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If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.
December 2, 2008, 4:42 pm
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I used to think I had a New Year’s Eve curse. I mean, when you spend several Dec. 31sts in a God-awful miserable mood – because you ended up with a stomach virus (1998), or because your boyfriend-at-the-time forced you to attend a party you didn’t want to go to (2002), or because you got a speeding ticket that day (2005), or hell, because your “best” friend “forgot” to pick you up and thus you were stuck home alone on NYE (2006) – you can’t help but begin to wonder if the New Year’s baby is pissing in your Fruit Loops just before bidding adieu to the previous 365 days.

And while I doubt that particular curse has broken, I’m starting to question my luck on Thanksgiving because, despite my best efforts to avoid tails-up pennies and black cats, I’ve had a fairly lousy-ish Turkey Day for a few years now… As you’ll see, one of the three was somewhat my own fault, but the other two were clearly out of my control. Anyway, onto my not-so-great tales.

Thanksgiving 2006: The genius that I am decided one week before the singular holiday ALL ABOUT EATING to get her tongue pierced. Yep, I did it the Thursday before Thanksgiving and one week later – in spite of all the ice and soft foods I consumed for six days – my tongue was still swollen, making it quite difficult to consume anything but mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. I somehow managed, but man, it was hell!

Thanksgiving 2007: This is where the shit hitteth the fan. My entire family (mom, stepdad, brother, grandparents, aunt, uncle, two kids) planned to come to MoTown to visit for Turkey Day. They had rented a house out on the lake, I purchased a 13-pound turkey for the feast and other non-transportable foods, and I had an entire five days off from both of my jobs. And then, on the Tuesday beforehand, my step-father was electrocuted. He works in the sign business and was fixing a sign in Pennsylvania. The business had their switches mislabeled so a wire he thought the power was off to was actually active and when he cut into it, he was shocked throughout his body. Another guy leaped at him and knocked him off the wire, but my stepdad’s hip broke in two places, rendering it impossible for him and the rest of my family to visit. Not only was it tough spending my first holiday without any of my family, but I was also constantly worrying about my stepdad’s condition – he needed surgery where they had to rebuild his hip (did I mention he was only 42 years old at the time?) and was in the hopsital a few weeks with a lot of rehabilitation after. For several days, it was unclear if he’d really be okay and able to walk again, and my mother kept begging me not to drive the nine hours home (which I didn’t until two weeks later) to sit with them at the hospital. It was a crappy, crappy holiday…

Thanksgiving 2008: After working 32 hours Monday through Wednesday to have Black Friday free from the newspaper (still had to work my restaurant job in the evening hours), I had a pretty sore throat for most of Thanksgiving Eve. I assumed it would go away, until I repeatedly woke up in the night wavering between freezing to death and dying of a heat stroke. The fever, cough, runny nose, etc. set in Thanksgiving morning making it yet another not-so-great holiday despite the best efforts of my boyfriend and his family to change the tone.

And here I am, still sick, completely under the assumption that there’s a black cloud looming over my Turkey Day … and damn it, I really enjoy the Thanksgiving foods! I mean, turkey and stuffing and pie, who wouldn’t enjoy that? Why, oh why, must my day be overshadowed each year with something else?

I’m already keeping my fingers crossed that next year’s festivities will bring me nothing but joy. Until then, I’m thinking of changing my favorite holidays to Valentine’s Day and Halloween. While most people mutter about how crappy theirs are, I haven’t had a bad one in … well, as long as I can remember ($10 says I just jinxed myself).

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There’s a tongue ring joke in her somewhere but I got nothing.

I’ve failed you.

Comment by rs27

rs27: “In her,” huh?

Comment by amindinmotown

Maybe you’re just getting all your bad thanksgivings out of the way so you only have good ones in the future!

Comment by Megkathleen

You really do have some lousy luck. Although the tongue ring idea, I suppose, is on you and not karma. Hope you feel better.

Comment by Andy

Regarding the tongue ring, that reminds me of the time I got a tattoo…the day before my own pool party.

“Chlorine will ruin it,” they told me.

I didn’t listen.

Comment by Arjewtino

That really sucks. Maybe New Years this year will be better since Thanksgiving sucked?

I’ve been sick for numerous Thanksgivings, so I know how that goes. The thing that hurts me the most is knowing there is all that delicious food and that I cannot hold it down. Sigh.

Comment by stylishhandwriting

Meg: I wish I could be so optimistic!

Andy: Yep, that one was all me. Oops.

Arjewtino: Wait, so what happened to it? Inquiring minds must know.

Stylish: I hope this New Year’s turns out well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed now, well in advance.

Comment by amindinmotown

I haaaaaaaaaaaaate NYE. I don’t think I have ever had a non-depressing NYE ever. Whoever my closest friends are that year, they always end up making out-of-town plans with their OTHER group of friends and I don’t realize it until it’s too late and everyone has plans but me. I always end up some lame party at the last minute with people I barely know.

It’s so weird because I have a solid group of amazing friends and my social life the REST of the year is generally very busy. But NYE always gets the best of me…

Comment by Laurie | Your Ill-fitting Overcoat

Laurie: At least you end up places though! I’ve had NYE where I was completely alone and miserable. Stupid day.

Comment by amindinmotown

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