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And so she embarks upon a new challenge.
January 28, 2009, 3:14 pm
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Folks, I finally did it. After several months of blogging and enveloping myself within the blogosphere – as I like to refer to it – I caved in and created my own Google Reader subscription list.

For a long time, I was fighting this trend. I assumed, stupidly, I’d be able to keep up with all the blogs I loved with no trouble, just meandering to the writers’ pages when a free moment allowed. I foolishly thought that not having a reader would give me more freedom exploring the ‘sphere and discovering hidden gems among the masses of blogs out there. I seriously somehow believed I’d be better off without a reader, without its constraints, wandering aimlessly around from page to page and never missing a beat.

…But, I’m here to admit I was terribly wrong. Blogs I once loved would fall to the wayside as links to their little piece of the Internet weren’t as easily accessible. And then I’d miss one entry and feel lost and confused when said post was referred to more recently. And instead of finding great new blogs to follow, I’d spend my time playing “catch up” on what I’ve missed in the worlds of those I already felt a loyalty toward.

And so, I’ve succumbed to Google Reader at last. No longer shall I miss a play-by-play recap of MTV’s latest “Bromance” episode, no more shall I overlook someone’s day of FAIL, and never again will I quickly peruse through whatever hilarious drivel rs27 has taken three whole minutes to share with society.

It’s about damn time I was a better blogger – I’m optimistically going to post more frequently because seriously folks, I’m lacking like whoa – and a better blog-reader. Maybe the wonderous world of Goodle Reader will help me do that.

…Or maybe, and this is a strong possibility, I’ll be yet another girl in the blogosphere who is marking all as “read” when inundated with hundreds of posts. Eep. Let’s aim high for the former!

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Hahah! Story of my [blog] life. I too had to give in a couple weeks ago. If I hadn’t, I might not have seen this post!

Ha, well then I’m glad you, too, caved in!

Comment by Akirah

It’s about damn time lady. : ) Google Reader makes my blog life so much simpler. Welcome to the big kids’ table.

Says the guy who just last week finally made the move from Blogger to WordPress.

I swear I’m not a hypocrite. Really I’m not.

Big kids’ table? I’m only 5’1″. I think I’ll chill with the munchkins, ha.

Comment by Kendall

My blog better be in your reader damnit.

It’s not ’cause I hate you.

Comment by Matt

I caved a while back too – and it has improved my life tenfold. Well, except when I get behind and then feel guilty, which is weird because reading blogs is supposed to be FUN, not guilt inducing, right?!?

I created the reader so I wouldn’t feel so guilty about not reading someone’s blog. I get where you are coming from. But ya, it’s supposed to be fun. What the hell are we doing wrong?

Comment by mindy

3 minutes! 3 minutes! It took me 4 today. It takes up most of my work time.

That’s what she said.

Comment by rs27o

Congratulations! What a big step. I use Vienna (it’s a Mac program), but I’ve found that having a reader is very handy. Sometimes you can get bogged down by the pressure of it all though. Like when the number jumps in the double or triple digits. And sometimes, I have realized, you just gotta save stuff for the weekends.

I’m thinking I’ll be the opposite and saving things for workdays. Between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, I tend to not even touch a computer!

Comment by Tristan ⎮ the almost right word

I caved and started using Google Reader when I joined 20SB, there are just soo many great blogs out there and I just couldn’t keep up.

I’ve been on 20sb for a while, but exactly how I feel.

Comment by omegaradium

Better find a good rehab place, cause the google reader addiction is tough to leave behind 🙂

Great. Thanks for the warning.

Comment by [F]oxymoron

Just wait until next week. The Bromance finale is going to be a whopper.

With or without cheese?

Comment by Andy

seriously I hate my reader. It’s so insane and I don’t read half the posts in it, and the ones I do, I never actually seem to make it over to the pages to comment on the blogs. I have an entire notebook of “comments” for people that I wrote down with the intention of going back later, and it just never happened.

Goodluck with it!!


It’s definitely not as easy to comment, which I’ve already realized. But I’m hoping not to hate it. Now you have me all nervous. Eep!

Comment by Heather

I fell in love with google reader about a month ago and then life got hectic and I fell behind. Monday I went to my reader and had over 600 blogs to catch up. I wanted to cry 😦 Big fail on my part.

That is exactly what I’m afraid of… Oy. Good luck!

Comment by Jossie Posie

I thought the same way as you…but I caved in December and now I can’t remember how I lived w/o it. I would NEVER remember all the blogs I read (or try to) on a daily basis otherwise.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who avoided it then caved in. Thanks! Ha.

Comment by stealthnerd

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