook, my lovely friends – three of them – tagged me in the “25 things” meme. I knew it would happen sooner or later as I watched the note trickle from friend to friend, and then three times in 24 hours.

(I was starting to get a little nervous, however, that nobody cared enough to tag me. How sad is that? I was actually relieved, to an extent of course, when a friend I’ve known since my elementary school days finally did. Talk about a sigh of relief for not being the last girl picked in dodgeball.)

Seeing as many/most of you aren’t my friends on the book-of-Face, I thought I’d post my list here and give you fine folks some more insight into yours truly.

1. I got my most recent tattoo on a whim. While at work one day, waiting for phone calls to be returned, I decided to walk half a block to the downtown tattoo parlor and inquire about prices for some Beatles lyrics on the back of my neck. He gave me a quote and asked if I wanted it right then. Instead, I waited two hours – ’til work was actually over, of course – and went back to get it done, then headed to my other job about an hour later.

2. Peppers, onions, celery (there’s more, I’m sure) are all foods I don’t eat simply because of their texture.

3. I’ve had a LiveJournal since I was about 15 and can sadly look back on literally the last eight years of my life. Sometimes I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but at least I can see how much I’ve grown as a writer.

4. I hate when people tell me I should attend their church. Yes, I know I live in the south and church is a pretty big deal, but not only did I grow up Catholic, I also haven’t gone to a single mass since eighth grade. I have no desire to change that any time soon.

5. Despite that, when I have kids (no time in the near future), I’d like to take them to church and create that foundation. Then, when they are old enough, they can decide for themselves what they want to believe and whether they want to continue being a Catholic (’cause I definitely won’t be bringing them up under another faith). I think some sort of religious foundation as a child helps foster a good moral base as one becomes an adult, even if that faith is no longer of much importance.

6. And while on the topic of religion, I loathe people yelling at me for saying “god damn” or taking the Lord’s name in vain. I like saying it and don’t tell someone else to do so for my pleasure, so I’d rather people not tell me not to say it for their sake.

7. (Moving on from religion, finally…) When I moved to NC, I was more saddened about leaving my friends behind than my family. Now that I’ve been gone for nearly two years, it’s my family I miss the most and I almost feel guilty for not feeling that way from the start.

8. I’ll never move back to Pennsylvania. Maybe I’ll move close – NYC perhaps, or Maryland/DC – but Pennsylvania will remain in the rearview mirror for me.

9. I went to a comedy show with my family and my parents’ friends over Christmas and the main comedian did rather poorly. I felt so bad for him that I’ve perused his Web site several times hoping to discover some glimmer of hope that comedy isn’t his only job or that people outside of Scranton actually think he’s funny. His name was Lord Carrett and his buisness card is on my work desk.

10. My cheeks and ears turn red sometimes for absolutely no reason. They are right now, and I don’t know why.

11. I love that people in the South are polite. I’m big on my “please and thank yous,” so it’s pretty refreshing after always encountering rude people up north.

12. Onto more fun things, on my 21st birthday, I passed out in a fraternity lawn. This was after several shots, beers and one blue monkey bowl that tasted like a pixie-stick. After waking up on the grass and getting into my friend’s car, I proceeded to puke all over the outside. And despite it all, and the hangover that Sunday, it was a fabulous day.

13. If you asked me how many girls I’ve kissed, I couldn’t answer you. Have I done anything more? Never. But lots of kissing and with quite a few girls I only remember as “that short red head” and “you know, the brown-haired girl.”

14. Throughout my entire high school career, I thought the guy who had the locker next to mine freshman year was THE hottest boy to ever walk the halls of West Side. I still think that, and he is def my friend on Fbook (and I only slightly hope he doesn’t recall where his locker was that school year).

15. I always knew I wanted to be “a writer,” but it took working for a monthly publication, Voices of Central Pennsylvania, in college to realize I wanted to be a journalist. And now that the entire industry is failing and my job is likely to eventually disappear from underneath me, I have no idea if I can ever just be “a writer” again.

16. The first dance I will have with my husband – whoever that might be – has to be “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles. If he’s not okay with that, he’s not “the one” as far as I’m concerned.

17. In 9th grade, I waited hours in line to have Pink sign my CD at the Steamtown Mall. I also took a picture of her with one of those Polaroid sticker cameras. Oh man was I awesome!

18. I’m not attracted to southern guys. And I don’t know how, but I somehow managed to find a native New Yorker (the state, not the city) to date here in MoTown, and I absolutely love him.

19. My left sock has to go on first. But my right shoe has to go on first. Left sock, right sock, right shoe, left shoe. Or I feel completely out of whack the majority of my day.

20. I was going to get my tongue pierced on a Wednesday, but the guy told me it’d be $10 cheaper the next day as a “Thirsty Thursday” special … so I waited.

21. I’m a little creeped out by the thought of having a person growing inside me. It won’t be happening for several more years ::knock on wood::, but feeling a living thing in there definitely makes me cringe a bit.

22. I fall asleep on the couch almost every single night. If I make it to bed before 4 a.m., I’ve done well. Purchasing an $800 bed was ridiculous considering how many nights I pass out watching TV in the living room then never make it the 20 feet to my bedroom before morning.

23. Me and the Postal Service (the USPS, not the band) have a love/hate relationship. While I love getting mail from friends or family, I hate every other piece of mail. All of it. It piles up gradually and when about two to three months worth of mail is taking up a significant piece of space in my living room, I go through it all and toss the majority of it. If they reduce mail services to only five days, as they’ve been talking about, I’ll be ecstatic … even though that might mean I wait four months before rummaging through the pile.

24. Female masturbation kinda creeps me out. I can talk about or listen to anything sexual except girls masturbating. Several female friends have made fun of me, a lot, because I’ll literally walk away from a conversation if chicks start talking about dildos and vibrators, etc. Definitely not a topic of choice for me.

25. When in college, I decided to start growing my hair long because I wanted to have long braids when I put my hair in pigtails.

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I fall asleep on my couch a lot too…unless my boyfriend forces me to sleep with him in the bed. I guess I’ve gotten used to falling asleep to the television.

What part of PA did you live in?

Northeastern PA. Scranton, to be exact.

Comment by Akirah

I’d have tagged you had I done the note myself, I’ve tried to avoid Fbook memes. Now I feel guilt and the urge to conform…damnit.

As I read this , I browse Fbook to see that you tagged me as well…it’s a sign.

Ditto on both people not saying thank you and the building a foundation for any future children and then letting them decide.

Thanks for the ditto. And I have yet to see your 25 things, mister.

Comment by Kendall

Don’t forget about irrationally hating New Jersey.

I thought we were friends.

Meh. Friendship is overrated. Jersey does suck. A lot.

Comment by rs27o

Couch sleep is the best sleep. I’d get of my bed if it weren’t for the fact that most girls don’t like sleeping on the floor.

Oh ya, most ladies wouldn’t take it well if you brought them home for a “sleepover” and didn’t provide an actual bed, ha.

Comment by TOPolk

I want my first dance song to be ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole.

Definitely a good choice!

Comment by pinkjellybaby

I did the meme on my blog, head on over to check it out.

What happened to on Fbook?

Comment by Kendall

Because I refuse to spread the disease any farther.

Lame excuse.

Comment by Kendall

I sang “All You Need is Love” at my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah this past weekend so that can’t be the first song I dance to with my future wife.

This means we can’t get married.

What!?!? =(

Comment by Arjewtino

Left sock, right sock, right shoe, left sock, huh? That’s an interesting one. I find it kind of fascinating, actually. I have some OCD tendencies, or neurotic tendencies, however you’d like to categorize them. But that is fascinating, Mindy!!! Honestly.

I don’t have many OCD tendencies, but that is definitely one of them.

Comment by Tristan | the almost right word

My cheeks and ears sometimes turn red for no apparent reason, either! Too funny!

What lyric did you get tattooed? Can we see a photo?

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” I posted the photo on Twitter when I got it done, but that was November and I’m not too sure you and I were following each other yet. I’ll post a picture though.

Comment by E.P.

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